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International C onference O n Corporate S o cial Responsibility in the Carpathian Region The Way It Works September 26- 27, 2007, Prešov Prešov Community Foundation Co mmunity Development and Corporate Philanthropy- Experience from Local Partnerships. Community Foundations in Slovakia.

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International Conference

On Corporate Social Responsibility in the Carpathian Region

The Way It Works

September 26- 27, 2007, Prešov

Prešov Community Foundation

Community Development and Corporate Philanthropy-

Experience from Local Partnerships

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Community Foundations in Slovakia

  • What is a community foundation?

  • Community foundations are independent philanthropic organisations whose main mission is toimprove the quality of life of the communities that they cover geographically. Community foundations do this by involving local citizens and by generating new permanent resources.Community foundations make grants to address the needs of their communities, and they serve three main audiences: the community as a whole, the non-profit sector and donors.

  • Community foundations in Slovakia

  • Some 12 community foundations today

  • Since 1996,we have supported some 3 500 projects with the total amount of over35 million SKK(over 1 million EUR)

  • Association of Slovak Community Foundations created in 2002

  • Prešov Community Foundation

  • Created in 1996

  • Supported some 800 projects with a total amount of ca. 9 million SKK

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Local Partnerships

Why corporate donors become partners of community foundations?


1. help meeting the needs of both corporate donors and community foundations,

2. allow corporate donors benefit from services provided by community foundations,

3. contribute to development of local communities,

ANDbuild awareness and recognition of public and corporate giving.

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Local Partnerships

  • Meeting the needs

  • Needs of corporate donors

  • to meet personal goals in their giving

  • to recognize their giving

  • to use services

  • to learn more about their communities

  • Needs of community foundations

  • to find resources

  • to find local donors

  • to involve communities

Local partnerships5 l.jpg
Local Partnerships

  • Providing services

  • Advisory services - planning of giving, recommendation of use of donations

  • Management - fund management, administration of grant processes

  • PR and communications - facilitation of communication with grantee organizations, with media

  • Evaluation - monitoring, reporting and evaluation of giving

  • Donor recognition

  • And more...

Local partnerships6 l.jpg
Local Partnerships

  • Development of local communities

  • Connecting people who care with causes that matter

  • Building bridges - building ties of donors to communities

  • Educating donors on corporate giving and corporate social responsibility

  • Sharing in-depth knowledge of community

  • Building endowments to ensure grants are always available to support the community

  • Supporting sustainable self- help and involvement of volunteers

  • Helping to develop new organizationsand programs

  • Re-directing funds as community needs change

Kronospan sk s r o l.jpg

Case studies

  • Meeting the needs

  • Personal goals in giving

  • Goals: environment protection, youth and children

  • New giving strategy underway since 2004- 2005

  • Recognition of their giving

  • Professional and appropriate presentation of giving in the community

  • Personalized services

  • Rules and processes introduced to make giving more effective and presentable

  • Knowledge of the community

    Justification of giving strategy, building a relationship

Spravbytkomfort a s l.jpg
Spravbytkomfort, a.s.

Case studies

  • Providing services

  • Advisory services – recommendation on recipients of donations, new giving strategy

  • Management – management of the Spravbytkomfort Fund: grants and events

  • PR and communications - communication with grantee organizations and media

  • Evaluation - monitoring, reporting and evaluation of giving

  • Donor recognition - when and where appropriate

Pivovary topvar a s l.jpg
Pivovary Topvar, a.s.

Case studies

  • Development of local communities

  • Connecting resources of the company with specific issues of the Šariš region

  • Building bridges - Šariš brewery supports restoration of Šariš traditions, values andpatriotism... and creates strong community ties which may result in attachment and show a long-term effect

  • Sharing in-depth knowledge of community - „distance“ learning for the donor residing in a different region

  • Supporting volunteers - the program helps

to mobilize people, incl. employees

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Komunitná nadácia Prešov

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Tel/fax: 051/ 7721 857

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