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real colors for returning to the farm n.
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REAL COLORS for Returning to the Farm PowerPoint Presentation
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REAL COLORS for Returning to the Farm

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REAL COLORS for Returning to the Farm
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REAL COLORS for Returning to the Farm

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  1. REAL COLORSfor Returning to the Farm Presented by: Meg Kester – Project Coordinator University of Nebraska – Lincoln

  2. Is This What We’re Here For? Farm & Ranch families not only work together - they live together Communication is essential for successful relationships - work and personal Communication (and daily life) is easier if people understand each other

  3. How You Can Help Make it a relaxed, fun and accepting atmosphere There are no right or wrong answers & more often than not, people leave feeling good about themselves & with a new perspective on their family members You may find that while not every one appreciates it - every one enjoys it

  4. Real ColorsA Quick Overview Helps people understand human behavior Helps people recognize, accept and value the differences in each other A tool to increase understanding, empathy and communication

  5. Things to Consider Trained NCTI Facilitator A minimum of 16 in a group is necessary More than 40 people in a group can present a communication problem

  6. Begin with an Ice-Breaker • Toilet paper throw • 2 facts on a 3x5 card • Brain teasers – • Fly • “F” test • Ladies • Squares & Dots • Locked Hands Exercise • Fold & Tear

  7. Everyone Has Areas of Strength Identifying one’s color (temperament) assists an individual in identifying areas of strength Each color has unique talents that seem to be accessed and used with little or no effort By recognizing one’s strengths, it is easier to build up those areas and talents that are not as natural

  8. Left Brain Logical Mathematical Detailed Concrete Past & Future Green/Gold Right Brain Artistic Creative Whole picture Abstract Here & Now Blue/Orange

  9. After the Assessment After participants have finished the assessment, you may move on to the ‘color separation’ exercise Ask primer questions of each group THERE CAN BE NO MALICIOUS COLOR BASHING !!!

  10. Leave Them With the Positive! Review the positive characteristics of each of the colors Remind people of the different talents and strengths of the individual colors

  11. Everyone is a blend of all four colors to varying degrees People of all four colors can do similar tasks, but their color may result in them approaching the task from a different point of view

  12. Real Colors Sets the Stage After each family has participated in Real Colors, they have a reference point of sorts In further discussions, when disagreements arise, they may be easier to overcome because of an understanding of temperament differences