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Mrs. Cordel’s Classroom Procedures

Mrs. Cordel’s Classroom Procedures. Entering the classroom. Enter the classroom quietly, not yelling or talking loudly. Unload your backpack of everything that you will need for the day.

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Mrs. Cordel’s Classroom Procedures

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  1. Mrs. Cordel’s Classroom Procedures

  2. Entering the classroom • Enter the classroom quietly, not yelling or talking loudly. • Unload your backpack of everything that you will need for the day. • Take your backpack and hang it on your hanger located outside of our classroom. (All of this should take no morethan 2 minutes if you do not stop to talk to every student!) Make sure you have everything from your backpack as you will NOT be allowed to go back out to get it!

  3. Mark your lunch choice for the day by writing your initials (Example B.C.) on the white board located in front of teacher’s podium. • Mark your attendance by pulling your popsicle stick from your name pocket and placing the stick in the pot above it. • Get out your homework and set it on your table so Mrs. Cordel can check it.

  4. Get to work on your morning board, work quickly and efficiently. The beginning of the day is not your social time.

  5. End of Class Dismissal • At the end of the day each table is to put up their chairs carefully and clean up their area. If you are acting irresponsibly and hurt another student you will be held accountable. • Make sure you have ALL materials that are needed for you to complete your homework, excuses the next day WILL NOT be accepted. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!

  6. Car riders will line up first (3:00) and bus riders second(3:05). • Car riders are expected to stand in line in the hall quietly and in an orderly manner. You will be taken to the car line by one of the 3rd grade teachers. You are responsible for your behavior, so YOU will face the consequences if you choose to make a bad choice.

  7. Bus riders will sit in the hall quietly and in an orderly manner. If you talk it must be in a whisper. You are not allowed to get up and go to the bathroom at any time. You will be taken to the buses by two of the 3rd grade teachers. Likewise, you are responsible for your behavior, so YOU will face the consequences if you choose to make a bad choice.

  8. Listening and Responding to questions • Every student is expected to take part in class. This includes listening to Mrs. Cordel and also to be respectful of your fellow classmates when they are speaking. • When you want to ask or respond to a question asked by Mrs. Cordel or a classmate raise your hand and wait to be called upon. DO NOT blurt out your answer or response! • This will be expected and reinforced by Mrs. Cordel.

  9. Participating in class discussions • We will hold class discussions from time to time. • You are to be kind in your words during these discussions. At NO time during any class discussion is a student to make mean/ rude comments to another classmate about what they have said. • If you choose to use hurtful words to another student you will be dealt with as Mrs. Cordel deems appropriate.

  10. When you need pencil or paper • Pencils are located in the middle of your table in a labeled container. These pencils are to stay at your table. They are NOT to be taken home or out of the classroom unless Mrs. Cordel gives you permission. • Paper is located in the middle of your table under your pencil container. It is to be used for class activities only. If you are caught drawing or doodling on this paper you will face the consequences.

  11. If you need a pencil or paper raise your hand, wait for Mrs. Cordel to call on you, and ask Mrs. Cordel for what you need.

  12. Keeping your area neat and orderly • Your crate should be kept neat at all times. There should not be any loose papers in your crate. Mrs. Cordel will perform crate checks. • Keep paper, pencils, etc out of the floor. If you see anything in the floor put it back where it goes. We should take pride in our classroom and keep it neat and clean. This will take everyone's help!!

  13. Coming to attention • If we are in a group activity and Mrs. Cordel needs your attention she will say, “Give me 5!” You are to put one hand in the air and stop talking immediately and give her your FULL attention. This means STOP whatever you are doing. • Likewise, if we are anywhere in the school or outside and Mrs. Cordel says, “Give me 5!” you are to give her your attention.

  14. When you are absent • If you are absent you will get your makeup work from the makeup tree. You will have however many days you were absent to make up the work.(Example, if you were absent 1 day you will have 1 day to makeup and turn the work in) This work is NOT to be done in class. It is your responsibility to get your work! I will not remind you. • Any makeup work not completed will result in a 0 in the grade book. No exceptions or excuses.

