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Company Overview. SoftPLC Corp. - A Brief History. 1983: Tele-Denken Resources Founded By former A-B employees 1984: TOPDOC PLC programming/documentation software For PLC-2, then PLC-3 and PLC-5 1985: SoftWIRES PLC emulation/simulation & process modeling To run A-B Logic in a computer

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softplc corp a brief history
SoftPLC Corp. - A Brief History
  • 1983: Tele-Denken Resources Founded
    • By former A-B employees
  • 1984: TOPDOCPLC programming/documentation software
    • For PLC-2, then PLC-3 and PLC-5
  • 1985: SoftWIRES PLC emulation/simulation & process modeling
    • To run A-B Logic in a computer
  • 1988: SoftPLC Open architecture control software
    • A combination of existing proven technologies & new ideas, based on PLC-5 SoftWIRES
  • 1993: SoftPLC Processor Systems
    • PC & I/O hardware catches up to software technology
    • Combination of industrial computers and embedded SoftPLC software
  • 1996: Company renamed to SoftPLC Corporation
  • 1997: SoftPLC In Tealware
    • Traditional PLC hardware form factor, industrial I/O with SoftPLC software features
  • 2000: Released Linux Version
  • 2009: Release of Smart™Controllers
    • Including SoftPLC brand of A-B RIO protocol interface
softplc innovators visionaries
SoftPLC–Innovators & Visionaries
  • Many industry first software inventions
  • Embrace open technologies
  • Apply technologies developed for fast moving software/computer industries to controls industry
    • Reliability and deterministic performance always comes first
softplc customer partnerships
SoftPLC–Customer Partnerships
  • Privately held, small business
    • Treasure customer feedback
    • Focused, experts in our chosen area
  • Excellent customer service & support
    • "I can't remember a time in the last 20 years that a vendor went to the lengths that SoftPLC Corp. did to ensure our projects were a success.” (US Army Corps of Engineers)
    • Worldwide network of distributors and system integrators
    • No “case numbers”, responsive phone/email support from field experienced application engineers/ programmers
softplc corp products
SoftPLC Corp. Products
  • SoftPLC® Controllers
    • SoftPLC is the runtime control software (“firmware”) included in each controller
    • Stand-Alone Controllers - use w/ remote I/O or PC-bus I/O
      • SoftPLC Hardbooks & Processors
    • DIN/Rack-Mounted Controllers - traditional PLC form factor
      • Smart SoftPLC
      • SoftPLC In Tealware
    • The configuration/application development/troubleshooting software for SoftPLC based systems
softplc products
SoftPLC Products
  • Industrial I/O
    • Tealware – modular rack mounted system for local systems or remote I/O
    • A-Series – low cost serial/ethernet/wireless I/O
    • Drivers and interface cards to industrial networks
      • Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, SERCOS, A-B RIO, etc.
  • Auxiliary Equipment
    • Power protection
    • Ethernet switches, fiber converters, etc.
  • Gatecraft Industrial Firewalls
    • Network Protection, Modem Gateway, Wireless Access Point
softplc cpu options

SoftPLC CPU Options

Smart™ SoftPLC

SoftPLC In TealwareTM

SoftPLC Hardbook ProcessorsTM

smart softplc
Smart SoftPLC
  • DIN rail mount CPU w/ 4 serial ports, 2 ethernet interfaces (fiber option), modem or RS-485 port option
  • Selectable daughter board interfaces
    • 3 local Tealware Modules
    • Tealware LocalPorts Board
    • PC/104 board
    • A-B RIO interface (mid-2009 release)
  • Built-in ethernet switch
softplc in tealware
SoftPLC In Tealware
  • Compact backplane mount CPU’s & wide range of I/O modules
    • Traditional PLC packaging
    • Can use Tealware I/O w/ industrial PC’s
      • Local, Remote or Ethernet configurations
    • Hot Standby Option
tealware cpu modules
Tealware CPU Modules
  • CPU resides in single slot on base
  • 32MB RAM, 32MB Flash
  • (2) serial ports, 10MB ethernet port
  • 128 Kwords battery-backed RAM retentive memory area
  • SoftPIPETM Remote I/O interface port (optional)
hardbook softplc processors
Hardbook SoftPLC Processors
  • Compact Stand-Alone CPU’s
    • Dual Ethernet ports
      • Ideal for Ethernet I/O
    • Some models have PCI slot(s)
      • Profibus, DeviceNet….
      • Add’l Serial Ports
      • Motion Control Cards
      • A-B RIO Interface Cards
    • USB, Serial
    • Fanless, diskless
tiny hardbook processor
Tiny Hardbook Processor
  • Small, low cost industrial CPU
    • 1 Ethernet, 2 serial, 3 USB ports
    • 802.11GB Wireless option
    • Fanless, diskless
softplc processors
SoftPLC Processors
  • Node-box Industrial CPU’s
    • 486, Pentium & Celeron class CPU’s
    • 2, 4, 6, 8 slot enclosures or 19” rack mount
    • ISA and/or PCI bus
    • Good when multiple add-in interface cards are required



