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Total Virtualization and Cloud Computing PowerPoint Presentation
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Total Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Total Virtualization and Cloud Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Total Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Virtualization. What is virtualization? Different Computing Models Traditional App/Server Virtual Server model Massively virtualized model (Cloud) Why Virtualization makes sense?. Traditional App/Server. Virtualization - Green Focus. The Reality:

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Total Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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    1. Total Virtualization andCloud Computing

    2. Virtualization • What is virtualization? • Different Computing Models • Traditional App/Server • Virtual Server model • Massively virtualized model (Cloud) • Why Virtualization makes sense?

    3. Traditional App/Server

    4. Virtualization - Green Focus The Reality: • Most servers only use 5-15% of their capabilities on average, while consuming 60-90% of their peak power. The Solution - Virtualization: • Use one server to host multiple applications. • Reduce energy consumption • Reduce CO2 emissions Running fewer, highly utilized servers frees up space and power. Less space and power is better for environment and saves money.

    5. Virtual Server Model

    6. Virtualization - Why Virtualize? • Reduce Real Estate Needs • Increase Up Time • Reduce CO2 Emmissions, Power and Cooling Requirements • Increase Flexibility • Reduce Overall Costs

    7. Massively Virtualized Model - Cloud

    8. Cloud Computing - What is it? NIST definition: or ... Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing as a service Three primary types of cloud offerings: • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    9. Cloud Computing - Services Software as a Service - SaaS Platform as a Service - PaaS Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

    10. Cloud Computing - Key Components • Pay as you go • Access from anywhere, anytime, any device • Economy of scale • Flexibility • Expertly Managed

    11. Cloud Computing - Green - PUE • How efficient is your data-center? •  PUE = Power Usage Effectiveness

    12. Cloud Computing and Green IT GSA's Cloud Platforms PUE Salesforce: 1.5  ---  Google: 1.2 Salesforce is co-located in highly efficientdata centers. Google manages their own data centers.

    13. GSA's Cloud Computing Capabilities • GSA is leading the federal government in the adoption and use of Cloud Computing • First Federal Agency to use cloud based email/collaboration solution • first of its kind, cloud based platform • Many websites and applications hosted in the cloud • Much more to come. • GSA Offers our federal customers: • Expertise • Acquisition vehicles

    14. GSA's Cloud Computing Capabilities Expertise: • GSA is the government-wide leader in implementing cloud security - Providing C&A and authorizations for over 12 cloud vendors. • GSA is leading the FedRAMP effort with NIST and DHS to standardize cloud security. • GSA has implemented five cloud based solutions in the last 12 months in the areas of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. • GSA is a member of the Federal Cloud Computing Working Group under the CIO Council to advise the government on using cloud computing Resources:  • Office of the CIO (Fred Wuensch) • Office of Citizen Services and Inn. Tech (Bajinder Paul)

    15. GSA's Cloud Computing Capabilities Acquisition Vehicles: • Infrastructure as a Service BPA (IaaS): • 10 cloud vendors available and authorized for federal customers • FedRAMP compliant • Email as a Service BPA (EaaS): • Under review - Multiple vendors offering Email systems in the cloud • FAS Alliant Vehicle: • Flexible vehicle to acquire cloud solutions and services • Government friendly terms of service for public domain cloud tools (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) - • Assisted acquisition support via FAS AAS. Resources: • Stan Kaczmarczyk - FAS ITS • Bajinder Paul - OCSIT

    16. Q & A

    17. Conclusion Virtualization provides increased efficiency and energy savings for existing data-centers and private clouds. Cloud Computing provides computing as a service while allowing proven experts to manage data-centers efficiently. References for Google and Salesforce -  • Google - • Salesforce -