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Enroll exclusively online at HealthyatTenet. PowerPoint Presentation
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Enroll exclusively online at HealthyatTenet.

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Enroll exclusively online at HealthyatTenet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enroll exclusively online at 2011 Benefits—If You Remember Only Five Things. Almost everybody will spend less through the Health & Savings Plan (formerly HDHP) than under any other option. You’ll receive an additional contribution if you choose it in 2011.

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2011 benefits if you remember only five things
2011 Benefits—If You Remember Only Five Things

Almost everybody will spend less through the Health & Savings Plan (formerly HDHP) than under any other option. You’ll receive an additional contribution if you choose it in 2011.

The Health Savings Account—funded by Tenet and you—can be used now, next year, OR for retiree medical coverage.

Use Tenet facilities whenever available!

Nothing is more important than your health and wellness. Use the preventive benefits!

Tenet spends FOUR times the amount you do to provide YOUR benefits.

Annual Enrollment – November 8 - 23

health and welfare benefits
Health and Welfare Benefits

Pre-tax benefits



Health Savings Account


Pre-tax benefits (other)



Spending Accounts

After-tax benefits


Basic & Supplemental Life

Basic & Supplemental AD&D

Long-Term Care

Hyatt Legal Plan

new united healthcare network
NEW! United Healthcare Network!

Expanded Network & Minimal Disruption – Almost nobody will have to change doctors

“Transition of Care” may be available if your physician is out of network

Continue to receive services for specified medical and behavioral conditions

For a defined period of time

With out-of-network health care professionals at network rates

You must apply for Transition of Care at enrollment, or no later than January 30, 2011.

2011 medical plans
2011 Medical Plans


Exclusive Provider Organization

Highest premium (regardless of usage)

No Deductible

Co-pays ($)

Unlimited Co-pays


Preferred Provider Organization

Lower Premiums

Moderate deductible

Coinsurance (%)

Out of pocket max - $4,000 to $12,000

Health & Savings Plan

High Deductible Health Plan

Lowest Premiums

Highest deductible

Coinsurance (%)

Health Savings Account eligible

Steerage to Tenet facilities

Out of pocket max - $5,200 to $10,400

  • All three plans:
  • Have the same physician network
  • Cover the same procedures
  • Require the same pre-authorization
  • “More expensive doesn’t equate to better care”





Medical Plan

Medical Plan

You pay smaller monthly premiums

You pay larger monthly premiums

Plan pays part of cost when you need care

Plan pays most of cost when you need care

You save money in an HSA

You can use HSA for your share of qualified medical expenses

Care Providers


Care Providers

$ save $

You pay a smaller amount when you need care

Health – How does it work?

Traditional Health Plans (PPO, EPO):

Health & Savings Plan:

Balances savings and insurance-style coverage

Emphasize insurance-style coverage


health savings plan
Health & Savings Plan

HDHP and HSA = The Health & Savings Plan

Why is this plan the best?

What’s different?

  • How you pay for coverage
    • Premium costs are different
    • Deductible and co-pay/coinsurance amounts are different
  • Health & Savings Plan includes a savings component
    • For 2011 - Tenet provides an HIGHER annual contribution to your HSA of $950 employee only, $1,900 family
    • Wellness Incentives are higher on the HSP

What’s the same compared to other Tenet Plans?

  • Comprehensive coverage for health care services
  • Full coverage for preventive services
  • Highest coverage when using a Tenet facility
  • Financial protection from catastrophic illness or injury
  • Tenet pays a significant share of the cost
example family coverage in health savings plan
EXAMPLE:Family Coverage in Health & Savings Plan

PLAN PAYS 100% OF COVERED CHARGESafter you reach your annual out-of-pocket maximum


10%-50% (In-Network)

60% (Out-of-Network)


$10,400 (In-Network)

Your share of the out-of-pocket maximum = $8,000



$2,400 (Family)







Up to $6,150 per year




funded by



Many services covered at 100% without co-payment or using HSA

medical 2011 hsp w hsa pay for expenses now or save to pay for retiree medical
Medical: 2011 HSP w/HSAPay for expenses Now OR Save to Pay For Retiree Medical

Health Savings Account (HSA) advantages

Tenet contributes to your account

Earn 2010 Wellness incentive $250 employee & $250 spouse

Carry over remaining money year to year

Money in your HSA is yours to keep

Earnings on your account grow tax-free*

Eligible distributions are never taxed.

