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Pharos University In Alexandria Faculty of Mass communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Pharos University In Alexandria Faculty of Mass communication

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Pharos University In Alexandria Faculty of Mass communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pharos University In Alexandria Faculty of Mass communication. International Communication Week : 1 Lecture :1 B y: Dr : Zenat Abou Shawish 2013. 1.1 Concept of Communication Duration: 1 hour Specific objectives:

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pharos university in alexandria faculty of mass communication
Pharos University In Alexandria Faculty of Mass communication

International Communication

Week :1 Lecture :1

By: Dr: ZenatAbouShawish



1.1 Concept of CommunicationDuration: 1 hour

Specific objectives:

By the end of this sub-topic, the student-teacher should be able to:- a) Explain the meaning of International communication.

b) Describe the importance of International communication.

c) Illustrate the types and components of International communication.

 Teaching and Learning Strategies

a) Brainstorming.

b) Group discussions and presentations.

c) Use simulation for barriers to effective communication.

teaching and learning resources
Teaching and Learning Resources

a) International Communication models and charts.

b) Audio – visual materials.

c) Extracts from magazines/newspapers.


a) Oral tests and quizzes on types in international communication


Final Exam                                       60%

Mid- term 20%

Quizzes 10%

Attendance 5%

Assignments 5%


media operations abroad not new, book, film, and music production have been dominated TNCs for decades. The striking new arena for global commerical development is TV and in the pages that follow we devote special attention to global commerical broadcasting.

In most nation there remain vibrant national media usually news papers and magazines- and these along with assorted other local and national cultural institutions need to be examined to provide an accurate picture of any particular national media culture.


Yet in our view TV is the defining medium of the age, and it is provides the basis for an integrated global commerical media market, indeed the recent surge of growth in global media,as well as their scope degree of interpenetration and integration of national economies and uncertain consequences for the welfare of ordinary people, suggest that something very special is on the horizon, Rather than being the end of history, a new phase of history is opening up is 1990s


system is benign or of limited power so that it is unnecessary to be concerned about its activities and effective we also chronicle the array of ongoing activities struggles to establish a more public service oriented media around the world

global media
Global media

Global media is the inventions of a man.It includes t.v,radio,newspaperetc.Global media gives us information bout different things like different kind of animal,weather reports etc.It is a way to express a persons feelings.

Global media gives us information about current affairs.Its basically a media that has been spread all around the world.









Policy process

policy Documents

Mapping global media policy



Individuals who are directly involved in or have an active interest in thematic areas and topics that are relevant to Global Media Policy. They can be researchers, advocates, policy makers or others.