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Self Finishing Products

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Self Finishing Products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self Finishing Products. By Nick and Jack. What are Self Finishing Products?. Self finishing products are products or materials that have a naturally occurring self finish. Examples of self finishing materials. Rot-resistant woods

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Self Finishing Products

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    1. Self Finishing Products By Nick and Jack

    2. What are Self Finishing Products? • Self finishing products are products or materials that have a naturally occurring self finish.

    3. Examples of self finishing materials • Rot-resistant woods • E.G.Western Redcedar, Huon Pine, Merbau, Ironbark, Coast Redwood. • These woods are mostly evergreen and coniferous (cone-bearing seed plants) trees.

    4. More examples of self finishing materials • Plastics: The majority of plastics are corrosion resistant, and has some form of waterproofing • Some thermoplastics such as uPVC are affected by UV rays given out by the sun. • Corrosion-resistant metals: Aluminum, Zinc and Tin (typically non-ferrous metals)

    5. Typical uses of self finishing materials • Typical uses of the rot-resistant woods mentioned are usually used to build outdoor furniture as they are naturally rot-resistant and will with stand weather better then normal woods.

    6. Self Finishing Production Processes • Self finishing production processes are processes that put a finish to a product whilst doing another process.

    7. Examples of Self Finishing Production Processes • Injection Molding: The heat used to melt the plastic granules also helps make the final product harder and tougher. • Heat Treatment: Although heat treatment is primarily used to soften or harden a metal, it can also be used to increase the metals overall resistance to corrosion.

    8. More examples of Self Finishing Production Processes • Anodizing: A process usually used to color aluminum and its alloys, but the sulphuric acid, sodium sulphate and water solution which the bars are dipped in also cause a small oxide film to occur on the surface of the bar, which protects it from oxidation and corrosion. Example of anodizing on aluminium tubes

    9. More examples of Self Finishing Production Processes • Polyurethane Paint: The use of the paint makes the material it is applied to very tough and scratch- resistant. It also has some water resistant properties. • Varnishing: The use of varnish on such materials as wood, gives it better water-resistant properties then it would have if no varnish was applied.