You may contribute through pre-tax deductions*

Up to $3,050 for employee-only coverage

Up to $6,150 for coverage that includes dependents

Catch-up contributions if age 55 or older (maximum) – add $1,000 to above

*State taxes may or may not apply. See your tax advisor for more information on the state tax implications on HSAs.

medical 2011 hsp w hsa
Medical: 2011 HSP w/HSA

Health & Savings Plan (HSP) considerations

Certain preventive coverage paid entirely by plan

Not subject to the deductible

Certain preventive prescriptions not subject to the deductible

For other services, must meet deductible before plan begins paying

$1,200 individual, OR

$2,400 family

Non-preventive Rx is applied to the deductible

This is your Retiree Medical Benefit!!!


potential health savings account growth
Potential Health Savings Account Growth

Hypothetical Annual Account Contribution

Account growth

Hypothetical example assumes annual contribution amounts as stated above made on Jan. 1 each year until 1, 5, 10 and 20 year periods. Assumes tax-deferred you receive 2% investment growth on funds in the default account and that once the balance in this account reaches $2,500, excess funds will earn 7%. Assumes compounding in an HSA. Final balances prior to any eligible medical expenses and taxes may be due on distribution. Actual returns will be based on actual returns within the HSA.

Source - Fidelity

deductible covered in 2011
Deductible covered in 2011

*2010 Wellness incentive opportunity; funded to HSA in January 2011

what is the 2011 employee financial model
What is the 2011 employee financial model?

Employer Contributions to the HSA* (A)


Employee Only

Employee and Family

HSP with HSA



$800 PPO






Employee Premiums (B)


Employee Only

Employee and Family

HSP with HSA



$800 PPO






Average Employee Out of Pocket Expenses (C)


Employee Only

Employee and Family

HSP with HSA



$800 PPO






Average Employee Net Cost (B) +(C) – (A)


Employee Only

Employee and Family

HSP with HSA



$7K savings

$800 PPO






* Doesn’t include added value of wellness incentive


2011 wellness incentives

2011 Wellness Incentives

(1)Only spouses that are covered under one of Tenet’s medical plans are eligible to receive the wellness incentive.

Note: 2011 incentives are earned in 2011 and paid/funded in 2012. The wellness program and incentives are reviewed and updated annually. All employees can join Wellness challenges, issue their own challenges to co-workers, track results and have fun living healthy! California union employees can participate in the HealthyatTenet Wellness Program but are not eligible for the Wellness Incentives.


plan design changes
Plan Design Changes

Work Here…Receive Care Here….For your Health, Family and Future

Services in a Tenet facility

HSP / PPO - plan pays 90% (after deductible in HSP)

EPO - $250 / $500 co-pay

Improved benefits for CMA physicians (90% instead of 80%)

New Non-Tenet 2011 Coverage….If you don’t receive care here but could have.

Non-Tenet In-Network Services paid at 50% (after deductible)

Non-Tenet Out-of-Network Services paid at 40% (after deductible)

New for 2011 - If you can’t receive care here

Emergency, if the service isn’t offered at a Tenet facility, or the facility is further than 45 miles from your home

Same coverage as if you received care at a Tenet facility!

2011 rx plan simplification

2011 Rx Plan Simplification

  • Out-of-pocket costs are applied to HSP deductible
  • Prescriptions are qualified HSA and HCSA (FSA) expenses


health care reform changes
Health Care Reform Changes

Dependent children under age 26 will be eligible for health care coverage, regardless of student status

Special enrollment rights apply to:

A dependent child between the ages of 19 up until 26, who you were previously unable to cover in the Tenet medical plans due to student status or age limitations

Extended enrollment period through December 8

Enroll online through November 23rd. After November 23rd call My Benefits Customer Support Center to add eligible individuals during the extended enrollment period

Birth certificate required

Over-the-counter medications must be prescribed by a doctor to qualify as eligible expenses under the Health Savings Account or Health Care Spending Account

Mental Health Parity Act - Mental health & substance abuse claims will be paid at the same reimbursement level as Tenet Hospitals

enrollment steps

Look for the Annual Enrollment Banner

Quick access to:

What’s New

Medical Plan Comparison

Tools—Use the Medical Expense Estimator to see if the HSP saves you money (it does for employees in almost any situation).

HSP Video—Explore the HSP ……AND EARN 5 WELLNESS CREDITS to start off 2011.

HSA Mythbusters

FAQs—Find quick answers to your benefits questions

Enrollment Steps

Enrollment Exclusively Online

  • Evaluate your needs for benefits
    • Planning could save you thousands
  • Utilize tools available via HealthyAtTenet
    • Medical Plan Estimator; Health Savings Account Value Modeler
  • Use Tenet Hospitals & outpatient centers to lower your out of pocket expenses
  • Make healthy living a priority!
    • If you or your covered dependent smoke, quit now!
    • Preventive benefits: the most underused and potentially valuable set of benefits we offer
  • Earn your Wellness Incentive
  • Enroll by the deadline!
  • Look for information during the year on SMART PLAN USE
tenet benefits strategy
Tenet Benefits Strategy

Simply the best medical coverage for a lifetime

Create a culture of employee health and wellness…. engage in understanding and manage your health and your family’s

Promote employee financial health and savings….for now and the future