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Metal Construction Association Benefits of Membership

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Metal Construction Association Benefits of Membership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Metal Construction Association Benefits of Membership. Our Mission. Founded in 1983, MCA’s mission is: Expanding the use of metal within the building envelope through. Education. Advocacy. Membership. Who is MCA?.

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Metal Construction Association

Benefits of Membership


Our Mission

Founded in 1983, MCA’s mission is:

Expanding the use of metal within

the building envelope through





“Great strides have been made by the MCA in educating residential and commercial building owners on the applications of metal and its uses.”

Jim Bush,

Vice President of Sales

ATAS International


What our manufacturer members buy

Preliminary Industry Insights Results

  • 1,611,350 tons of steel/24,000,000 squares
  • Equivalent to 400,000,000 pounds of aluminum sheet
  • Which translates to:
    • 5,600,000 gallons of primer/paint/coatings
    • 800,000,000 fasteners
what we do
What we do

Technical & Research

Retrofit Design Guide



Panel Certification

CMRC Participation

Metal Roofing

Install Manual

Pretreatment Certification

Install Manual

IMP ASHRAE Morrison/Hershfeld


Service Life Study

Service Life Study

Finite Element Analysis

Codes & Standards




what we do1
What we do

Market Development

Heavy Hitters

Case Studies

IMP Campaign




Student Design

Student Design






Regional Retrofit Confs

Statistical Programs

Ind Insights

Consolidated Survey/FMI

Consolidated Survey/FMI




Education Sessions



MCA is your partner …

… in growing the use of metal in the building envelope


“MCA has done a great job of making building with metal more acceptable in the industry and in the world”

Tem McElroy


McElroy Metals


Best Reasons to Get Involved

  • Opportunities to network with colleagues and make decisions affecting the industry
  • Resources to help get your product to market
  • Making connections to industry experts
  • Chance to make a difference in a great industry

Best Reasons to Get Involved

  • Extensive technical and code activities
  • Valuable industry resources such as two dynamic websites, monthly e-news and twice-yearly meetings
  • Access to market development activities through The Metal Initiative
  • Discounts for exhibiting at METALCON and the International Roofing Expo

“The technical aspects of what the MCA is doing right now are phenomenal because it is positioning us against competing industries. It gives us one voice.”

Brian Partyka


Drexel Metals Corp.


Councils to get involved in:

  • Insulated Metal Panels – Charged with advancing Insulated Metal Panel member market share through testing (ASHRAE 90.1) and providing leads through the advertising program.
  • MCM Fabricators – Charged with advancing MCM fabricator or panel manufacturing member market share through a white paper on product attributes and the Premium MCM Fabricators Certification Program.
councils to get involved in
Councils to get involved in:
  • Wall Panel – Advancing MCA member market share by testing the values and properties of metal wall systems.
  • Retrofit -- Advancing MCA member market share by educating the building owner on the value of retrofitting with metal.
councils to get involved in1
Councils to get involved in:
  • Roofing -- Advancing MCA member market share through establishing service life of metal roofing and marketing the longevity of the product line.
  • Metal Forming Equipment/Roll formers -- Advancing the agenda of MCA members through development of manuals and guidelines, the certification program, research, and presentations.

“The real benefit with being a part of the MCA is being involved with some large scale programs that, as a small company, we would never have be able to be involved with on our own.”

Todd Miller


Isaiah Industries Inc.


Committees that welcome your input:

  • Awards -- Recognizing member company’s building projects through the Chairman’s Awards.
  • Codes and Standards – Impacting industry code development and ensuring the MCA membership is informed.
  • Government Relations – Securing an energy tax credit for metal roofing.
more committees
More Committees
  • Market Development – Conducted more than a dozen Heavy Hitter client meetings in the last two years and engaged and shaped the market development effort for the association.
  • METALCON Liaison – Enhancing business opportunities for our member companies at this annual trade show.
more committees1
More Committees
  • Statistics – Providing two impactful industry reports on volume and production.
  • Technical – Providing a key research program with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

“We have had the best in terms of marketing advice, access to all the leaders of a terrific industry and expertise on how to get our product in line with industry standards.”

Dale Nelson


Roof Hugger Inc.


