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Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship Initiatives and FuturIcT Project aims PowerPoint Presentation
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Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship Initiatives and FuturIcT Project aims

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Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship Initiatives and FuturIcT Project aims - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship Initiatives and FuturIcT Project aims. Janusz Hołyst, Warsaw University of Technolgy, Andrzej Nowak, University of Warsaw Presentation at kick-off meeting of Polish FuturIcT Hub,

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Presentation Transcript

Future and Emerging Technologies

Flagship Initiatives


FuturIcT Project aims

Janusz Hołyst, Warsaw University of Technolgy,

Andrzej Nowak, University of Warsaw

Presentation at kick-off meeting of Polish FuturIcT Hub,

Warsaw University of Technology, 25 May 2011

Materials taken in part from talks of W. Boch, D. Helbing and A. Sanches

information on future and emerging technologies fet flagships 1 general
Information on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagships 1. General
  • FET Flagships are ambitious large-scale, science-driven, visionary research initiatives that aim to achieve a scientific breakthrough.. See:
  • Flagship Initiatives are proposed to be visionary, science-driven, large-scale research initiatives oriented towards a unifying goal and taking a multidisciplinary approach nucleated from ICT future and emerging technologies.
  • FET Flagships should generate a wave of technological innovation and economic exploitation, ideally in a variety of areas and sectors, and would carry an important societal impact.
  • FET Flagships are envisioned to run for at least 10 years, on a budget in the range of 100 M€ Euros per year and per initiative. The overarching nature and magnitude of these initiatives implies that they can only be realised through a federated effort.
2 flagships pilot actions
2. Flagships Pilot Actions
  • To prepare the launch of the FET Flagships, 6 Pilot Actions are funded over a duration of 12 months starting from May 2011.See
  • These Coordination Actions will create a design and description of consolidated candidate FET Flagship Initiatives, including assessment of feasibility in scientific, technical and financial terms. By mid-2012 the FET Flagship Pilots will have to present a structured community in good position to implement their integrated research agenda, including the involvement and commitment from key stakeholders.
  • In the second half of 2012 at least two of the Pilots are expected to be chosen to be launched as full FET Flagship Initiatives in 2013.
flagship pilots r etained o verview i
Flagship Pilots RetainedOverview(I)


The FuturICT knowledge accelerator

a ”Living Earth Simulator” involving planetary-scale simulation of impacts from humans on the planet and global crisis management support


Graphene S&T for ICT and beyond

development of the science and technologies for a new class of material beyond the era of silicon; includes four Nobel prize laureates

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels for a smarter planet

development of the science and technologies for zero-power ICT components and systems at nanoscale with compute and networking functionalities for environmental and health monitoring

flagship pilots r etained o verview ii
The Human Brain ProjectFlagship Pilots RetainedOverview (II)


simulation and understanding of the Human Brain to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments for brain diseases, and new class of low-energy technologies with brain-like intelligence, such as neuromorphic computing


Molecular modelling in health and medicine

offering a revolution in healthcare: aiming at the ultimate goal of developing personalised preventive medicine based on individual physiological data

processed against globally integrated medical knowledge


Sentient Robot Companions

a ‘sentient nurse’ with flexible properties, such as soft bodies andadaptive behaviour based on new levels of perceptual, cognitive and emotional capabilities


FET FlagshipPilots timeline

Launch of Pilots

@FET11 by N.Kroes

Launch of two

FET Flagships

Launch of Pilot Call

Close of Pilot Call

End of Pilots








Horizontal CSA


FuturIcT - An ICT-Based „Apollo Project“ to make Humanity Fit for FutureSketch of an EU flagship initiative

Dirk Helbing (ETHZ)

From Wikipedia: The term 'futurists' most commonly describes authors, consultants, organizational leaders and others who engage in interdisciplinary and systems thinking to advise private and public organizations on such matters as diverse global trends, plausible scenarios, emerging market opportunities, and risk management.


Poland in FuturIcT

  • There are about 20 Polish teams interested in FuturIcT
  • Warsaw University of Technology and University of Warsaw have been inolved in various stages of Project preparation and have created Polish FuturIcT Hub
  • Main aims of the Hub
  • to create national competence areas related to FuturIcT aims
  • to contribute to FuturIcT infrastructure
  • to ensure local matching funds (Polish Ministry of Sciences, Foundations, industry, universities…)
proposed actions of polish hub in the period 2011 2012
Proposed actions of Polish Hub in the period 2011-2012

1) Arranging a series of workshops  of top Polish scientists in various FutuIcT related domains (social sciences, complexity science, ICT research, political sciences and others).

2) Performing  preliminary and reconnaissance studies in our research teams in the directions of possible FuturICT  research lines. 3) Lobbing by Polish politicians who can decide  on the  political evaluation of the final Flagships proposals in 2012.4) Disseminating the FuturIcT ideas at National and International Conferences as well as in popular newspapers by interviews. Our National FuturIcT web site has been already created as

5) Contributing to brain storming with other FuturIcT partners during think tanks, workshops and other meetings. 6) Contributing to flagship proposal preparation as well as  to developing a necessary project road map and organisational  infrastructure. 7) Helping with technical aspects of FuturIcT, such as the website, art etc. 8) Helping by contacts to representatives of other Eastern Europan Countries to involve them in the FuturIcT Flagship.   9) Other research,  organizational and lobbing activities that will be needed during the Flagship building.

Our web page: