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Welcome to the 2010 NP Baseball Season PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the 2010 NP Baseball Season

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Welcome to the 2010 NP Baseball Season
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Welcome to the 2010 NP Baseball Season

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    1. Welcome to the 2010 NP Baseball Season!

    2. A thank you and congratulations to all parents!!

    3. Tonights Agenda Purpose of this meeting Introduction of staff NP Baseball philosophy Player expectations Parent expectations Parent Coach communication Other issues Parent questions

    4. The coaching staff: Bob McCreary varsity head coach Kevin Manero varsity assistant (pitching) Frank Yanni varsity assistant (hitting) Chuck Eppolito varsity statistician Keith Clauss JV head coach Jeff Childs JV assistant Richard Cocchimiglio JV assistant

    5. NP Baseball Philosophy To provide a fun, positive experience where each player can receive the life-long benefits of team sports involvement and gain a greater respect for the game of baseball and what it takes to succeed.

    6. Small picture Big Picture Wins Losses Playing time How good they are / arent Comparisons Avoiding mistakes What they take away Lessons for the future Physically active Handling adversity E + R = 0 Contributing v Playing Constant improvement Respect for the game

    7. Player Expectations Be present and on-time Exceptions & the reality of sports / life Passing all classes v PIAA eligibility rule One X-Period per week* Appropriate in & out-of-school behavior Respect the game Focus on the game Make the best of their role

    8. Parent Expectations Positive support Bite your tongue w/umpires, opposing fans, opposing parents, etc. Keep a comfortable distance from the players Be careful what you say and when you say it.

    9. Be careful what you say! What not to ask (first) What to ask Did you win? What was the score? How did you play? How much did you play? Did you have fun? What do you remember about the game? What does the team / you need to work on?

    10. Encourage your player to talk to coaches about issues / problems (life skill) If needed, please make an appointment to speak with a coach email is best Coaches will not discuss playing time. Reasons why Variables If we did Improvement & playing time

    11. Parent Coach Communication Areas where improvement is needed Drills to help improve College selection process / letters Showcases, camps, and clinics Private instruction Professional baseball

    12. Other issues: Uniforms JV Field Pride Packs

    13. Parent Questions?