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  1. How to update your Custom Sub-site Benefits Page ShareTheRide

  2. To ensure that you make edits in the appropriate fields, please follow these specific instructions. Got to ShareTheRide ( Log in with your Custom Sub-site Administrative Account User ID and Password.

  3. Once you have logged in, make sure that your CSS name appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen (Administration for Custom Sub-Site). Make sure that your CSS Admin Id correctly appears in the upper right side of the screen. If both of these items are correct, place your cursor over the word Benefits located on the left side of the screen until the drop down menu for TRP Program Benefits appears. Then click on TRP Program Benefits.

  4. Click on the Edit Site button located on the right side of the screen. You will now see the Benefit section surrounded by a blue outline (see next slide). Make sure that you only access the blue section that contains the Benefits verbiage. Benefit information section should contain: All of the current TRP Plan years benefits. Specific requirements to qualify for benefits. Contact information for Registration, Guaranteed Ride Home, TRP questions, etc. Any other information that you feel employees need to know about your company’s TRP. This information can be updated at anytime.

  5. To access the blue section to edit the Benefits verbiage, move your cursor into the box and the [EDIT] button will appear in the top right corner. Click on the [EDIT] button.

  6. When the box above appears on the screen, click on Openlocated in the lower right corner. This will open up the Edit box that will allow you to type the information needed in the Design tab or HTML tab. You can preview what your page will look like from the Preview tab.

  7. After you have made your edits you will need to move your cursor over the Publish v option of your screen. This will display a drop down listing of options: Production – All changes made will go live on the site and will be viewable by all Users associated with your CSS. Beta – All changes made are in a hiatus and only viewable by you until you place them in Production. Production & Beta – This will save them out in both in case you are interested in making additional modification but want to update some information immediately. Timed Production – Allows you to create verbiage that will only appear during a specified date range. You need to select one.

  8. If you selected Production a pop up box will appear (above left) where you can make notes you may need, such as revisions made, etc. When you click Save, you will see another pop up box (above right) that is to confirm that you want to make the changes live on your company’s CSS. Once you click Confirm, all changes will be active and any STR Users associated with your CSS will be able to view these changes the next time they log into their account. All changes will be documented and you will have access to this information in EDIT mode should you need to revert back to verbiage from a previous Production. Click on Exit Edit Mode. Click on Administrator SignOut.

  9. ShareTheRide I hope you found the information in this presentation to be helpful. If you need any further assistance with changing your CSS Benefits Page or any other CSS issue, please contact: Margaret Perez Commute Solutions 602.523.6072