Buy diamond jewellery online with Arkinadiamonds
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Buy online Diamond Jewellery in India from Arkina Diamonds at discounted price. Latest & exclusive designed certified Diamond Jewellery. For More information please visit our website:

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Buy diamond jewellery online with arkinadiamonds

Buy diamond jewellery online with Arkinadiamonds

Diamond Jewellery trends: - Diamond jewellery has always been and

will always be a “ girlsbest friend”. Diamonds are famous to be the

sparkle of the eye since the medieval ages, where the queens to

represent their status first wore them. Diamonds have evolved a lot

since the medieval ages, they have transformed themselves into some

splendid jewellery in the form of diamond necklaces, buy diamond

jewellery online earrings, diamond pendants, diamond rings,

diamond bracelets etc. The transformation went way further into

accessories into diamond tiepins, diamond kurta buttons and

diamond cuff links. The love for diamond has spread wide across

men also and they have diamonds into their accessories suck and cuff

link, tie pins diamond kurta buttons. Jewellery in the past couple of

years has changed from gender biased to unisex, the jewellery trend

has been changing at a rapid pase.

Gold jewellery for starts saw a 200 percent increase in the past

decade, the number of households investing in gold has drastically

increased. Gold rings, gold earrings, gold pendants and pendant sets

are becoming ever increasing nowadays. The youth these days prefer

to invest in light weight gold jewellery as a form of saving money

than just storing it in the bank, it gives them a dual benefit of

investment and flaunting their jewellery.

In an interview with the managing director of Arkina





arkinadiamonds said in an exclusive interview “ The fine jewellery

trends has seen a drastic change in the way the consumers are

purchasing jewellery, the company saw a 40 % increase in 0.50

carats solitaire engagement rings during the wedding season. Small

bands, pendants and diamond two finger cocktail rings saw the sales

graph go high up aiming at the sky. For small family gatherings and

Diwali the comsumers gifted their loved ones tennis bracelets,

cocktail rings, studs, chand bali’s, tie pins. Light weight rings and

pendants were the most popular with the pressure setting and

half/single line bracelet.” Would like to conclude ad summarize the

diamond trend of 2016 its been a fun and frolic journey so far for the

diamond jewellery industry.