effective financial literacy training in the community l.
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Teaching Adults

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Effective Financial Literacy Training in the Community. Teaching Adults. Why Adults Want To Learn.  To gain knowledge or a skill they need  To better manage changes in their lives  To keep up with environment changes  To i ncrease or maintain a sense of self-esteem.

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Teaching Adults

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why adults want to learn
Why Adults Want To Learn

To gain knowledge or a skill they need

 To better manage changes in their lives

 To keep up with environment changes

 To increase or maintain a sense of self-esteem

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

adults learn best when
Adults learn best when:
  • teaching is built upon their own experiences
  • they can apply what they have learned immediately to their own lives
  • there is a mixture of teaching approaches
  • the learning environment is friendly, informal and comfortable

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

effective teaching
Effective teaching
  • The best presentations are dynamic, responsive and organic, not canned.
  • Keep your class size small.
    • No more than 30 students
  • Draw on life experiences, your own as well as theirs.

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

care about your audience
Care about your audience
  • Make them feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Be respectful.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Allow time for them to ask questions.
  • Take time to break into small interactive learning groups.

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

effective teaching6
Effective teaching
  • Many people have a short attention span
    • Try to keep lectures to a maximum of 30 minutes
        • Stop for questions and answers
        • Follow up with a learning activity

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

use a mixture of approaches and learning styles
Use a mixture of approaches and learning styles
  • Visual: reading or seeing
    • (5-10% retention)
  • Auditory: listening
    • (20-25% retention)
  • Psychomotor: doing
    • (70-75% retention)

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

a good teacher of adults
A good teacher of adults*
  • Is people-centered, more interested in people than things, more interested in individuality than conformity, and more interested in finding solutions than following rules.
  • The teacher must be understanding, flexible, patient, humorous, practical, creative and prepared.

 How to Teach Adults, William A Draves, The Learning Resource Network

Consumer Action: Teaching Adults

web www consumer action org phone 415 777 9648 ask for outreach email outreach@consumer action org
Web: www.consumer-action.org

Phone: 415-777-9648. Ask for “Outreach”



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