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CFC/OPM Regional Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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CFC/OPM Regional Meeting

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CFC/OPM Regional Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CFC/OPM Regional Meeting. Campaign Marketing – Civilian Sector. Presenters Carol McClain, PCFO, Cleveland, OH Geri Spearman, LFCC, FEB, San Francisco, CA Cindy Turvy, PCFO, Columbus, Oh. What is Marketing?. What is Marketing?. Selling Educating Motivating

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CFC/OPM Regional Meeting

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Presentation Transcript

CFC/OPM Regional Meeting

Campaign Marketing – Civilian Sector


Carol McClain, PCFO, Cleveland, OH

Geri Spearman, LFCC, FEB,

San Francisco, CA

Cindy Turvy, PCFO, Columbus, Oh

what is marketing
What is Marketing?
  • Selling
  • Educating
  • Motivating
  • Gaining customer confidence
  • Selling our credibility
  • Sharing the passion
  • Get a personal story from fed employee who has used services
  • Meet with leadership to get his/her endorsement
  • Leadership - sign pledge card at Kickoff
  • Use of emails, newsletter messages from “the top”
  • Say thank you and send thank you letters to workers through managers and supervisors
annual report
Annual Report
  • Information source for donors, agency heads, volunteers
  • Use of annual report for LE meeting
  • And for CFC Planning/Cabinet meetings
components of an annual report
Components of an Annual Report
  • Message from chair
  • Top 30 account statistics
  • Designation info to charities
  • Achievements
  • Contact info
  • Mission statement
labor involvement
Labor Involvement
  • Labor chair on planning committee
  • Blanket campaign endorsement (signed letter, poster)
  • Labor rep/speakers at major events, targeted agency campaign rallies
  • Labor team at Day of Caring
  • CFC campaign message in Labor publications/newsletters
web site your own campaign
Web Site: Your Own Campaign
  • Campaign events, info, status
  • Charitable agency listings – donor guide
  • Links to CFC/OPM web site
  • Retiree information
  • Contact info/federal agency links (federal offices w/in the campaign)
  • Use of cfctoday website
in kind publications
In-kind Publications
  • Billboards

Contact Media Networks, Inc

One station Place

Stamford CT, 06904-2096

Ilene Collins 203-967-6505,

fax 203-967-6525

Email attachments in pdf file

campaign publicity
Campaign Publicity
  • Post/Federal Agency Newspaper
  • Federal agency newsletter
  • Employee bulletins
  • All hands email notices
  • Posters/leaflets at employee entrances
Breakout into small groups

Please share some marketing techniques you have found successful in your campaign

Each group should be prepared to share at least three ideas with the entire group

Look on the CFC/OPM web page
  • To get email address of other adjacent campaigns or adjacent states or campaigns of similar size
  • Look for 1417 information to get dollar amounts of similar size agencies
sparking interest in your cfc
Sparking Interest in Your CFC
  • Have contest to draw your campaign posters, materials, etc with local organizations , the school district, among federal agencies
  • Thermometer and have a contest for the other group to do the campaign thank you cards, or the campaign poster – charities serve as judges
Sparking Interest cont’d
  • Bus tails, Agency calendars
  • Partnership with sports team – federal employees night  
  • UW newsletter – have a CFC corner
marketing cfc is year round
Marketing CFC is Year Round
  • Get on Post Office Advisory Council
  • Get invitation to Protocol events – such as change of command
  • Get invitation to federal agency CFC award ceremonies
  • Be visible at other events such as Food drive