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Science RULES of the classroom! PowerPoint Presentation
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Science RULES of the classroom!

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Science RULES of the classroom!

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Science RULES of the classroom!

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  1. Science RULES of the classroom! By: Robin Cooper

  2. Fire When dealing with fire have loose hair and clothing tied back. Say your clothing catches on fire what should you do?

  3. Your partner should notify the teacher and the student needs to stop, drop, and roll or in some cases use the fire blanket.

  4. NEVER leave fire unattended Susie left the paper burning in the tinfoil while she was talking to Bobby-jack at another group . Is this a hazard and why?

  5. Yes, because the fire could grow out of control and hurt her or someone else in the room.

  6. Chemicals When using chemicals you should wear goggles, gloves, and a apron. You should put your hair up and wear closed toed shoes. Make sure you have all loose clothes pined back when doing any projects involving chemicals.

  7. If you get a chemical in your eyes what should you do ?

  8. If you get chemicals in your eyes tell the teacher immediately and wash your eyes for 1 min in the eye wash center.

  9. Max was getting ready for a experiment with chemicals. He is wearing goggles, apron, and closed toe shoes. What is he missing ?

  10. Gloves

  11. Equipment When using equipment you should remember that the equipment cost money so you will have to pay for any damage you do. Also you should use the equipment the way it was made to be used not the way you want to use it.

  12. Kate broke a microscope during class and tried to hide it from the teacher was this a bad thing to do and why?

  13. Yes, Because the teacher would like too know so she won’t blame someone who did not do it.

  14. Bobby- jo brought a flash drive to school with a virus on it and plugged it up on the computer what do you think happened to the computer because of the virus?

  15. The computer’s antiviral system could have not caught the virus and the school’s computer system would be shut down.

  16. Procedure Follow directions given to you by the teacher. Follow all steps in the experiment in order making sure you don’t miss any steps given.

  17. The teacher told the students to read the directions and begin the lab. Billy didn’t read the directions and misread the steps. He mixed two chemicals together and caused a chemical reaction. Why is Billy going to be in trouble?

  18. Billy did not follow the procedure given to him by his teacher and could have hurt him or his classmates.

  19. The proper procedure for mixing acid is to add acid to the water. Jo wanted to see what it would be like doing it the opposite order. Is this following the proper procedure?

  20. No, mixing it in improper order could result in a chemical reaction.

  21. behavior The students should listen to the teacher. No running, horse play, or speaking loudly when in the class room.

  22. Sean was speaking loudly while the teacher was trying to give directions and missed what he was supposed to do next. What could have he done not to miss the next step?

  23. He could have stopped talking and paid attention.

  24. Charlie went to his neighbor’s table and turned up the heat on the Bunsen burner. How this bad?

  25. It could have started a fire or caused a chemical reaction, because of Charlie’s horse play.