  15. Working Cooperatively • Cooperative:: marked by a willingness and ability to work with others. (Merriam-Webster) • All students are expected to work cooperatively with other classmates. If you disagree on something, work it out with your classmate. If you cannot come to an agreement together bring the matter to Mrs. Cordels attention. • We are a small community and as such we all have a responsibility to work together cooperatively.

  16. Keeping your binder • We will take many notes in class. It is your responsibility to pay attention and take notes. • Your notes need to be written neatly, not in chicken scratch. • Notes need to be placed under the appropriate subject tab. • Binder checks will be given without warning. So keep your binder up at all times!

  17. Papers • My daily paper helper will pass out and take up many of our papers. • Your name MUST be on every paper that is turned it. It is your responsibility to put your name on your paper. I do not remind you. • Any paper turned in for a grade without a name will have points deducted. • Students will never pass out graded papers, only Mrs. Cordel.

  18. Disturbing others • You, as well as your classmates, are entitled to an outstanding education. • If you disrupt our class, in any way, you are depriving your classmates of their education. You are also hindering me from what I am here to do, teach. • Any disturbance( except emergencies) in class will be dealt with accordingly. • If you do not want me to take your time at recess away, then do not take your classmates and my class instructional time away!

  19. Playground Etiquette • Etiquette: the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life. (Merriam-Webster) • No sports equipment of any kind is allowed on the playground. (Footballs, basketballs, etc.) This is for all of our safety. • There is to be absolutely NO fighting, pushing, arguing, cruelty, bullying, etc. on the playground. I take these seriously. You will have consequences if you choose to do any of the above actions. You will not like them.

  20. When the teachers say it is time to leave that means NOW. Recess is over. It does not mean swing, talk, or play a few more minutes. • Again, nothing is to be taken out to the playground. This prevents it from getting stolen or students leaving it on the playground. • Once we enter the building you will NOT be allowed back out this is for safety purposes.

  21. Cafeteria Etiquette • Cafeteria: a restaurant in which the customers serve themselves or are served at a counter and take the food to tables to eat. (Merriam-Webster) • The cafeteria is for you to eat in. Not so you can talk and play in. You may talk, quietly, while you eat. • If you get loud you will not be allowed to talk. If the class, as a whole, gets loud we will have a silent lunch.

  22. Once we go through the line you are not allowed to go back. So, if you forget your ketchup, peaches, etc. you will not be allowed to go back and get it. This is a cafeteria rule. • You may not share food with your classmates. This is a school rule. • No food is to be taken out of the cafeteria, no exceptions. This means no food is to be taken to eat on the walking trail. Lunch is over when we leave the cafeteria.

  23. You are to show manners at all times in the cafeteria and school. • Manner friendly phrases: “Thank You”, “Excuse me”, “Please”, “Yes Ma’am”, “No Sir”, and SO many more! I expect you to use these!! • You get a napkin with your utensils, use it. • Burping and any other bodily functions are not cute or funny. Use your manners.

  24. Moving about the room • You are not allowed out of your seat at any time, unless you are given permission by Mrs. Cordel. If you need permission raise your hand. • If you do have permission to be out of your seat you are to move about the room quietly as to not disturb others. • Do the task you have permission to do and get back to your seat. Do not stop to loiter. • Loiter: to delay an activity with idle stops and pauses 2a : to remain in an area for no obvious reason . (Merriam-Webster)

  25. In Line • Line: due or in a position to receive. (Merriam-Webster) • When you are in line you are ready to receive instructions on where we are going. I should not instruct you to line up and hear, “Where are we going?” I will tell you. • Your hands should be at your sides, your lips should be closed, and you should be facing forward. You should maintain these until we are at our destination. The door holders will be in front to hold any door along the way. • Proper conduct in line is expected and reinforced.

  26. When a school wide announcement is made • When a school wide announcement is made stop your work and listen quietly. • When the announcement is over go back to your work without any talking. • If you are needed for an activity somewhere I will dismiss you. Do not jump up and try to run out of the room. The intercom does not dismiss you, I do.

