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Mobile Viruses and Worms

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Mobile Viruses and Worms (Project Group 6) Amit Kumar Jain Amogh Asgekar Jeevan Chalke Manoj Kumar Ramdas Rao Outline Introduction Classification Threats posed by mobile worms and viruses Case Studies Futuristic Threats Protective Measures Introduction Introduction

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Mobile Viruses and Worms

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mobile viruses and worms

Mobile Viruses and Worms

(Project Group 6)

Amit Kumar Jain

Amogh Asgekar

Jeevan Chalke

Manoj Kumar

Ramdas Rao

Mobile Worms and VirusesOutline
  • Introduction
  • Classification
  • Threats posed by mobile worms and viruses
  • Case Studies
  • Futuristic Threats
  • Protective Measures
Mobile Worms and VirusesIntroduction
  • What is a Mobile Virus?
    • “Mobile” : pertaining to mobile devices
      • cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, ...
  • Mobile Virus vs. Computer Virus
  • Mobile Malware:
    • “Malware”: Malicious Software
    • All kinds of unwanted malicious software
differences with pc
Mobile Worms and VirusesDifferences with PC
  • Although similar OSes are being used, differences exist:
    • Lesser users of mobiles are less “tech literate”
    • Implies that it is difficult to “rollout security patches” to phones already sold
    • Mobiles are always “connected” and switched on
    • “Environment” keeps changing
      • Imagine one infected phone in a stadium full of people
Mobile Worms and VirusesDifferences...
  • On the positive side:
    • Several variants of phones exist
      • A malware for one type of phone may not necessarily be able to infect others
        • E.g., A virus that uses an MMS exploit cannot infect a phone that does not have that facility at all
    • Mobile malware not yet causing critical harm
      • At most
        • they increase the user's billing, or
        • cause the mobile phone to stop working (can be restored by a factory reset)
Mobile Worms and VirusesClassification
  • Behavior
    • Virus
    • Worm
    • Trojan
  • Environment
    • Operating System
    • Vulnerable Application
  • Family name and Variant identifier
mobile virus families
Mobile Worms and VirusesMobile Virus Families

The increase of known mobile malware variants

Increases in known mobile malware families

Complete (as of 30th August 2006) list of mobile virus families according to Kaspersky Lab classification.

current threats by mobile malware
Mobile Worms and VirusesCurrent threats by mobile malware
  • For financial gain / loss
      • Unnecessary calls / SMS / MMS
      • Send and sell private information
  • Cause phones to work slowly or crash
  • Wipe out contact books and other information on the phone
  • Remote control of the phone
  • Install “false” applications
case study cabir
Mobile Worms and VirusesCase Study – CABIR
  • First mobile worm
  • Only as Proof-Of-Concept
  • Spread vector – Bluetooth
  • Infected file – caribe.sis
  • 15 new variants exist
case study comwar
Mobile Worms and VirusesCase Study - ComWar
  • Second landmark in mobile worms
  • Spread vector - Bluetooth and MMS
  • Large spread area due to MMS
  • Not as proof of concept – Intention to harm by charging the mobile user
  • Multiple variants detected
case study cardtrap
Mobile Worms and VirusesCase Study - CardTrap
  • First cross-over mobile virus found
  • Can migrate from mobile to PC
  • Propogates as infected mobile application as well as Windows worm
  • 2 variants found – Both install with legitimate applications – Black Symbian and Camcorder Pro
futuristic developments
Mobile Worms and VirusesFuturistic Developments
  • Location Tracking
  • Camera and Microphone Bug
  • Leaking Sensitive Information
  • DDOS attack on Mobile Service Provider
securing against attacks
Mobile Worms and VirusesSecuring against attacks
  • System level security
    • MOSES
  • Network Level Security
    • Proactive approach
Mobile Worms and VirusesMOSES
  • MObile SEcurity processing System
    • Ravi (2005)
  • Two levels of defenses – Hardware and Software
  • Hardware – Application Fencing
  • Software – Encryption
Mobile Worms and VirusesMOSES
  • Secure boot and run-time memory protection
    • prevents software (virus) and physical (code modification) attacks
  • Provides crypto functions and meets performance and power targets
  • Provides protection to any sensitive data or cryptographic keys against common attacks
proactive approach
Mobile Worms and VirusesProactive Approach
  • Paper by Bose, Shin
  • Reduce the impact of an attack
  • Generate Behavior Vectors
  • Form Behavioral Clusters
proactive approach23
Mobile Worms and VirusesProactive Approach
  • Virus Throttling Algorithm
  • Quarantine

Source: Bose, Shin (2006)

Mobile Worms and VirusesReferences
  • Kaspersky Labs' Report on Mobile Viruses (September 2006)
  • Bluetooth vulnerabilities
    • Haataja, K., “Two practical attacks against Bluetooth security using new enhanced implementations of security analysis tools”, CNIS 2005, Arizona, USA, November 14-16, 2005.
  • Protective Measures:
    • MOSES:∼sravi/security.htm
    • Bose, Shin, “Proactive Security for Mobile Messaging Networks”, WiSe '06, September 29, 2006.