Member Resources

  • Websites – Your membership ensures you Members Only access to, for exclusive presentations, minutes, research, reports and the member directory and, a resource for market development archives, lead reports, presentations and your individual company profile.
member resources
Member Resources
  • offers technical resources, including bulletins, white papers, manuals, research reports, and guidelines; a product and member company locator service; information on MCA’s Certified Roofing Program and Fabricator Certification Program and more.
  • offers a new industry blog; Ask the Experts Forum; more than 60 case studies featuring member building projects and excellent resources for professionals who design and build commercial buildings with metal.
member resources1
Member Resources
  • Monthly E-Newsletter – Your regular source for MCA membership news such as meeting information, updates on technical and code work, industry news, trade shows such as METALCON and much more.
  • Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings – Both meetings feature a wealth of information for attendees, with more than a dozen council and committee meetings, networking opportunities, access to industry experts, and chances to make decisions and determine direction within the metal construction industry.
member resources2
Member Resources
  • Mark your calendar for these upcoming meetings:

2012 Semi-Annual Meeting 2013 Semi-Annual Meeting

-- August 6-8, 2012 -- June 24-26, 2013

-- Conrad Indianapolis -- The Umstead

-- Indianapolis, IN -- Raleigh, NC

2013 Annual Meeting

-- January 27-29, 2013

-- Rancho Las Palmas

-- Rancho Mirage, CA

member resources3
Member Resources
  • Technical and Code News – Periodic e-blasts to Councils and Committees informing members about industry activities and deadlines.
  • Facebook pages – connect with the Metal Construction Association and The Metal Initiative

“Architects began implementing different design elements, making much more complicated roofs and so we as manufacturers have to keep up with that. The MCA helps us get together as a group to compare notes, talk with colleagues, and discuss issues and problems common to all of us. It helps us develop good solutions.”

Ken Buchinger

Vice President of Business Development and Research & Development



Market Development

  • All MCA Members are also members of
    • The Metal Initiative – our market development program, focused on industry:
    • Visibility
    • Recognition
    • Market Growth
market development
Market Development

Purpose and Audience

  • To increase the use of metal in commercial construction via education & promotion to architects, building owners and contractors

FMI Study: Metal Construction is

Gaining Market Share

  • Commercial roofing: 17.6% increase in metal’s market share in past 5 years
  • Institutional roofing: 25.7% increase in metal’s market share in past 5 years

FMI Study: Metal Construction is

Gaining Market Share

  • Commercial walls: 22.7% increase in metal’s market share in past 5 years
  • Institutional walls: 20.7% increase in metal’s market share in past 5 years
market development1
Market Development

Celebrate Success

20% increase in commercial and industrial metal market share since 2006


Key Components

Market Development




Heavy Hitters


Case Studies





Key Deliverables

  • Webinars
  • Heavy Hitter Meetings
  • Website
    • Blog
    • Ask the Experts
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations

Key Deliverables

  • Webinars given to the design community
    • Building Green with Metal Roofs and Walls
    • Metal Roof and Walls – A(luminum) to Z(inc)
    • Retrofitting with Metal Roof and Wall Systems
    • Metal Roofing: The Perfect Platform for Solar Technologies
key deliverables
Key Deliverables
  • Heavy Hitter Meetings are designed to educate client company personnel such as:
    • Wal-Mart
    • New York Society of Architects
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Hilton Hotels
    • School districts, colleges and universities

on the benefits of using metal in construction.

heavy hitter meetings
Heavy Hitter Meetings
  • Member companies are welcome to attend to interact and learn.
key deliverables1
Key Deliverables
  • Website
    • More than 60 case studies
    • Industry Blog
    • Ask the Experts Forum
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations

METALCON International

  • MCA is the chief sponsor of METALCON
  • MCA members receive an exhibitor discount
  • METALCON is the only industry gathering for all industry segments; 6,000 architects, builders, contractors, specifiers, developers, building owners, government officials, and manufacturers attend.
  • MCA sponsors live roof, wall panel and tool demos, presents Chairman’s Awards for outstanding building design, sponsors education sessions and holds special member events

Insulated Metal Panel Program

  • Targeted advertising
  • Special IMP website with product resources and information