  27. Responding to a drill • Mrs. Cordel knows what to do in case of an emergency, she will direct you. We will also have practiced drills. • You never know when it is the real thing so act appropriately. Follow the instructions of Mrs. Cordel. • It is not a time to yell, play, or run.

  28. When visitors are in the classroom • If we have a visitor, I do not care who it is, you are to act accordingly and follow all rules and procedures. • If Mrs. Cordel has a visitor this does not mean you are free to talk. • Visitors are to be treated with respect. • Again, ALL rules and procedures are to be followed when we have a visitor. This does not give you an opening to break them. Be on your best behavior!

  29. Saying “Thank you” • Again, let me reiterate. (Say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity.) • I expect you to say “thank you”, “You’re welcome”, “No Ma’am”, “Yes Sir”, ‘Excuse me” to all adults while at school. • I will correct you if you do not use them. • If you want people to show you respect, you must show proper respect to them.

  30. Directions for assignments • Before I hand out an assignment I give you directions for that assignment and model how to do it. It is your responsibility to listen in class. • Most of the time directions are also written on the top of your paper. • If you do not listen in class, I will not repeat the directions. • If you do not understand the directions that is different and I will be happy to go back over them.

  31. Leaving Class • If you have permission to leave class to go to the library, nurse, art, office, etc. you are to go straight there with a pass. • You are not to loiter around the hallways. Go and come back in a timely matter. • Do not stop to use the bathroom on the way there or back. • Do not stop to talk to a friend you may see in the hall. • You are NEVER to leave campus! If a stranger talks to you report it to the nearest Pope adult immediately!

  32. When you need help • If you do not understand an assignment or need help raise your hand and Mrs. Cordel will be glad to help you. • You will not know everything we learn in class and you may not understand it the first or second time. That is why we are in school. To learn what we do not know. • It is okay to get frustrated. It is NOT okay to stop trying. • I do not accept “ I can’t” in our classroom. Can’t is an excuse. Keep trying and you will get it. I am here to help you succeed!

  33. Points from Mrs. Cordel • “How do you spell cat?” If you ask me a question like this I will point you to the nearest dictionary. Mrs. Cordel is not a walking dictionary. • We do a lot of fun, hands on activities in our class. Everyone must participate in these in order to learn. • I DO NOT allow attitude or whining in our classroom. No exceptions!! • We WILL have a lot of fun this year and we will learn a lot.

  34.  Rewards!  • There are rewards to following the rules and procedures. Mrs. Cordel, you may think to yourself, what are they? • Rewards from the Reward Chest, homework passes, treats, praise from Mrs. Cordel and other faculty, and more! • For every 100 you make your name will be put into our reward box. Every Friday Mrs. Cordel will pull a name out and that person will receive a prize. There will be all different types of prizes!

  35. Mrs. Cordel Needs to Know • There is a box labeled “Mrs. Cordel Needs to Know” on a table by the door. Mrs. Cordel can’t see everything at all times or be everywhere in the classroom at once. • That box is for you! If you see someone breaking a rule, you need to vent about a bad night or day, you want to tell what you learned today, tell Mrs. Cordel how she can improve your learning environment, or anything else put it in the box! Put good things in the box, not just the bad things! • If you see Little Johnny helping Little Susie pick up the papers she dropped put it in the box!

  36. The procedure for the box is this: You can only put your papers in the box when we are lined up to go at the end of the day! • When you walk out to leave slip your paper in the box! Your classmates will not know what you are putting in the box. • Students are NEVER allowed to open or write on the box!

  37. Cheating • If anyone is caught cheating (Looking at someone else's paper, having a cheat sheet, etc.) they will automatically receive a 0. No excuses and no exceptions!! This 0 will not be changed.

  38. Test day • On test days each student will have a divider up. • Students are not to look around or over their divider. If you do this I will consider it cheating. • When you turn your work in it goes under “ Assignments” on my desk. • Absolutely NO talking during test. • No getting up during test except to turn your test in. • These same procedures go for your daily work also. • Once you turn in your test you cannot get it back. • Check your work before you turn in it!!!!

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