Selling across multiple platforms integrity vs dollars
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Selling Across Multiple Platforms Integrity vs. Dollars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Selling Across Multiple Platforms Integrity vs. Dollars. John Kwak, WFSU, Tallahassee Jay Boeding, Iowa Public Television. What is Underwriting?. UNDERWRITING is a message of corporate support for the quality programs found only on public broadcasting

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Presentation Transcript
Selling across multiple platforms integrity vs dollars l.jpg

Selling Across MultiplePlatformsIntegrity vs. Dollars

John Kwak, WFSU, Tallahassee

Jay Boeding, Iowa Public Television

What is underwriting l.jpg
What is Underwriting?

  • UNDERWRITING is a message of corporate support for the quality programs found only on public broadcasting

  • Usually :15 in length, these underwriting credits can be placed before and after a program or in the break between two programs

Underwriting is not advertising l.jpg

Marketing benefits l.jpg
Marketing Benefits

  • Businesses have discovered underwriting yields significant MARKETING BENEFITS


Marketing benefits5 l.jpg
Marketing Benefits

  • Underwriting helps to build BRAND AWARENESSby linking your business with high-quality programs

  • Underwriting generates COMMUNITY GOODWILLthrough support of public television/radio

  • Underwriting positions your business before an EDUCATED, INFLUENTIAL AUDIENCE

Marketing benefits6 l.jpg
Marketing Benefits

  • Underwriting promotes your offerings to a BROAD AUDIENCE AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE

  • Underwriting markets your brand in an environment FREE OF COMMERCIAL CLUTTER

Marketing benefits7 l.jpg
Marketing Benefits

  • UNDERWRITINGis the best way to reach





Relationship building l.jpg
Relationship Building



    • When you're beginning a new business relationship with a prospective underwriting client, it's critical to establish your personal value with that individual. Why? Because people like to do business with people they like. They tend to like people who, through their actions, bring value to them or their company.

Relationship building9 l.jpg
Relationship Building

  • How do you build a strong relationship?

    . . .Be CREDIBLE

    . . .Be RESPONSIVE

    . . .Anticipate NEEDS

    . . .Become a VALUED RESOURCE

Relationship building10 l.jpg
Relationship Building


    • Do what you say you are going to do – deliver on your promises.

    • Always be prepared to back up your research and claims with proof – cite specific sources when quoting data.

    • Know the industry – only make claims you know to be true.

Relationship building11 l.jpg
Relationship Building


    • Set your own internal deadline for returning calls and stick with it.

      • For example, many people make a pledge to return all calls within one business day. If you need time to respond to a specific need or problem your customer is having, say so, and set the expectation up front as to when you will be getting back to them. If you promise to deliver materials or a proposal within a time-frame, do it.

Relationship building12 l.jpg
Relationship Building


    • One of the best ways to do this is by always doing your homework – and continuing to do so after the sale.

      • Do a periodic news search on your client’s business, competition and industry. Learn their seasonal business cycles, etc. If you know they always call needing an affidavit, set a reminder on your calendar and send it before they ask. These things can go a long way to help you anticipate your clients’ needs.

Relationship building13 l.jpg
Relationship Building


    • Send your client updates on relevant research.

      • Share your network of contacts with them. Do they have a favorite program? Keep them abreast of specials and other station special events.

Turning underwriters into partners l.jpg
Turning Underwriters into Partners

  • Created a formal package of value-added benefits with the goal of solidifying relationships with your sponsors

    • These are not just value-added give-a-ways, but a well thought out program designed to make the sponsors feel more a part of the station.

Turning underwriters into partners15 l.jpg
Turning Underwriters into Partners

  • Special Event Invitations

    • Offer the opportunity to meet public broadcasting personalities and network with other sponsors.

  • Partnership Promotion

    • Offer the opportunity to promote support of public television/radio in your sponsor’s materials.

Turning underwriters into partners16 l.jpg
Turning Underwriters into Partners

  • Web site Opportunities

    • Recognize your sponsors on your Web site with a hyper-link to their home page.

  • Member Guide

    • Be sure to include your sponsors on your member guide mailing list. Recognize your sponsors in your member guide.

Turning underwriters into partners17 l.jpg
Turning Underwriters into Partners

  • Thank You Ad

    • Secure trade and thank your sponsors once a year in your local newspaper or business journal.

  • Membership Discount

    • Offer your sponsors’ employees a discount on membership to your station.

Turning underwriters into partners18 l.jpg
Turning Underwriters into Partners

  • Participation in Membership Drives

    • Encourage sponsors to answer phones during your membership drives – thank them on air.

