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SISP Training Documentation

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SISP Training Documentation. Item configuration vs Order configuration (SISP release 6.1). Purpose. Provide training documentation on the differences between item and order configuration and their usage. Training audience: Experienced SISP users (“SISP Experts”).

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sisp training documentation

SISP Training Documentation

Item configuration vs Order configuration

(SISP release 6.1)


Provide training documentation on the differences between item and order configuration and their usage.

Training audience:Experienced SISP users (“SISP Experts”).

Detailed, in-depth training documents covering all of the SISP features and capabilities are available at (inside HP firewall) (outside HP firewall)

under → instructions → training documentation.

SISP release 6.1

item vs order configuration i
Item vs. Order Configuration I

Order Section 001

  • If there are several servers/racks which should be configured in different ways, item configuration needs to be used.Use separate items for racks and servers.
  • To identify the item use its item number (not the item number of the SISP product!)
  • For a quote SISP preliminary item numbers can be chosen. When the quote SISP is linked to an order number the item numbers need to be adjusted according to the order.


0100 Rack1

0200 Server1


0212 HP Factory Express


0400 Rack2

0500 Server2


0517 HP Factory Express


0600 Server3


0614 HP Startup


For Superdomes and partitionable servers, all partition domains (PD’s) need to be configured as a separate “item”.

The “item number” of a PD consists of the complex number and the PD number, e.g. 01-0002 for the second PD of the first Superdome or partitionable server.

If sales configurator (WATSON) data are available, PD information will be imported automatically when creating a new SISP.

SISP release 6.1

item vs order configuration ii
Item vs. Order Configuration II

If configuration parameters (e.g. kernel parameters) have the same values for several items, order configuration can be used to facilitate the input.

The values of the filled configuration sections (in order configuration) will be used for each item unless the respective sections have been specified separately in item configuration.

Superdome and partitionable servers:

  • Some details of the Partition Domain (PD) configuration will automatically be filled in for each PD (disks and part of OS/LVM).*
  • Disk, OS/LVM and Mirror sections for PD’s should not be specified on order configuration level.

*) If WATSON data available!

SISP release 6.1

configuration of items
Configuration of items
  • Define any additional server or rack items separately (add new server/rack item)
  • Use item number from order (not the item of the SISP product number!)
  • Quote SISPs: use preliminary item numbers (need to be corrected when linking the SISP to an order number)
  • Item information will be pre-populated for some HP Factory Express orders*

Any item numbers in a SISP must match the item numbers on the order.

*) If WATSON data available!

SISP release 6.1

order item configuration i

Only order

configuration filled

Item specific data in one

configuration section

Configuration of item specific values







Order  Item Configuration I
  • All items (e.g. SPUs) will be configured in the same way.
  • Changes in order configuration will affect all items
  • Item specific configuration overwrites order configuration
  • Changes in order configuration will not affect the item configuration section(link to order configuration does no longer exist, even for unfilled fields of this section)

The two colors represent certain configuration sections, e.g. kernel and network

SISP release 6.1

order item configuration ii






Order  Item Configuration II


Order configuration will be used for any unfilled item specific configuration sections

Item specific configuration will be used where section is filled.

SISP release 6.1

item handling i
Item Handling I

Item management options:

  • delete items
  • copy to other item number(s)
  • move to other item number

Move/copy will not overwrite an existing destination item (destination needs to be deleted/moved first).

Destination item number needs to be specified; the item name is optional.

Partitioned servers:

Destination complex number (two digits) and partition domain number (four digits) need to be specified; the partition domain name is optional.

Item management options will not be available for HP Factory Express orders where item information was pre-populated based on order data.

SISP release 6.1

item handling ii
Item Handling II

Some HP Factory Express orders orders* will pre-populate item information/item structure based on order data:

  • Server items
    • Partition domains
    • Virtual partitions
  • Rack items

Items are referenced by item number and description.

Note: If item configuration pages are not filled, respective order configuration will be applied (see order - item configuration details).

*) If WATSON data available!

SISP release 6.1