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Welcome! Please standby. The Experience Webinar “College Labor Market Dynamics: PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome! Please standby. The Experience Webinar “College Labor Market Dynamics:

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Welcome! Please standby. The Experience Webinar “College Labor Market Dynamics: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome! Please standby. The Experience Webinar “College Labor Market Dynamics: A Tale of Two Islands ” is scheduled to begin at 1 pm Eastern January 31, 2007. College Labor Market Dynamics: A Tale of Two Islands . Dr. Phil Gardner Michigan State University. Experience Web Cast

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Welcome! Please standby. The Experience Webinar “College Labor Market Dynamics:

A Tale of Two Islands ” is scheduled to begin at 1 pm Eastern January 31, 2007

college labor market dynamics a tale of two islands

College Labor Market Dynamics: A Tale of Two Islands

Dr. Phil Gardner

Michigan State University

  • Experience Web Cast
  • January 31, 2007
“While football games may get the headlines,

it is the ‘battle of the classrooms’ that gets the jobs, which in turn underpins our quality of life. This is the real contest for the 21st century –

a contest for jobs, not trophies.”

-- Vance D. Coffman

former CEO of Lockheed Martin

trends since 2003
Trends Since 2003
  • Rise of Retail
  • Rapid Decline of Manufacturing
  • Emergence of Knowledge Jobs
  • Focus on Sales and Marketing
  • Health – overwhelmed by nursing shortage
  • Skills over Degree

Today’s Employment Opportunities

The Job Wave Island



Survivor Island

experience employers
Experience Employers
  • 65% Female; 6.6 years in recruiting
  • 23,353 average size; range 6 to 334,000
  • Leading sectors
    • Manufacturing, finance, retail and transportation
  • Key recruiting areas
    • International, entire U.S., Northeast
  • Recruiting Strategies
    • Used all strategies to a greater extent than others
shaping the labor market
Shaping the Labor Market
  • Cost of doing business
    • Energy, cost of living adjustments, health, materials
  • Politics
  • Global Forces
  • Labor availability
    • Will Boomers ever retire?
    • Preferences for experienced labor?
  • Economic structure
    • Housing
    • Consumers tapped out
  • Perceptions: Labor Market Strengthens
    • Regions – from good to very good
    • Sectors
      • Really positive: oil exploration, retail, real estate, construction
      • Cautious: Professional services, wholesale, health, civic organizations
      • Experience employers tended to be more positive
  • Intentions
    • 53% will definitely hire – best in 5 years
    • Experience: 63% will definitely hire
hiring more or less
Hiring: More or Less
  • 281 firms will actually increase hiring(jobs increasing from 1 to 2525)
    • Large companies and small entrepreneurial firms
    • Sectors: transportation, information, lodging, finance, utilities
    • Regions: Northwest, Southeast, Great LakesExperience employers – same distribution
  • 285 firms will actually decrease hiring(jobs decreasing 1 to 448)
    • Mid-size firms
    • Sectors: construction, retail, health, professional services
    • Regions: South-Central and Mid-Atlantic
actual hiring figures 2006 07
Actual Hiring Figures 2006-07
  • Overall – growth but at a slower rate
    • Overall around 5% for total hires (6%)
    • Bachelors +3.5% (2%)
    • MBAs +10% (15%)
    • Masters -10% (10%)
  • Intentions
    • Definitely: +8%
    • Preliminary: -6%
  • Direction
    • Increase hiring: up 43%
    • Decrease hiring: down 26%
where s the action
Where’s the Action?


  • Large employers
    • retirements and succession planning
  • Small employers
    • engineering design, computer applications, and research
where s the action12
Where’s the Action?


  • Manufacturing:
    • Electronics, Aerospace (Defense), Medical Devices, Food and Beverage, Machinery
  • Utilities
  • Wholesale
  • Oil
  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • Lodging and Food Service
  • Health
  • Education
    • as long as you are not in the greater Midwest region

Where’s the Action?


  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Management training
  • Administrative services
  • Business services
  • Design engineers
  • Marketing
a little more detail
A Little More Detail
  • Management Training
    • Large companies in manufacturing, retail, finance, and utilities
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Concentrated in manufacturing, finance, professional services, and information services
  • Design Engineering
    • Dominated by small employers
  • Computer Services
    • Dominated by small employers
in demand majors
In Demand Majors

A much more professionally oriented list:

  • All Business Majors
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing
through the looking glass
Through the Looking Glass
  • Availability of experienced labor
    • Is this an unwelcome wrinkle?
  • Decrease in support services, especially advertising, PR, architectural design services
    • Does this foreshadow a slow down?
  • Better times for MBAs
    • Is something strategic in the wind?
salary outlook
Salary Outlook
  • Salary increases – very modest
    • 55% of respondents not increasing salaries this year
    • 2% increase overall – little higher in competitive areas
  • Starting Salaries (some examples)
    • Average All Bachelors Degrees: $38,461
    • Engineering $45,000 to $53,000
    • Business $39,000 to $42,000
    • Social Sciences $22,500 to $44,000
    • MBAs $60,932
  • Commissions
    • Increasing use of commission (15% reporting)
are you moving up or out
Are you moving up or out?



