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New Mexico Water Plans

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New Mexico Water Plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Mexico Water Plans. Presented by Angela Schackel Bordegaray State & Regional Water Planner For the Water Cabinet January 14, 2009 Santa Fe, New Mexico. State Water Plan (NMSA 72-14-3.1). SWP Purpose. Become strategic management tool for the purposes of:

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new mexico water plans
New Mexico Water Plans

Presented by

Angela Schackel Bordegaray

State & Regional Water Planner

For the Water Cabinet

January 14, 2009

Santa Fe, New Mexico

swp purpose
SWP Purpose
  • Become strategic management tool for the purposes of:
    • Promoting stewardship of the state’s water resources
    • Protect and maintain water rights and their priority status
    • Protect diverse customs, culture, environment and economic stability of state
    • Protect both water supply and water quality
swp purpose con t
SWP Purpose con’t.
  • Promote cooperative strategies, based on meeting the basic needs of all New Mexicans
  • Meeting the state’s interstate compact obligations
  • Providing a basis for prioritizing infrastructure investment
  • Providing statewide continuity of policy and management relative to our water resources.
why plan
Why Plan?
  • Less expensive than reacting (e.g. the Pecos River Settlement)
  • An avenue for public input on water management policies
  • Allows for integration of water quality (NMED) with water management
  • Minimizes litigation
  • Process for protecting water availability, improving efficiency, and prioritizing infrastructure funding
isc directive
ISC Directive
  • “Shall develop a comprehensive, coordinated state water plan that shall…”
swp accomplishments
SWP Accomplishments
  • Established a set of goals for the state
  • Brought together considerable amount of data
  • Serves as an excellent tool for educating the public about water issues
  • Provides a framework for implementation of key actions required to meet the goals
changed conditions since 2003
Changed Conditions since 2003
  • Population Growth
  • Climate Change
  • Unregulated development of deep saline aquifers
  • New proposed inter-basin transfers of water pipelines
  • Aging infrastructure
changed conditions since 20039
Changed Conditions since 2003
  • Initiated efforts to acquire water for environmental stream flows
  • State and Federal listings of aquatic species have increased
  • Resurgence of uranium mining
  • Interest in reuse of produced water from oil and gas development increasing
  • Legal changes via new & changed water laws and Court Decisions
water planning milestones 2008
Water Planning Milestones 2008
  • Conducted comprehensive review of SWP
  • Conducted statewide by region population estimates and projections (UNM_BBER)
  • All 16 ISC-water planning regions completed plans
  • Increased public awareness of SWP
water planning resources
Water Planning Resources
  • Funding
    • Regional water plans
    • State Water Plan
  • Staffing
current water planning activities
Current Water Planning Activities
  • State Water Plan Update in 2009-2010
    • Synthesis of Regional Water Plans
    • Extensive Public Involvement Regional and Statewide meetings
  • Publish Ongoing - “Rolling Updates”
    • Maps, Glossary, Removable pages
how nm compares
How NM Compares
  • Texas - $21 million for water planning; $15 million for its State Water Plan
  • Colorado - $1 million annually for its Compact Committee Support and Basin-Wide Needs Assessment; allocates $10 million for water supply funding
  • Wyoming and Utah each employ five planning staff and annually fund their planning programs $300,000 and $500,000, respectively
results of an updated swp
Results of an Updated SWP
  • A guide for implementing defined strategies for effective water management in future
  • Whether this final report is one of substance -- or whether it reflects little or no public input and contains very little usable information – depends on funding and collaboration for these efforts
new mexico water planning regions
New Mexico Water Planning Regions

Source: Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc.

isc regional water planning program
ISC Regional Water Planning Program
  • Started in 1987 (72-14-43 and 44)
  • Not well-funded when initiated
  • Guidance provided in 1994 “Regional Water Planning Handbook”
  • Increased funding levels 1999-2006 led to completion of water plans
isc regional water planning program17
ISC Regional Water Planning Program
  • Not the same as “40-year water plans” (72-1-9)
  • Separate from efforts related to “regionalization” of drinking water systems
  • All Regional Water Plans available on OSE/ISC Website: (go to “ISC” then “Planning Division” then click on “Regional Water Plans”)
regional water plans
RegionalWater Plans
  • Provide technical assessment of surface water and groundwater resources
  • Highlight drought vulnerability in areas relying on surface water
  • Provide projections of future population growth and water demand
  • Discuss alternatives or strategies for meeting future needs within the region
  • Have no authority to change laws or water rights
isc regional water planning program19
ISC Regional Water Planning Program
  • a mechanism for ongoing communication among stakeholders and the state’s water managers within each region
  • technical information on supply and demand from regional water plans can potentially contribute to the State Water Planning efforts
  • Integration of regional water plans into state water plans is a challenge.
  • Linking water funding to water plans promotes implementation.
  • State authority to mandate water supply development options encourages regions to collaborate on mutually beneficial solutions to competing water demands.

Angela Bordegaray 827-6167