Puritans and other early colonies
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Puritans and Other Early Colonies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Puritans and Other Early Colonies. And probably some other stuff…. Roger Williams Separation of church and state Banished to RI Free religion Voters did not have to be church members. Puritan Intolerance. Anne Hutchinson She was smart, well-educated, and powerful And she was a WOMAN

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Puritans and other early colonies

Puritans and Other Early Colonies

And probably some other stuff…

Puritan intolerance

  • Roger Williams

    • Separation of church and state

    • Banished to RI

    • Free religion

    • Voters did not have to be church members

Puritan Intolerance

Puritan intolerance1

  • Anne Hutchinson

    • She was smart, well-educated, and powerful

    • And she was a WOMAN

    • Many turned against her in MA

    • Tried for heresy, and convicted

    • BANISHED to RI, the armpit of MA

Puritan Intolerance

Puritan emigration

  • Between 1649-1660, Puritans to New England slowed to a halt

  • Oliver Cromwell ruled England as a republic

  • Had a Constitution

  • Died in 1658

  • By 1660, the Stuarts restored the throne

  • Interregnum: between kings: Puritans had prosperity in England, even if it was brief…

  • Stuarts took over, Puritans began emigrating again

Puritan Emigration

A summary of new england and chesapeake

  • Very different lives

  • Entire families emigrated to New England

  • Single males to Virginia

  • Climate was more suitable in N.E. and people lived longer

  • Stronger sense of community in N.E.

  • Towns were closer in N.E.

  • Both groups were religious, but who was by far the most religious of the two??????

A summary of New England and Chesapeake

Part ii other early colonies thanks to king charles ii

Part II: Other Early Colonies: Thanks to King Charles II!

A summary of many of the early colonies and how they got started

Ma and pequot war

  • Massachusetts settlers began to look for new places to live

  • CT valley was a good place

  • Lots of access to the sea for trade

  • Area was inhabited by Pequots, who attacked a settlement in Wakefield and killed nine colonists

  • MA Bay members burned the main Pequot village, killing 400, including men, women, and children

MA and Pequot War

Connecticut and maryland

  • Proprietorship (owned by one person)

  • CT was one example (John Winthrop I believe…)

  • MD was another; granted to Calvert (Lord Baltimore)

  • Calvert declared MD a haven for Catholics, but also for all Christians to have religious tolerance

Connecticut and Maryland

New york

  • A royal gift to James, the king’s brother

  • Much of the area was New Netherland, a Dutch settlement

  • Dutch didn’t think much of area other than a trading post

  • After English invaded, Dutch allowed to stay, and made up a lot of NY population for years

New York

New jersey

  • King gave New Jersey to a couple of friends (political allies)

  • The friends then turned around and gave it back to the crown, and it became a royal colony again!

  • It was not a profitable colony

  • No major cities developed there at that time

New Jersey


  • King Charles II gave PA to William Penn, a close friend

  • Charles felt that Quakers were “dangerous radicals”, as did many at this time

  • But he and Penn were friends, and with his desire to get the Quakers as far away from England as possible, he gave them PA

  • Penn established liberal policies toward religious freedom and civil liberties in PA

  • PA became one of the fastest growing colonies


North carolina

North Carolina

South carolina

  • The other half of the split

  • Settled by descendants of Englishmen who had colonized Barbados

  • Settlers from Barbados were the first Englishmen in the New World who had seen widespread slavery at work

  • This was really what marked the beginning of the slave era in the colonies

South Carolina