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Horse insurance

Ark Agency

310 Washburne Ave.,P.O. Box 223

Paynesville,MN 56362

Phone: 320-243-7250

About Us

Professional Horse Insurance Specialists

Founded in 1978, Ark Agency Animal Insurance

Services has been successfully pairing clients with

quality horse insurance coverages they can

depend on. We specialize in finding quality,

comprehensive coverage for your prized equines,

as well as other valuable livestock. Licensed to

service clients in all 50 states, we place a high

importance on finding the coverage you need for

your investment. Along with the Horsemen of North

America Purchasing Group and the North

American Horsemen’s Association, Ark Agency is a

division of the Ark International Group.

Horse insurance

Types of Insurance

Dealing with horses is just as much of an

individual process as dealing with people. Each

animal has a personality and purpose that offers a

unique set of risks to the owner.

Horse Mortality – This type of insurance for horses

is comparable to life insurance for us. It comes as

either full or limited, based on the needs that you

see fit.

Horse Medical – Most horses will require medical

assistance during their lifetime. Insuring their

health is a smart idea. Coverage includes surgical

and other major medical expenses.

Horse Loss of Use – This coverage is typically

dependent on the age and value of a horse, and

comes as either a full or limited policy.

Horse insurance

Protect your horse, animals and property with Ark Agency!

Many people insure their animals to protect them from risk. In particular, horse

insurance involves one or more common policies that are taken out for various

reasons. Individuals might need horse health insurance, horse mortality

insurance, horse medical insurance, equine insurance, horse major medical

insurance, horse life insurance, horses insurance, livestock insurance, horse

liability insurance, horse farm insurance, equine liability insurance, and horse

stable insurance. These policies provide protection for your horses, livestock,

cattle, activities, and/or horse farm property. Regardless of your insurance

needs, Ark Agency is your best choice. We specialize in insuring horses, dogs,

cattle and other animals.

Horses are truly magnificent animals that can

provide an owner and their family, friends, or

clients with endless hours of fun, adventure,

and companionship. Yet despite being fairly

docile in nature, horses are still very large

animals, and thus pose an inherent risk to

themselves and those around them.

Most often, horse-related injuries occur when

those who aren’t familiar with the behavior of

the animal conduct themselves in way that

either frightens or threatens the horse.

Horse insurance

Horse Massage & Therapies

Insure Your Horse Massage & Equine Alternative Therapy Services for


If you provide Horse Massage & Equine

Therapies Services you have an unusual

and moderate liability exposure that is

not easily or well insured by many

insurance companies. As a trained,

paid professional, your services are a

commercial and professional liability

exposure that is not insured under your

Homeowner’s or Farm Owner’s Insurance


This activity is defined as the insured’s

fee service of providing low-impact

therapeutic massage and / or other

types of alternative therapies on

horses. The provider is not usually a

licensed veterinarian or chiropractor, but

is a technician trained and certified in

one or more therapy methods.

Horse insurance

Therapeutic & Disabled Riding

Insure Your Disabled & Therapeutic Horse Riding Services for Liability

If you perform horse riding services for

physically or mentally challenged persons,

you have a fairly high liability exposure that is

not easily or well-insured by many insurance

companies. If you are paid or compensated in

some way for these services, this is

commercial liability exposure that is not

insured under your Homeowner’s or

Farmowner’s insurance policy.

Disabled therapeutic riding (hippotherapy)

has been applied quite successfully since

about the 1970’s. The therapy often

gives special needs persons more will to

achieve therapy goals when staying

motivated can be a problem for improvement

because of the interaction with a horse.