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Architectural styles

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Architectural styles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Architectural styles. And the elements that affect them. Architectural styles. Styles of the past reflect the culture of the past Styles of the present reflect our current living habits Styles of the future will be determined by advanced technology. Elements that affect architectural style.

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Architectural styles

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    1. Architectural styles And the elements that affect them

    2. Architectural styles • Styles of the past reflect the culture of the past • Styles of the present reflect our current living habits • Styles of the future will be determined by advanced technology

    3. Elements that affect architectural style

    4. 1. Availability of building materials • When this land was first settled homes were homes were built from the materials that were readily available. • Eg. Grass houses in the prairies and wood house on the west coast because of lack of clay for bricks

    5. 2. Environment and climate • In many areas homes are built with the purpose of protection of the inhabitants • Examples would include houses built on stilts in flood plains, a tree house for the protection from animals, and having a basement to protect inhabitants from frost • Other examples include clay tiles in hot areas and stronger materials and better building practices in hurricane or tornado zones

    6. Culture • In the past many dwellings were portable as people were continually moving in the search of food. • Today culture is also influencing the style of homes. Large apartment buildings and condo complexes are being built to increase the density on valuable land. • In areas where public transit does not exist, many people have two cars and require double car garages.

    7. Economy & affordability • It is becoming more and more difficult for the average person to purchase a home and so there is a need for smaller less expensive homes. • Cost of material and land has risen dramatically which has resulted in smaller lots (this results in more 2 storey homes) • People move from job to job more often than they ever did and therefore house are built with the idea of resale in mind. • Windows are becoming smaller for energy conservation • Heat and hydro have become expensive so special efforts are now being made to take advantage of the sun.

    8. 5.Development of new building materials and building methods • Stronger and more versatile materials are being developed every day which leads to more freedom of design and construction or buildings that could not be constructed before. • Development of CAD Systems and renderings allow designs to “walk through” their designs

    9. Homework assignment • I am providing you with a list of architectural styles you will be required to know for this course. I am going to start a google docs on the cloud and you will be required to access this document and add to it. This document will be a class study note, so make sure you contribute