  • Exclusive Events for Sponsors

    • Create a program where quarterly events are held for sponsors only. They can be hosted by sponsors, giving them the opportunity to show their support for public radio and showcase their business in front of other sponsors.

Turning underwriters into partners19 l.jpg
Turning Underwriters into Partners

  • Lunch with the GM or Station Personality

    • Host lunches at the station for underwriters and the GM or on-air personalities of your station. Give the sponsors an “insider’s look” at what’s happening in public broadcasting.

Packaging underwriting l.jpg
Packaging Underwriting

  • By packaging underwriting you create a GREAT VALUE FOR SPONSORS

    TV + RADIO + WEB + PRINT + ????

John Kwak

Selling across multiple platforms integrity vs dollars21 l.jpg

Selling Across MultiplePlatformsIntegrity vs. Dollars

John Kwak, WFSU, Tallahassee

Jay Boeding, Iowa Public Television

Online underwriting l.jpg
Online Underwriting

  • Online video advertising is exploding

    • By 2012, annual growth of online video advertising will peak at 78.9%.

  • In 2008, the % of total

    TV ad spending for

    online video is

    expected to be 0.7%;

    by 2013, 7.6%.

  • Total online video

    advertising expected

    to be $505M in 2008;

    $3.4B by 2012.

Online underwriting23 l.jpg
Online Underwriting

  • Gains are expected at the local level as well

    • Total local online video in 2007 was $10.9M; expected to be $1.5B by 2012.

    • Online video ads

      to account for 11.6%

      of the online ad

      budgets of small

      and medium-sized

      businesses by 2012*.

*Source: The Kelsey Group, U.S. Local Video Forecast – June 2008.

Video on iptv org l.jpg
Video on

  • Video capability launched with redesign in 2007

  • Video pageviews: 62,000+ in Dec. 2008

  • More than 2,000 videos online

  • Top Content: Market to Market, College Wrestling

Video on iptv org25 l.jpg
Video on

  • Top Content: Market to Market

Video on iptv org26 l.jpg
Video on

  • Online Sponsorship To Date

    • Display badges on program Web sites only.

    • Underwriting messages on full episode videos only.

    • No display sponsorship on video pages!

    • Some display on program pages!

Next phase 2009 l.jpg
Next Phase 2009

  • Goal: Video on BOTH program Web site and video page

  • Goal: Sponsorship on program page carries over to the video page

  • Goal: Video page only sponsorships

Next phase 200928 l.jpg
Next Phase 2009

  • Example – College Wrestling

Next phase 200929 l.jpg
Next Phase 2009

  • Example – College Wrestling

Next phase 200930 l.jpg
Next Phase 2009

  • C.O.V.E.

Next phase 200931 l.jpg
Next Phase 2009

  • C.O.V.E.

Cove integration l.jpg
COVE Integration

  • has a lot of video. So what does COVE do for our station?

  • Metadata

    • Extend “Genre” or “Topic” buys to the Web.

    • Instead of “Health & Wellness,” now can sell keywords.

    • Could underwriters bid for keywords?

Cove integration33 l.jpg
COVE Integration

  • National/Local sponsorship opportunities

    • Geo-targeting.

    • Be mindful of underwriter category exclusivity.

    • Up-sell local acquisition underwriters.

    • Local program underwriters may or may not have interest in their messages moving beyond Iowa’s borders.

Cove thoughts l.jpg
COVE Thoughts

  • For stations without video: COVE is a good solution because of the integration of local content with national

  • For stations already providing video: Leverage this new content for new sponsorship dollars

  • For all stations: Something new and unique to present to underwriters and prospects!

Best practices l.jpg
Best Practices

  • Online fundraising

  • Building a network of supporters & advocates online

  • Who’s the most successful right now?

Facebook l.jpg

  • 3.7 million supporters on Facebook!

Social media l.jpg
Social Media

  • Facebook

    • Personal profiles

    • Groups

  • Twitter

    • Messages in 140 characters or less

    • Following/Followers

Facebook46 l.jpg

  • Groups

Summary l.jpg

  • Viewers, and potential advocates and donors, are telling the world they like you!

  • They are congregating on social networks

  • Most of them are not donors!

To do list l.jpg
To-Do List

  • Establish groups and fan pages around your station and local programs

  • Find someone to do the work. Intern? Interested staff member? Program host?

  • Don’t spend a lot of resources, because you don’t need to!

Jay Boeding

Selling across multiple platforms integrity vs dollars58 l.jpg

Selling Across Multiple PlatformsIntegrity vs. Dollars


John Kwak, WFSU, Tallahassee

Jay Boeding, Iowa Public Television