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Data Management

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Data Management. Chris Wallace 3P14 [email protected] Book Various Database texts Last year Database Systems Paul Beynon-Davies £24.99 Exam 50\% CourseWork 50\% Web Site: Lecture 1. Workplan SQL Workbook Basic Terminology -

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data management
Data Management
  • Chris Wallace
  • Book
    • Various Database texts
    • Last year Database Systems Paul Beynon-Davies £24.99
  • Exam 50% CourseWork 50%
  • Web Site:
lecture 1
Lecture 1
  • Workplan
  • SQL Workbook
  • Basic Terminology -
    • Universe of Discourse, Data Schema, FactBase, Integrity, Database functions, Data model, Data/Information/Knowledge
learning sql workbook
Learning SQL workbook
  • Based on a simple model of employees and departments in a company
  • Workbook takes you through the basics
  • Workbook covers three different DBMSs
    • Access
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
  • You can use any of the DBMSs but MySQL is preferable
uod database
Universe of Discourse - UoD

Part of Real world of interest


e.g. the real life ‘Mr Smith’


Representaton of UoD

Abstract, Symbolic, Passive

e.g. the record with employee no 7369

UoD <> Database
schema factbase
Database Schema

A theory of the UoD


e.g. Emp table definition

Develops during design

‘Static’ during use



Facts about the UoD expressed in Schema

Specific to time, place

E.g. employee with empno=7499 has name ‘ALLEN’

Changes during use - Sequence of States


Schema <> Factbase

Factbase agrees with Schema

Internal to DBMS

Defined in Schema - ‘integrity constraints’

Checked by DBMS


Failure causes crash


Factbase agrees with UoD

Between DBMS and UoD

Checked by humans

‘good enough’ - issue of Data Quality

Failure causes errors

Integrity ??
types of database function

Extracts existing facts and derives new facts

Leaves Factbase unchanged



Reflects some change in the UoD

Changes state of factbase

Must check integrity constraints


Types of Database Function
data model
Data Schema

e.g. Table definitions for Member, Facility, Booking

Extension of a ‘Meta-model’

Architectural Data Model

e.g. Relational

Access 97, 2002

Oracle 7, 9i

or Object-oriented

Tables for

Table, Field, Relationship, Query


Data Model??
data information knowledge
Data <> Information <> Knowledge
  • Data - basic facts
    • employee with no=7369 has sal=800
  • Information - deduced facts
    • The President has 3 staff reporting
    • The organisation has 4 levels of hierarchy
  • Knowledge - information in context
    • Staff turnover is low for the size of company and industry sector
  • You will need a login on the Windows 2000 system
  • Open a browser and locate the model home page
  • Locate the SQL workbook. It is easier to copy and paste code from the book but you have a hard-copy to keep notes in as well.