overcoming the challenges of new business development funding outsourcing acquisition n.
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Overcoming the Challenges of New Business Development Funding, Outsourcing & Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation
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Overcoming the Challenges of New Business Development Funding, Outsourcing & Acquisition

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Overcoming the Challenges of New Business Development Funding, Outsourcing & Acquisition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overcoming the Challenges of New Business Development Funding, Outsourcing & Acquisition. Are you a Yes Man ?. Answer these questions.

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overcoming the challenges of new business development funding outsourcing acquisition

Overcoming the Challenges of New Business DevelopmentFunding, Outsourcing & Acquisition


Answer these questions

- Do you have multiple channels driving revenue?- Are you conducting the right activities?- Are you leveraging best practice cost strategies?- Do you have the right avenues to fund growth?- Does your business model allow growth without big costs?- Is your business structured to look like a good investment?- Does your business have an excellent exit strategy?

our background
Our background

8-year history of success operating and managing Telecommunications Agency, Carrier and Consulting firm

  • Broad services (Cloud, Managed, Consulting, IT and more)
  • Strong financial performance examples
    • (55% margins, >2% churn, 100% sales growth)
  • Proven tactics and strategies
  • Quick Facts
        • HQ in Nashville, TN
        • Currently provide management services to 9 successful companies today and support over >8,000 businesses
        • Solutions for ALL businesses (cloud, voice/data, mpls, internet, …)
        • Success based on excellent operations, experience and leadership
        • Skilled at cloud based services and telecommunications
our core focuses for success
Our Core Focuses for Success
  • Corporate alignment around annual goals
      • Executives to hourly staff (communicate and manage alignment)
  • Revenue growth is imperative
      • Revenue Ownership Model
      • Customer experience and churn management
      • Brand awareness & value
  • Competitive loss management
  • Operational efficiencies and scalability
  • Reporting and administration accuracy
  • Sales and Marketing excellence
      • Activity management that equal to result expectations
  • Individual accountability
      • Manage impatiently

Example – Define your Experience- Position your business around a solid customer strategy. - Below is a tool used at AT&T, NTT, Earthlink and our business. It works.





  • Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Upsell
  • Development and Integration
  • Deployment Support
  • Business and Technical Requirements
  • Propose and Close
  • Strategy
  • Business Case

Solutions and




Applications Design and Development



Deployment Support




some key strategies to discuss
Some Key Strategies to Discuss
  • Account Management Program
          • In-house or outsourced – its critical
  • Alternate Channel Program
      • Fast growth but be careful with cash
  • Competitive Sales Products
      • Market adaptation is key
  • Onboarding and Training
      • Market research will show that this is where your sales organization succeeds or fails
  • Positioning for merger or acquisition
      • Big payday or not?
account management
Account Management
  • Dedicated inside sales teams
    • Lead with support, get the sale
  • Focus on the up-sale of Cloud and Managed solutions. It’s a natural conversation.
  • Solid scripting will make a huge difference
  • Its about activity calls not reactive support. 20-30 calls a day not 10.
  • We learned to set an analysis meeting
alternate channel
Alternate Channel
  • Get your program defined
      • Comp, support, pricing, order process, pay
      • Got to make agents feel confident and comfortable with it
  • Make sure you do the right recruiting and mindshare activities. We learned:
      • 2 mixers a month
      • 1 newsletter a month
      • 1 to 2 training activities a month
      • 5 face to face a week (education and mindshare)
  • Help them sell, then let them sell
  • Always be educating
  • Keep an eye on the cash flow
competitive sales products
Competitive Sales Products
  • Pay attention to your competition
      • What are they selling, pricing, winning
      • Competitive sales reviews
  • Do not under-estimate Cloud and Managed services
    • Wild, Wild, West!
  • We learned that ROI tools are imperative
  • Sales training is critical. We learned that repetition is a good thing.
  • Great collateral empowers your teams.
onboarding and training
Onboarding and Training
  • We have learned to look for the following:
      • Winning attitude
      • Quick wit
      • Experience if possible
  • Put together an organized onboarding plan
      • Even have a test
  • Give the sales team a book to reference
  • Enforce reporting and tracking
  • The first 30 days are the difference between sales in 60 days or 4 months.
positioning your business
Positioning your business
  • Starts years before your ready to exit
  • Is it a Business or just your job
  • Organization and Detail are key
  • Is your business a Focus or Ferrari….(Beep Beep or Vroom Vroom)
  • Does it paint the picture for the next persons success
don t overlook cost savings
Don’t Overlook Cost Savings
  • Are you owed SLA credits?
      • If you are wholesaling are you due credits. We found thousands.
  • Can your base of accounts be migrated for better returns than sales?
      • Take a look at your infrastructure costs. Sometimes fixing that is worth more than new sales. We found almost a million.
  • Are there costs in the acquisition of a sale that can be reduced?
      • We found we could cut truck rolls in half and free up 30% critical time.
  • There are more. Pay attention to the opportunity.
what now
What now?

Consider the following paths. But don’t do NOTHING!

  • Path 1 – Implement one of the strategies with excellence and let us know how it goes
  • Path 2 – Find a qualified consultant to help you insert some of these strategies into your business. We can point you to some contacts.
  • Journey 3 – We can assist you with a couple solutions we have for carriers. Next page
r a g solutions
R.A.G. Solutions
  • Acquisition – If you are interested in possibly selling your business now or within the next three years thenWE WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU.
  • Investment – Sometimes a little funding can go a long way. We are looking to invest in some great companies. Our small investments include:

- management consulting

- best practice support

- revenue growth assistance

- wholesale of critical products


We are available to help ?

Scott Raymer (CEO)


Ken Royer (COO)


Chris Wolff (EVP Sales)


Rusty Hagenbuch (CFO)


Matt Claus (Associate Partner)