eiaa marketers internet ad barometer september 2005 l.
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EIAA Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer September 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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EIAA Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer September 2005

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EIAA Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer September 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EIAA Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer September 2005 Agenda Background The Research What the Industry does well Barriers to Advertising Online Online’s Role within Marketing Strategy Online Advertising Expenditure Key Takeouts European Online Advertising

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  • Background
  • The Research
  • What the Industry does well
  • Barriers to Advertising Online
  • Online’s Role within Marketing Strategy
  • Online Advertising Expenditure
  • Key Takeouts

European Online Advertising

  • Jupiter predict that the European advertising market will be worth over €80bn by end 2005
  • Online adspend will be worth almost €3bn, almost 4% in share
  • The EIAA predict that online will account for 7% by 2008

The Research

  • Objective

To understand the role online advertising plays and attitudes

towards the internet amongst key advertisers across Europe

  • Methodology
    • Enders Analysis commissioned to run research
    • Telephone interviews with over 50 leading brand advertisers
    • Focus on FMCG, Entertainment, and Automotive sectors
    • Companies selected according to level of offline ad spend with top 20 advertisers by spend in each sector targeted
    • Mix of marketing decision-makers with national and European responsibilities

Shattering the myth….

1. Brand advertising doesn’t work

89% DISAGREE that brand advertising online is a waste of money


Shattering the myth….

2. Online advertising is an add-on to mainstream marketing strategy

81% think that online advertising is a vital component of their advertising strategy


Shattering the myth….

3. The internet only has a niche audience

88% of those questioned agreed that increasing broadband penetration is making the internet more attractive as a branding medium


Shattering the myth….

4. Online advertising can’t do both branding and direct

Advertisers have similar broad marketing objectives when using online as with other media



Audience reach topped the list of unprompted strengths mentioned with 58% highlighting its benefit. Other unprompted strengths mentioned were accountability, the interactive nature of the medium and the ability to innovate

strengths by market country
Strengths by Market & Country
  • FMCG
    • Reach/targeting perceived most important strength
    • Followed by interactivity & ability to innovate
  • Entertainment
    • Reach/targeting perceived biggest strength
    • Accountability more of a strength for UK
  • Automotive
    • Accountability biggest strength in UK
    • Followed by ability to innovate and interactivity
research measurement
Research & Measurement
  • Unsophisticated research tools mentioned in highest frequency
  • FMCG in UK also mentioned difficulty in comparing to other media in a large amount
  • Only 3 out of 16 advertisers include internet in brand or media influence studies
  • Many advertisers struggle to link online advertising to key marketing and business metrics
online planning
Online Planning
  • Insufficient standardisation of formats
  • Insufficient dedicated staff and resources internally
  • Labour intensive nature of campaigns
  • Lack of enthusiasm from ad agencies cited as top barrier to using online
  • Lack of internal senior management support one of top internal barriers
  • Senior marketers interviewed keen to build relationships “at the right level”

Branding Vs Direct Response





European Marketing Objectives

  • FMCG
    • Influencing purchase decisions the strongest objective
    • Followed by changing brand perceptions
  • Entertainment
    • Influencing purchase decisions and generating sales
    • UK & Europe less focussed on delivering customer contacts
    • UK less focussed on increasing brand awareness
  • Automotive
    • UK – Increase brand awareness, change brand perceptions & generate sales
    • Europe – Influence purchase decisions & generate sales
measuring objectives
Measuring Objectives
  • Purchase decisions, branding, sales are most common objectives
  • Yet brand awareness, purchase intent and sales are least used measures
  • Click-through & registration measured across the board
  • Although branding related objectives more prominent, measurement is still relates to DR
  • Many advertisers already spending a significant proportion on search vs. display advertising
  • Pan Euro FMCG advertisers invest very little in search
  • UK advertisers intend to increase search spend
reallocated media spend 2005
Reallocated media spend 2005

Majority of new spend coming out of traditional media budgets, particularly TV


European Online Adspend

  • FMCG predicting smallest share of spend in 2007, Automotive largest
  • Pan European advertisers predicting biggest growth in share of budgets
  • Exception with automotive where UK advertisers predicting biggest growth in share
  • Advertisers predicting budget reallocated from TV and print to increase online share
    • UK also intending to reallocate some DM budgets to online
  • Positive growth in spend predicted on all sectors
  • Online already and integral part of the marketing mix with objectives following brand strategy and sales
  • Barriers derive from research/measurement, ease of use and enthusiasm
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