Remote Bus

A Series

i o options
I/O Options
  • Tealware - Local & Remote
  • Modbus TCP
  • A-B RIO -1771, SLC-500 (1746), Flex, Block & compatible devices
  • Profibus, DeviceNet, CANOpen, Interbus, etc.
  • Variety of PC I/O (eg: PCI, PC/104 bus)
  • Serial/USB & Wireless I/O
tealware i o modules
Tealware I/O Modules
  • Wide variety of digital, analog, & specialty modules
  • Detachable terminal block for easy module replacement w/o re-wiring
  • Diagnostic LED’s
  • Wide angle swing connector - easy installation
  • Digital modules hot swappable under power
  • IEEE C37.90.1 Surge Withstand
local systems
Local Systems
  • Up to 3 expansion bases per local interface
    • 6 or 8 I/O module Local Expansion bases
  • Max. 30 feet from first base to last base
  • Smart CPU w/ Localports Daughter Board
    • Up to 12 expansion racks per Smart CPU
  • Tealware CPU in Base
    • 4, 6, or 8 modules in CPU Base plus up to 3 expansion bases
remote i o
Remote I/O
  • Up to 15 remote drops in addition to local drop
    • Up to 1024 I/O per drop (x 16 = 16K I/O capacity)
  • Two Options:(Fiber options available for both network types)
    • Ethernet ModbusTCP
    • SoftPIPETM (Hot Standby applications)
  • Smart CPU can be Ethernet Adapter
    • 3 modules/Smart with 3 module daughter board
    • 12 racks/Smart with local ports daughter board
  • Hardbook CPU to Tealware Ethernet I/O
    • Remote Base (4, 6, or 8 slots) with Adapter (EIOA11) plus up to 3 expansion bases
    • Up to 64 Adapters per Hardbook
Example Configurations
  • Hardbook/Processor with Bus I/O

BASE0x (Backplane)









Hilscher Interface Card

Example Configurations
  • Hardbook/Processor with A-B Remote I/O

BASE0x (Backplane)




or other A-B RIO Adapter

* A SoftPLC interface board for the Smart CPU to be developed in 2009 as an alternative to this solution

example configurations24
Example Configurations
  • Hardbook/Processor with Tealware I/O
    • or other ethernet I/O on ModbusTCP

BASE0x (Backplane)

I/O Modules

Ethernet ModbusTCP

EIOA11 I/O Adapter

PWSxx (Power Supply)

example configurations25
Example Configurations
  • Smart SoftPLC w/ 3 module daughter board

I/O Modules

BASE0x (Backplane)

example configurations26
Example Configurations
  • SoftPLC In Tealware System

I/O Modules

BASE0x (Backplane)

PWSxx (Power Supply)


open architecture control software
Open Architecture

Control Software

what is softplc
What is SoftPLC?
  • SoftPLC control softwareturns an industrial computer into an open architecture automation controller
    • Embedded software, runs on dedicated system
    • “Headless” system (eg: no monitor, keyboard…)
  • Features of proprietary PLC’s (I/O control, PID) PLUS features of computers (flexibility, networking, speed)
  • SoftPLC turns PC into PLC, it is not PC-based control
    • Deterministic scan (“hard” realtime)
    • Online run-mode program changes
    • Troubleshooting tools like PLC (Runtime Fault detection/correction, I/O Forcing)
    • Runs on embedded Linux, no Windows
data table
Data Table
  • PLC-5/SLC-500 Data Table Addressing
      • Binary, integer, floating point, timers, counters, PID, strings and others
  • 10,000 Data Table Files of 10,000 elements each*
    • Status File for fault analysis, system time/date, etc.
    • Output/input file size determined by “size” of runtime purchased (LT, 1K, 2K or 8K)