Personal Attributes


Quality of work



Unethical behavior

Lack of motivation

Inappropriate use of technology

Failure to follow instructions

Late for work

Missing assignment deadlines

Ineffective within a team

Promotion or More Challenging Position

Handshake and

the Door


Helicopter parents' try to help their kids land jobs

POSTED: 4:46 p.m. EST, November 7, 2006

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Some parents are writing their college-age kids' resumes. Others are acting as their children's "representatives," hounding college career counselors, showing up at job fairs and sometimes going as far as calling employers to ask why their son or daughter didn't get a job…

don t take your mom to work
Don’t Take Your Mom to Work

Oh, the things parents’ do!

  • obtain information on company
  • submit resumes
  • promote child to company for positions
  • attend career fairs
  • harass company if don’t hire
  • making interview arrangements
  • negotiating salaries and benefits

Oh, even more amazing things parents’ do!

  • helping complete work assignments
  • when disciplined, talk to parent before supervisor
  • pressure from parents inside company
strategic recruiting
Strategic Recruiting
  • Internships and Co-ops
    • Revitalize programs
    • Initiate programs
  • Internal Procedures
    • Shorten interview process
    • Redesign and refine behavioral questions and candidate assessments
  • External Activities
    • More of the same
  • Relationships
    • Branding
    • Millennial forms of communication
    • Targeting – no longer need a fair
    • Focus on faculty and departments
boundaryless career services
Boundaryless Career Services
  • Coordinate connections
  • Foster relationships
  • Student development
  • Timing changes
    • 3 to 5 years post-graduation
key takeaways for your students alumni
Key Takeaways For Your Students & Alumni
  • Use this presentation with your students and alums to give them an overview on the college labor market
  • Make students and alums aware of hot industries and sectors and the types of positions these companies are hiring for
  • Grad with majors in non-professional degrees (e.g. liberal arts) need to find ways to translate their experiences/skills into traits desired by hiring employers
  • Warn students and young alums about too much parental involvement directly with recruiters and hiring managers may be poorly perceived by companies
recruiting trends 2006 2007 report
Recruiting Trends 2006-2007 Report

To Order the 2006-2007 Recruiting Trends Report:

Please contact Dr. Gardner:

Philip D. Gardner, Ph.D.

CERI Collegiate Employment Research Institute

113 Student Services Building

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824

(517) 355-2211

experience resources for your students and alumni
Experience Resources For Your Students and Alumni
  • Industry overview and career paths updated in all industry channels
  • New salary articles in all industry channels with an overview in the Manage Your Career Channel
  • New content partners – Teamwork Online and Robert Half
student channel editors
Student Channel Editors

Kate – Ithaca (Non-Profit Channel)

Samuel – Emerson (Entertainment Channel)

Jen – Temple (Accounting Channel)

Emily – Wesleyan (Energy & Utilities Channel)

Scott – USC (Diversity Channel)

Rob – DePaul (Marketing Channel)

Elizabeth – Babson (Finance Channel)

Sean – Washington (Government Channel)

Lewis – University of Vermont (Off the Beaten Path Channel)

Nick – Xavier (Sports Channel)

Scott – Davenport (Sales Channel)

Caroline – Boston College (Education Channel)

Allison – University of Richmond (Consulting Channel)

Clint – Okalahoma State(Technology)

Monica – Northern Illinois (Healthcare Channel)

new exclusive experiences
New Exclusive Experiences
  • Grand Circle Travel Defining Moment Video Interview
    • Rebecca from University of Portland
  • Job Shadow with JibJab
    • Application deadline Feb 18th
  • Upcoming Defining Moment Video Interviews
    • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Washington International Group
professional development series
Professional Development Series
  • February 21, 2007 --“What Do You Do With A Liberal Arts Degree?”
    • Sheila Curran, Career Services Director, Duke University and Author of ‘Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads’accompanied by 2 liberal arts alums
  • Tell Us What You Think !
    • Evaluation survey will be emailed to participants
    • Ongoing topic submission on University Resource Channel
  • (
q a session

Q & A Session

If you would like to ask a question,

please press *1 on your telephone keypad.

thanks for participating

Thanks for Participating!

Dr. Phil Gardner

Michigan State University

Experience, Inc.