Metal Roofing Alliance (an MCA partner)

  • Increasing the use of metal in residential roofing by educating consumers through its
    • Website
    • Ad campaign
    • Find a Contractor Program

“Just keeping up with the regulations is next to impossible for an individual company to do. MCA helps us do that. ”

Bill Croucher

Director of Engineering


technical research
Technical & Research
  • Competitive Material Comparison (LCA)
  • Retrofit Design Guide
  • Roofing Installation Manual
  • IMP AHSRAE 90.1
  • Service Life Project
  • Consolidated Industry Study (FMI)
  • Dynamic Building Envelope (ORNL)





Technical & Research

  • Research
    • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Dynamic Building Envelope Assemblies
      • Roofs and Walls (hydronic cooling, phase change materials, radiant barrier, above sheathing ventilation, photovoltaics, cool roofs and walls)

“The MCA deserves the credit for putting together the minimum guidelines for steep slope metal roofing.”

Harold Schroth


Akzo Nobel


Technical & Research

  • Department of Defense
    • Environmental Security Technology Certification Program Demonstration project
      • Integrated roof technology in metal retrofit roof system
      • Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas

* Environmental Security Technology Certification Program


Technical & Research

  • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Five Winds/PE International
    • Environmental impact of manufacturing processes and three products
      • Metal roof/walls
      • Insulated metal panels
      • MCM panels
  • Estimated service life of metal roofing

Technical & Research

  • Codes/Standards
    • IECC, IgCC, ASHRAE 90.1, 90.2, 189, LEED, Title 24, Florida Building Code,
    • ICC-ES
what s in it for you
What’s in it for you?
  • Manufacturer
    • New business leads
    • Advocacy and code development for manufacturers
    • Networking with competitors and industry partners in a meaningful way
    • Life Cycle Assessment project
what s in it for you1
What’s in it for you?
  • Coil Coater and Metal Producer
    • Opportunity to collaborate in industry research and product development
    • Life Cycle Assessment project
    • Opportunity to interact with key customers
what s in it for you2
What’s in it for you?
  • Distributor, Equipment Manufacturer and Accessories Manufacturer
    • Opportunity to interact with key customers
    • Gain better understanding of the marketplace
    • Network with key industry leaders
what s in it for you3
What’s in it for you?
  • Energy Insulation Systems Manufacturer
    • Become a part of a “systems” approach for research and code development
    • Opportunity to interact with key customers
    • Gain better understanding of the marketplace
    • Network with key industry leaders
what s in it for you4
What’s in it for you?
  • MCM Fabricator/Fabricator
    • Interfacing with other fabricators and MCM panel manufacturers
    • Ability to influence and gain knowledge of codes
    • Advocating for MCM panels in architectural construction

“MCA will continue to be proactive in growing the market. We’ve created great certification programs and we’re getting more involved in government advocacy to bring down barriers that keep popping up regarding metal.”

Dick Bus


ATAS International


Membership in MCA gives you and

your company a competitive edge

membership categories and yearly dues
Membership Categories and Yearly Dues


  • $50M + annual revenue: $25,000
  • Less than $50M annual revenue: $20,000

Coil Coater: $25,000

Metal Producer: $25,000

Distributor: $11,000

Equipment Manufacturer: $11,000

Energy Insulation Systems Manufacturer: $11,000

membership categories and yearly dues1
Membership Categories and Yearly Dues

Accessories: $11,000

Onsite Roll former & Regional Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: $8,000

Affiliate: $5,000

Publication: $3,000

MCM Fabricator/Fabricator: $3,000

Associate: $3,000


“MCA is the cohesive voice for the industry”

Jerry Hatley, Jr.

PPG Industrial Coatings

what if mca didn t exist
What if MCA Didn’t Exist?
  • The inertia of working together as an industry wouldn’t exist
  • Architects, designers and specifiers would be less able to specify metal panels
  • There would be no industry advocate on codes and standards
what if mca didn t exist1
What if MCA Didn’t Exist?
  • Code and technical barriers to metal construction would be significantly higher
  • There would be considerably less recognition of the value of metal as a construction material by architects, building owners, designers and regulators

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