* except for O, I, S files

user logic
  • PLC-5/SLC-500 ladder logic programming
    • Up to 10,000 subroutines of 10,000 rungs each
    • Instruction set combines PLC-5, SLC-500, and unique SoftPLC functions
  • Logic documentation stored in SoftPLC
topdoc loadable modules tlm s
TOPDOC Loadable Modules (TLM’s)
  • Loadable functions can be instructions or drivers
    • Created using SoftPLC Programmer’s Toolkit
    • Written in C++/Java
  • Example SoftPLC provided TLM’s
    • .001 TIMERS - Very fast/high resolution timing
    • COMGENIUS – ASCII/Serial Communications
    • LOG DATA - Selected data to file
other example tlm s
Other Example TLM’s
  • Computations
    • Fourier transforms, load balancing, . . .
  • Special “non-PLC” functions
    • DCS process blocks, SENDMAIL
  • Device interfaces
    • Modbus, Motion Controller Interfaces, PC I/O boards, Intelligent UPS
  • Proprietary logic embedded in functions
remote file access
Remote File Access
  • SoftPLC can be a file access client to a server (eg: Microsoft Windows File Sharing, Samba, NFS, Novell Netware)
  • This means SoftPLC can easily read or write production data to a remote disk
    • Databases (eg: SQL, Oracle)
    • Data Files/Reports/XML
properties memory area
“Properties” Memory Area
  • Internal relational database
  • Ladder instructions to read and/or process data
  • Ideal for warehousing, sorting, recipe, RFID applications
i o support
I/O Support
  • Total digital I/O maximum 16K
  • Analog I/O above and beyond digital total
  • Up to 16 I/O drivers can be loaded at once
  • Available Drivers:
    • Tealware local & remote
    • Modbus TCP
    • A-B RIO -1771, SLC-500 (1746), Flex, Block & compatible devices
    • Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus, etc.
    • Variety of PC I/O (ISA, PCI, PC/104 bus)
    • Serial & Wireless I/O (ICO-7000 Series)
    • Third party drivers also available
  • Networks for HMI/SCADA, program monitoring, PLC peer-to-peer, etc.
  • SoftPLC appears as PLC-5
    • Virtually all HMI/SCADA and many other 3rd party devices supported
  • Up to 32 networks per system
    • Ethernet
    • Serial (DF1)
    • Data Highway Plus or Data Highway
ftp ssh servers
FTP/SSH Servers
  • Used for TCP/IP exchanges of files, system maintenance
  • Use with any FTP/SSH client (many are free)
  • Example uses:
    • Update/backup SoftPLC configurations & files
    • View/retrieve SoftPLC files, documentation
    • Run command line programs
  • A complete log record for user messages
    • User Messages include operating mode, startup status or faults, runtime faults
  • Syslog messages can be directed to any output (eg: ram fifo, local file/disk/ramdisk, remote file on a windows PC)
  • Helps users comply with FDA 21CFR11
web server module
Web Server Module
  • Add-on software module for SoftPLC
  • Allows browsers to access SoftPLC data
    • Applets (run in browser, but reside in SoftPLC)
    • Servlets (run in SoftPLC, good for remote applications, secure)
gatecraft firewall technology
Gatecraft™ Firewall Technology
  • Feature-rich industrial firewall
    • Stateful inspection, NAT/IP masquerading, blacklisting
    • Multiple VPN tunnels
    • Ethernet-to-Ethernet, Modem, Wireless options
  • Runs embedded in SoftPLC
a b conversions45
A-B Conversions
  • Most convert 90-100%
    • SLiCk Convert - $195 web based utility to convert SLC-500 applications to SoftPLC
    • PLC-2, PLC-5 conversion services from SoftPLC
    • SoftLogix, PLC-5/250 & PLC-3 conversion services quoted per application
a b conversions46
A-B Conversions
  • PLC-5
    • Send TEXT version of logic and documentation to SoftPLC for conversion ($150 minimum fee)
    • Use a Hardbook-PCI or a SoftPLC Processor with 1785-PKTX card
    • Replace PLC-5 CPU w/ 1771-ASB Remote I/O Adapter
a b conversions47
A-B Conversions
  • PLC-2/30, -2/20
    • Replace CPU with Hardbook-PCI or SoftPLC Processor with 1785-PKTX card
    • Send program and documentation to SoftPLC
      • Upload logic with TOPDOC PLC-2
      • Text version of documentation files if available
      • $750 fee includes loan of TOPDOC PLC-2 package and conversion services
a b conversions48
A-B Conversions
  • PLC-2 with Remote I/O
    • Existing I/O can remain
  • PLC-2 with Local I/O
    • Change 1771-AL Adapters to 1771-ASB/ASC Adapters
    • Racks & Power Supplies must be Series B
a b conversions49
A-B Conversions
  • Mini-PLC-2
    • Cost of 1785-PKTX and Remote I/O Adapter makes upgrade often not cost justifiable
    • May be opportunity to replace entire system instead
    • Especially if older 8 point I/O modules were used
a b conversions50
A-B Conversions
  • SLC-500
    • Customer uses SliCk Convert Utility on SoftPLC Website to convert logic & documentation
    • Conversion provides equivalent Tealware I/O modules
  • If customer wants to re-use SLC I/O:
    • Use Hardbook-PCI or SoftPLC Processor with 1785-PKTX interface card
    • Replace CPU w/ 1747-ASB Remote I/O Adapter
a b conversions51
A-B Conversions
  • Any system using Flex or block I/O, same principle applies
    • 1794-ASB Remote I/O Adapter