universidad aut noma de santo domingo facultad de ciencias instituto sismol gico universitario n.
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Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Facultad de Ciencias Instituto Sismológico Universitario PowerPoint Presentation
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Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Facultad de Ciencias Instituto Sismológico Universitario

Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Facultad de Ciencias Instituto Sismológico Universitario

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Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Facultad de Ciencias Instituto Sismológico Universitario

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  1. Universidad Autónoma de Santo DomingoFacultad de CienciasInstituto Sismológico Universitario 17th Caribbean Geological Conference The Past, Present, and Future of Seismology in the Dominican Republic Ing. Rafael Pujols

  2. Objectives Provide an overview of the national seismic network of the Dominican Republic Discuss its history and evolution Describe current instrumentation Outline ongoing collaborations Discuss our plans for the future

  3. Outline • Founding of the Instituto Sismológico Universitario (ISU) • Descriptions of seismic stations installed in 1948 1984 1996 1998 2002 • Collaboration with institutions in the Dominican Republic • International collaborations

  4. The Founding of ISU • ISU was founded on the 26th of February 1948 • It was created following a magnitude 8.1 earthquake that occurred on August 4, 1946 • ISU’s first director was Father Joseph Lynch • Two three-component stations were installed in 1948: one short-period and one long-period instrument

  5. Seismograph installed in 1948 Short-period Sprengnether seismograph, 1948 Short-period seismogram, 1970 Long-period Sprengnether seismograph

  6. The map (right) shows the 1984 stations • The 1984 stations were installed with the support of the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University Seismic Stations Installed in 1984 Santiago Nagua San Fco. Sabana Gde. De Boya Repeater Hato Mayor Repeaer Cotui Romana Juan Dolio Central Station Sto. Dgo. • Teledyne Geotech Model S13sensors were used in this network (left) • These data formed the basis of Dr. William McCann’s PhD research at Lamont

  7. Seismic Stations Installed in 1996 Three short-period, vertical-component, telemetered stations were installed. Each station consisted of one: • Kinemetrics SS1 Ranger sensor • Kinemetrics TH-11 enclosure • Monitron analog radio • Teledyne Geotech analog helicorder

  8. ISU Seismic Network 1996 Hato Bani SDD

  9. ISU Network 1998 Moca Cabrera San Fco. Sanchez Villa Rivas Samana Bonao Cotui Monte Plata Villa Altagracia Map showing the locations of stations in the San Francisco network Telemetry Field Station Central Recording Station Data Aquisition System

  10. Accelerograph Network 1998 • Digitizer: Kinemetrics Altus K2 • Sensor: Kinemetrics FBA 23 • Triggered recording • 6MB PCMCIA card • Power from the electrical grid, with 12-volt, 7 amp-hour battery backup Puerto Plata Santiago Samana San Juan Santo Domingo

  11. ISU Network 2002 • Six short-period, vertical-component stations • Geotech S13J sensors • Viseis 64-channel digitizer at ISU. • Software DSPA64 and Smartquake. • Monitron UHF NBFM analog radios. • Broadband, three-component KS2000. • Geotech DL-24 digitizer.

  12. Collaborations with Institutions in the Dominican Republic • CNE (National Emergency Management Commission) • Defensa Civil (Civil Defense Authority) • SEOPC (Ministry of Public Works and Transportation) • CDEEE (Electricity Production and Distribution Cooperative) • DGM (National Directorate of Mining and Minerals) • CODIA (a professional society of engineers, architects, and surveyers) • Private businesses • Universities

  13. International Collaborations Puerto Rico Seismic Network Universidad Complutense Madrid The National University of Mexico (UNAM) The University of Texas at Austin …and others

  14. The Puerto Rico Seismic Network Earthworm Data Aquisition Display Realtime Internet Seismograms

  15. Project GEOPRICO-DO 2005

  16. The Future of ISU Improvements to Infrastructure • Rehabilitate the stations that are currently not working • Replace stations that were vandalized and stolen • Collaborate with the PRSN to install and maintain broadband stations in Punta Cana and Samaná, in the eastern Dominican Republic. • Collaborate with the USGS to install and maintain a broadband station near the center of the island of Hispaniola. • Install three broadband stations in the Dominican Republic as part of the ISU Seismic Network: One in the north and two in the south. • Convert the vertical-component, short-period stations at Hato Mayor and Montecristi to three components. • Install a new three-component, short-period station in Pedernales.

  17. The Future of ISU Improvements to Operations • Train additional personnel to maintain the network and its stations. • Seek support from an international agency to obtain software training for seismic analysts at ISU. • Improve our data analysis system • Make ISU’s waveform data available to the public via the internet • Improve ISU’s quality control procedures to ensure that the data are of consistently high quality. Other improvements • Send students to study seismology outside the Dominican Republic, then return. • Construct a new building to house ISU.

  18. Muchas Gracias.