why vote for theodore roosevelt n.
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Why Vote for Theodore Roosevelt??? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Vote for Theodore Roosevelt???

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Why Vote for Theodore Roosevelt??? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Vote for Theodore Roosevelt???. Elections. We strive for more presidential primaries. We want more money for campaigns. We believe in direct elections of Senators Not by state legislatures.

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  • We strive for more presidential primaries.
  • We want more money for campaigns.
  • We believe in direct elections of Senators
    • Not by state legislatures.
business issues
We believe that government should take a role in business to make it more responsive to public needs.

We want to regulate trusts rather than dissolve them.

We want stricter regulation of industrial combinations.

We sympathize with laborers and consumers.

Business Issues
social reforms and domestic issues
We want to clean up corruption and make things work fairly.

Regulation of food and drug industry.

We believe in economic welfare of the underprivileged.

We do not believe in child labor.

We believe in a progressive income tax.

We want to up teachers salaries.

We will clean up slums of the cities.

Social Reforms and Domestic Issues
foreign policy
We want to secure the Caribbean.

We will put the U.S. in a leadership position.

We believe in expressed territoriality.

We believe each country should do their part to maintain peace and order.

Foreign Policy
foreign policy1
We will invoke force in pursuit of national interest.

We believe we hold the right to displine countries which do not “behave”.

We believe that the U.S. holds the responsibility to be the “World Policeman”.

Foreign Policy
voting issues
Voting Issues
  • We believe women should have the right to vote.
  • We believe that we cannot be a true democracy if we deny political rights according to sex.
government and leadership

Harvard College

Graduated 1880



Governor of New York

Police Commissioner under Mayer Strong

Member of Legislature

Government and Leadership
roosevelt the republican
Roosevelt the Republican
  • Became a member of the Twenty-first District Republican Association in New York City
  • 1881- Elected as a member of Legislature
    • Reelected next two years
    • Put on Committee of Cities
governor of new york
Secured reenactment of Civil Service Law

Secured mass of labor legislation

Increase number of factory inspectors

Create a Tenement-House Commission

Regulate and improve sweatshop labor

8-hour day and prevailing rate of wages

Regulate working hours for women

Protect women and children from dangerous machinery

Reduce hours of labor for drug-store clerks

Registration of laborers for municipal employment

Railways equip freight trains with air brakes

Governor of New York
governorship cont
Governorship Cont.
  • Enforce good scaffolding provisions for workmen on buildings
  • Provide seats for the use of waitresses in hotels and restaurants
  • Tried but failed to secure an employer’s liability law and the state control of employment offices
  • Got an improvement in the law and administration of Tenement-Housing
  • Bill for the 1st State Hospital for Incipient TB
laws for the farmer
Laws for the farmer
  • Prevention of adulteration of food products
  • Laws helping the dairyman
  • Forest preservation
  • Protection of wildlife
    • Secured better administration and improved the laws themselves
other successes
Other Successes
  • Franchise Tax Bill
    • Presented himself
    • Opposition collapsed and bill went through both houses
reason 1 teddy shows compassion not just for his family but for the american workers
Teddy worked hard for you, the American People

-Cut long hours

-Made better meat regulations

-Stopped the Railroad Monopoly

Teddy also increased

-Pay for hard workers

-Put aside national forest, land and water so that your children can use and see them

Reason 1..Teddy shows compassion not just for his family, but for the American Workers
reason 2 teddy shows honesty
Reason 2…Teddy shows HONESTY
  • Theodore promised that he would run the government for the American People….and Teddy did..
  • Teddy always does what he says and never gives up until it is done
  • Teddy promised the American People less hours and more money…and he did..
reason 3 teddy speaks to the american people to give what they want
Reason 3…Teddy speaks to the American People to give what they WANT…
  • Teddy showed America during his time in office that he gives them what they want
  • Teddy showed this when he represented Bill for the 1st State Hospital for Incipient TB and the Franchise Tax Bill
  • Teddy also speaks for the American people to Congress and other branches of the Government