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WORLD GURU - GURU NANAK DEV JI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WORLD GURU - GURU NANAK DEV JI. >. nw hm ihMdU nw muslmwn ] Alh rwm ky ipMfu prwn ]4] I am neither a Hindu nor Muslim; my body and soul belong to Lord that Hindus call Ram and Muslims call Allah. khu kbIr iehu kIAw vKwnw ] gur pIr imil Kuid Ksmu pCwnw ]5]3]

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Presentation Transcript

nw hm ihMdU nw muslmwn ] Alh rwm ky ipMfu prwn ]4]

I am neither a Hindu nor Muslim;

my body and soul belong to Lord that Hindus call Ram and Muslims call Allah.

khu kbIr iehu kIAw vKwnw ] gur pIr imil Kuid Ksmu pCwnw ]5]3]

O, Kabir! Say this loudly, that I (Kabir) have found the Lord by uniting with my Guru.

Bharon, M5/GGS, 1136


hmrw Jgrw rhw n koaU ] pMifq mulW Cwfy doaU ]

I have no quarrel, I declare that I have voluntary left both Pundits (Hindus) and Mullahs (Muslims)

pMifq mulW jo iliK dIAw ] Cwif cly hm kCU n lIAw ]

Whatever Pundits and Mullahs have prescribed, I leave behind and take nothing. G.G.S/Kabir/1158

“ihMdU pUjY dyhrw muslmwxu msIq ] nwmy soeI syivAw jh dyhrw n msIq ]”

While Hindus worship in the temple, and Muslims in the masjid; I, Nam Dev worship that Lord which is neither in temple nor masjid.

Gond/G.G.S/Nam Dev/875


PrIdw glIey ickVu, dUir Gru, nwl ipAwry nyhu ] clw q iBjY kMblI, rhW q qutY nyhu ]24]

O, Farid! Due to rain, the street is murky but the house of my beloved is far. If I go, then my blanket becomes wet, and if I don’t, I’ll be breaking my promise with my beloved.

iBjau isjau kMblI, Alh vrsau myhu ] jwie imlw iqn@w sjxw, qutau nwhI nyhu ]25]

O, Farid! Let my blanket get really drenched, and let Allah continue the rain, (but) I shall meet my beloved and keep my promise.

jobn jWdy nw frW, jy sh pRIiq n jwie ] PrIdw ikqI jobn pRIiq ibnu, suik gey kumlwie ]34]

I have no regret that my youth is gone, so long as my love for the Lord is intact. O, Farid! Think of youth that is already wilted without love of the Lord (ie human life without Lord’s love is lived in vain).


sloku m]1] g.g.s, 140

imhr msIiq isdku muslw hku hlwlu kurwxu ]

Let mercy (on people) be the mosque; the faith thy prayer-mat and honest earning be thy Quran;

srm suMniq sIlu rojw hohu muslmwxu ]

Let modesty be thy (circumcision);

the civility be thy fast; so shalt though be a Muslim.

krxI kwbw scu pIru klmw krm invwj ]

Let rightful conduct be thy Kaba,

the truth be your spiritual guide

and pious deeds be thy creed and prayer.

qsbI sw iqsu BwvsI nwnk rKY lwj ]1]

Let the Will of the Lord be thy rosary. O, Nanak! The Lord protects the honour (of such a Muslim).


pMij invwjw vKq pMij pMjw pMjy nwau ]

There are five prayers of the Muslims, five different times and five prayers known with five different names.

pihlw scu hlwl duie qIjw KYr Kudwie ]

(But according to our religion the real prayers are these):

First, to utter the Truth; second, honest earnings; third, benevolence (charitable) in Lord’s name;

cauQI nIAiq rwis mnu pMjvI isPiq snwie ]

fourth, rightful intent of the mind, and fifth, to recite Nam and praise Lord.

krxI klmw AwiK kY qw muslmwxu sdwie ]

In addition, let rightful conduct be thy creed, then call yourself a Muslim.

nwnk jyqy kUiVAwr kUVY kUVI pwie ]3]

O, Nanak! (those who do not conduct themselves likewise) are all false dealers and false honour itself is foul. II3II

Sloke M1/G.G.S/141


muMdw sMqoKu srmu pqu JolI iDAwn kI krih ibBUiq ]

(O, Yogi), if you make contentment thy ear-rings, perseverance thy alm-bowl and container, and contemplation upon Akal Purakh thy ashes (rather than ashes of dung that you smear on your body),

iKMQw kwlu kuAwrI kwieAw jugiq fMfw prqIiq]

the remembrance of death thy shelter, the purity of your body thy code of conduct, and Lord’s love thy staff (then the wall of falsehood can be broken from within).

AweI pMQI sgl jmwqI min jIqY jgu jIqu ]

One who treats all beings as one (in reality) belongs to the Aiee Panthi (the highest order of Yogis). One who conquers the mind thus, conquers the world, (O, Yogi).

Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]

Salute, salute to the Akal Purakh!

Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu ]28]

The foundation of all, the primal and pure, the rootless, the indestructible and constant in all ages. (28)


Sukhmani, M.5/G.G.S/274

so pMifqu jo mnu prboDY ]rwm nwmu Awqm mih soDY ]

He who directs his mind and seeks Lord’s Nam within he is a true Pundit.

rwm nwm swru rsu pIvY ]ausu pMifq kY aupdyis jgu jIvY ]

The world lives happily in the wisdom of that Pundit who tastes the sweet Nam of the Lord.

hir kI kQw ihrdY bswvY ]so pMifqu iPir join n AwvY ]


The Pundit who implants the praises of the Lord in his heart frees himself from the transmigration cycle.


chu vrnw kau dy aupdysu ]nwnk ausu pMifq kau sdw Adysu ]4]

He imparts (same) knowledge to all four castes impartially,

O, Nanak! I ever salute to that Pundit II4II9II



Heaven and Hell

AwKw jIvw ivsrY mir jwau ] (Asa, M1, GGS/9)

Thou remembrance is to live; though departure is to die.

qhW bYkMuTu jh kIrqnu qyrw qMU Awpy srDw lwieih ](Suhi, M5, GGS/749)

O, Lord! Wherever Thy praises are sung by the beings through Thy grace is heaven.

surg mukiq bYkMuT siB bWCih inq Awsw Aws krIjY ]

O, Lord! The beings desire heaven everyday to be salvated

hir drsn ky jn mukiq n mWgih imil drsn iqRpiq mnu DIjY ]

But the mind of the true devotees is equipoised with Thy presence

They desire not emancipation. (M.4,GGS/1324)

surg bws n bwCIAY frIAY n nrik invwsu ] We neither desire to live in heaven nor are afraid of dwelling in hell Kabir, GGS/337


Classless and casteless society based on seva (to serve) and simran(recite) - no beggars; only dignifier and dignifiee.

Gwil Kwie ikCu hQhu dyie ] nwnk rwhu pCwny sy ]

They who earn by their brow and share with the others, know the true path. M.4, GGS/1284


Gender equality

so ikau mMdw AwKIAY ijqu jMmih rwjwn ]Awsw m1/g.g.s/473

Why call her evil who given birth to great Kings

Dn ipru eyih n AwKIAn bihn iekTy hoie ]

Husband and wife are not those who merely sit together;

eyk joiq duie mUrqI Dn ipr khIAY soie ]

They are those who being in two bodies are infused with one Lord. M.3, GGS/788


The divine word only is the Guru of Guru Nanak and of all Sikhs

sbdu gurU suriq Duin cylw ]m.1,g.g.s/943

The divine word is my Guru and the contemplation (of my mind) on the sound is the disciple.M.1,GGS/943


Nirbhu and Nirver – fearless and at enmity with none

jau qau pRym Kylx kw cwau ] isru Dir qlI glI myrI Awau ]

Those who are fond of true love, let them covenant to accept martyrdom;

iequ mwrig pYru DrIjY ] isru dIjY kwix n kIjY ]

Whosoever, treads to accept this path, must be ready to sacrifice everything for the faith. M.1,GGS/1412

BY kwhU kau dyq nih nih BY mwnq Awn ]

Those who neither scare nor fear any

khu nwnk suin ry mnw mukiq qwih qY jwin ]

Say, O, Nanak! They are truly enlightened.M.9,G.G.S/1427



Kes, Kangha, Karha, Kachhrah & Kirpan

jwgiq joiq jpY insbwsur, eyk ibnw mn nYk n AwnY ]

One who meditates on the ever present Lord, day and night, and puts no faith in any except the one Lord;

pUrn pRm pRqIq sjY, bRq gor mVHI mT Bul n mwnY ]

remains absorbed in His splendour and true love, and not even by err believes in fasts, tombs, graves or cloisters of idolatry;

qIrQ dwn dieAw qp sMjm, eyk ibnw nih eyk pCwnY ]

nor goes on pilgrimage or performs penances (of Yogies) or asceticism (of sannyasis);

pUrn joq jgY Gt mY, qb Kwls qwih nKwls jwnY ]

is a true paragon, a complete human, in whose heart ever shines the perfect light of God, to be the Khalsa. Akal Ustat, Patshahi 10


ibsir geI sB qwiq prweI ]jb qy swDsMgiq moih pweI ]1] rhwau ]

O, brother! Ever since I have acquired the company of the Gurmukhs,I have abandoned the habit of being envious at others happiness. II1II Pause.

nw ko bYrI nhI ibgwnw sgl sMig hm kau bin AweI ]1]

I see no one as an enemy nor a stranger; I am fond of all II1II

jo pRB kIno so Bl mwinE eyh sumiq swDU qy pweI ]2]

Whatever the Lord does, I (now) regard it to be gracious (for all); my Guru has imparted this knowledge to me. II2II

sB mih riv rihAw pRBu eykY pyiK pyiK nwnk ibgsweI ]3]8]

O, Nanak! It is the same Lord that dwells in all beings; consequently Ibehold and rejoice Him in all. II3II8II

Kanrha, M.5, G.G.S 1299