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Engineering Dialog for Gadgets

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Engineering Dialog for Gadgets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering Dialog for Gadgets. Thomas K Harris September 12, 2003. ???Questions???. Motivation: Is speech a useful modality for electronic devices? Hardware: How would one get speech in “other” devices? Architecture: What should the system look like?

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Presentation Transcript
engineering dialog for gadgets

Engineering Dialog for Gadgets

Thomas K Harris

September 12, 2003

  • Motivation: Is speech a useful modality for electronic devices?
  • Hardware: How would one get speech in “other” devices?
  • Architecture: What should the system look like?
  • Dialog: What should/will these conversations be like?
current speech application concept
Current Speech Application Concept

Phone Client

PDA Client

Computer Client

Speech Application


current electronic devices
Current Electronic Devices




Speech Application


protocol based architecture
Protocol-based Architecture



Speech Graffiti






speech graffiti dialog
Speech Graffiti Dialog
  • Artificial subset language
  • Tree-structured functions
  • Universal conversational primitives
  • User-directed
  • Great for recognition
  • Entirely declarative (and automatic)
minimal keywords
Minimal Keywords
  • hello-james
  • options
  • where-am-i, where-was-i
  • go-ahead, ok
  • status
  • goodbye
  • what-is, what-is-the
  • how-do-i
  • more
session management
Session Management
  • hello-james/goodbye
  • User: blah blah blah...System: ignoring userUser: hello-jamesSystem: stereo, digital cameraUser: stereoSystem: stereo hereUser: goodbyeSystem: goodbyeUser: blah blah blah...System: ignoring user
  • what-is path/status
  • User: what-is-the am frequencySystem: the am frequency is five hundred thirtyUser: what-is randomSystem: random is offUser: what-is-the stereoSystem: the stereo is tuner
help exploration implicit navigation
help/exploration/implicit navigation
  • how-do-i.../options/path options
  • User: control alarm clock radio optionsSystem: alarm, clock, radio, sleep...User: moreSystem: x10, stereoUser: stereo optionsSystem: while turning stereo on: off, am, fm, auxiliary, cd...
invocation specification implicit exploration navigation
invocation/specification/implicit exploration/navigation
  • Path
  • User: stereo auxiliarySystem: while turning the stereo on and switching to auxiliary: auxiliaryUser: cdSystem: while switching to cd mode: cdUser: playSystem: while playing a cd: play
list navigation
list navigation
  • More
  • User: radio band am optionsSystem: bracketed list [frequency, kabc, k001, k002, k003, k004, k005][fm][off, volume][alarm, clock, sleep][x10, stereo] rendered: frequency, kabc, k001, k002...User: moreSystem: k003, k004, k005...User: moreSystem: fm, off, volume...
  • where-am-i
  • User: what is the discSystem: the disc is threeUser: where am iSystem: stereo cd disc
research questions
Research Questions
  • Is the subset language learnable?
  • Once learned, is it efficient?
  • Are user mistakes infrequent enough?
  • Are system mistake infrequent enough?
  • Can one generalize from one device to another?
  • Is the subset language well retained?