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STRIDE. Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges Executive Director, Racing. Steve Beason Executive Director, Information Technology. Objectives. S ectional T iming R acing I nformation D ynamic E ntertainment (STRIDE)

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  1. STRIDE Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges Executive Director, Racing Steve Beason Executive Director, Information Technology

  2. Objectives • Sectional Timing Racing Information Dynamic Entertainment (STRIDE) • HKJC is committed to provide the best services and world-class sports entertainment to its customers in order to maintain and generate their interest in horseracing

  3. Benefits • Able to track the position of every runner in a race, in particular individual sectional times for better post-race analysis • Multimedia display on DV screen • All runner’s position in the race shown in sequence

  4. Trial/Demo • STRIDE used on trial basis at Hong Kong International Races (HKIR) on 14 December 2003 • Collect feedback and comments to aid future rollout plans

  5. Race Sectional Time Report

  6. Race Sectional Time Report

  7. Race Sectional Time Report

  8. Race Sectional Time Report THE INTERNATIONAL SPRINT TRIAL 香港短途錦標預賽

  9. Technology • A network of 31 RF transceivers are placed around the track • Every 80ms, they send an RF signal that detects a small transponder (tag) placed in the jockey's cap • The location processing server (LPS) then calculates the tag's location on the track • From the LPS, sectional times are captured, and tracking data is sent to the graphics systems for multimedia display Tag front Transceiver Tag back

  10. Our partner - ORAD • Headquarters in Israel with offices in the US, Germany, UK, Spain, Hong-Kong and Japan • World leader in real time virtual imaging processing technologies • First production system anywhere

  11. System Overview

  12. STRIDE tag Technology

  13. Timing Methods & Terminology • Finishing time (official) • Each horse’s race time • Generated from the photo finish system • Sectional times • Overall sectional time (for lead horse) • Individual sectional times • Both generated by STRIDE • Accumulated sectionals • Total of horse’s individual sectional times • Variance with official finishing time • Timing facts • 1 horse length is approximately 2.43 m • 1 horse length travelled in 0.158 sec • Difference between jockey’s cap and horse’s nose is approximately 0.05 sec

  14. Timing Methods & Terminology • Finishing time and accumulated sectional times will not be the same • Taken from different systems • Photo finish time measured by horse’s nose • Accumulated sectional times measured by tag in jockey’s silk cap • System variance is +/- 10 cm • Average 0.02 sec per section • Average 0.08 sec per race

  15. Timing Methods & Terminology Start Photo finish Finishing time (1/10th sec) Fromhorse’s nose Gates open Accumulated Sectionals (1/1000th sec) Finish Start + + + + Section Section Section +/- 10 cm +/- 10 cm +/- 10 cm From jockey’s cap +/- 10cm Gates open

  16. Current time from photo finish

  17. STRIDE Sectional Variance Official finishing time Timing Methods & Terminology

  18. Graphics • Cybersport • Generates the virtual sectional lines, and the virtual branding graphics

  19. HKIR Demo • CyberGraphics • Generates the STRIDE “Dashboard”

  20. STRIDE “Dashboard”

  21. Next Steps • Follow up action – January 2004 • Future rollout plans • Comments and feedback welcome Email : STRIDE@hkjc.org.hk

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