eminem by kristina banovi l.
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EMINEM by Kristina Banovi? PowerPoint Presentation
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EMINEM by Kristina Banovi?

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EMINEM by Kristina Banovi? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EMINEM by Kristina Banović. EMINEM. His real name is Marshal Mathers, he is the best rapper in the world, but he is well-known as Eminem. EMINEM.

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His real name is Marshal Mathers, he is the best rapper in the world, but he is well-known as Eminem.


He was born on October 17th 1973 in Detroit. His childhood wasn’t very nice. He didn’t have a father and his mother didn’t love him. They were very poor and their life was very hard. He has got a younger brother Alex who wishes to become a star but he isn’t talented. His mother has always wanted to make a star of Alex but that never happened. Eminem has got a daughter Hely who is 7 years old. He doesn’t live with his wife Kim. They divorced 4 years ago.


In his private life he dosn’t have many nice things, but with job everythig is excellent. He has 3 albums. Also he has his own group D-12. His best song is ‘’Lose Yourself’’. That song is from his movie ‘’8 MILES’’, which became very famous. Eminem, Kim Bassinger and Brettany Murphy was that great group who made this great movie.


In his album there are a lot of sad songs but the saddest song is ‘’CLOSET’’. In that song he kills his mother and then buries her. In his songs he usually sings about his colleagues and so we know that he doesn’t love them very much. He has duets with well-known people from hip-hop. One of them is 50 CENTS. On awarding MTV prizes he was always looking for room which is far away from Cristina Aguilera’s. She is often the topic of his songs. Also there are a lot ofcurses,but it doesn’t matter. The whole world loves him.