Teaching ethics through the justice league
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Teaching Ethics through the Justice League - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching Ethics through the Justice League. Character Education. What values do students need to be heroes? How can we connect students to those values? Where can they be found?. The Core Democratic Principles. Individual natural rights Truth Civic Virtue Diversity & Tolerance Patriotism

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The Core Democratic Principles

Individual natural rights


Civic Virtue

Diversity & Tolerance




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Individual natural rights, Diversity, Tolerance and Equality

Diversity, Equality, Tolerance and Natural Rights

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Which Community of Caring values would each Core Democratic principle uphold?

There are seven basic seeds (ideas) used by the Founders to grow Democracy. The answers can be found on page 15. Write the answers in the seeds and give a brief definition in lines below the seed

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You are on you way to being a hero! to the least important.

The top ranked principles are what you stand for.

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What is your slogan to the least important.going to say?

What is your slogan going to say?

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Our Story Begins... to the least important.

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  • There is opposition to every value to the least important.

  • Responsibility Irresponsible

  • Civic Virtue Selfishness

  • Truth Deceit

  • Patriotism Anarchy

  • Rights Denied

  • Tolerance Intolerance

  • Justice Cruelty/Injustice

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What villains to the least important.


students face?

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Doctor Chaos to the least important.

Lefty A. Mess

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What values must you have in order for civic dialogue to take place?

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Core Democratic Values conflict?

Community of Caring