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Experiencing English PowerPoint Presentation
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Experiencing English

Experiencing English

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Experiencing English

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  1. Experiencing English Elementary Book 邵钦瑜编制

  2. 教学目的及要求 词汇: 单词 650 词组 266 听的能力 说的能力 读的能力 写的能力 语法知识 25-30 words/m

  3. Now it is time for class

  4. Unit ThreeIntroducing and describing people

  5. In this unit, you will learn ☆ how to introduce and describe people ☆ how to understand similar information, such as name, age, sex, nationality, origin, job, family, character and physical appearance from others

  6. Patterns and expressions often used for describing people’s physical appearance • He’s tall/short. • He’s fat/thin/middle-sized. • She’s young and beautiful. • He is strong and handsome. • She has long beautiful hair. • He wears glasses. • His nationality is American.

  7. Passage A Professor Waters Introduces Herself Professor Waters wants to teach her students how to make self-introduction and describe themselves. She is going to begin her class with a self-introduction.     " Good morning, everyone! This is my first class and I'd like to introduce myself to you.  You know, I'm from the United States. I am an American. You can see that I have brown curly hair and blue eyes. I'm 1.70 meters tall and perhaps a little bit overweight. I like Chinese culture so much that my hobbies are Chinese painting and Beijing Opera. I enjoy Chinese food and I'm also quite skilled in using chopsticks. I would like to be your friend not only in class, but also after class. Oh, my name is Helen Waters. Please call me Helen. I like sports and I'm in very good health. Now, do you have any more questions about me?"

  8. begin with:以…开始 • Knowledge begin with practice. • 认识从实践开始。 • 2. He began his class with a story.

  9. I want to do sth 我想…… (直抒某人的意愿 )I’d like to do sth 我想…… (表现更多的客气或礼貌 )I’d like=I would like • I want to see you off at the airport. • I’d like to see you off at the airport. 我想去机场送你。 • I want to have a cup of tea. • I’d like to have a cup of tea. • I’d like to hear your ideas about this matter. 我很想听一听你对此事的看法。

  10. not only ... but (also) : conj. 不但……而且 • Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor. • The nurse was not only beautiful but also kind. • 3. I would like to be your friend not only in class, but also after class.

  11. In: I’m in very good health. I’m in a hurry. Some people like living in peace. other expressions: in class in the morning in the country

  12. Passage B A Passport    This is Mr. Lin's passport. Mr. Lin is a Chinese scholar. He will go to Japan for a research program. That's why he has the passport. A passport is a small official book. It is a formal government document. A citizen of a country can obtain a passport from a special government agency. He must carry his passport when he travels abroad.

  13. A passport bears the holder's photo and an official seal. It provides the personal particulars about the holder such as name, age, sex, nationality and so on. To apply for a visa to go abroad, you must submit your passport together with some other application forms. Whether you enter a foreign country or return to your homeland, you need to show your passport to the customs officials. So, if you want to work, study or travel abroad, a passport is very important.

  14. bear: n.熊v.忍受; 具有, 拥有; 结(果实) • I can’t bear living alone. 一个人独居我受不了。 • This letter bears no date. • The traveler’s check bore no signature. • The tree bears rich fruits.

  15. apply to …for:向…申请… • I want to apply for the job. 我想申请这项工作。 • He applied to the university for a scholarship. 他向那所大学申请奖学金。 apply for a passport apply for an entrance visa

  16. show: n/v 展示; 出示; 指(路); 展出, 表演 1. He showed me his pictures. 2. Can you show me the way to the station? 3. Many people went to see the flower show. 4. Show your ticket, please. show sb. around

  17. 1 他是一位美国学者。(scholar)2 教授们和一些科学家共同从事这项研究。 (research, together with)3 他们从这项研究中获得了许多经验。 (obtain)4 她应当把官方文件拿给我们看。(official)5 这是国家每个公民的义务。(citizen) Translation 翻译练习

  18. 1. He is an American scholar. 2. The professors did the research together with some scientists. 3. They obtained a lot of experience from this research. 4. She should show us the official document. 5. This is the duty of every citizen of the country.

  19. Passage C I Am Good at Painting I am good at painting with watercolors. That is probably because both my parents are painters. They have a great influence on me. When I was two years old, my parents gave me a pack of watercolors as a birthday gift. I began to draw from then on. I draw almost every day without any rest. I am never tired of drawing. So, in my room there are pictures all over the walls and even all about the floor. I hope to do something related to art in the future, especially in the field of design and illustration. 

  20. I would like to study in an art college. I know art college is not easy to enter. There is an entrance exam on art as well as on other subjects. I must start preparing for these exams now. Beside drawing skills, I will also have to improve my artistic sense. For this, I will do many things such as listening to music, visiting art museums and so on. My parents encourage me to try my best. I will stick to my dream and make it come true sometime in the future.

  21. have influence on: 对……有影响 • The book had a great influence on his life. • Stars have a great influence on children.

  22. be tired of: (感到)厌烦的,厌倦的 I'm tired of your conversation. 你的讲话我听腻了。 Everybody's tired of your everlasting complaints! 大家对你喋喋不休的抱怨感到厌倦了。

  23. encourage sb to do sth: 鼓励某人做某事 1. I encouraged her to work hard and to try for the examinations. 我鼓励她用功并为这次考试做努力。 2. The teacher encouraged me to study abroad. 老师鼓励我出国留学。

  24. Stick to: 坚持, 不舍弃…… stick to one’s dreams stick to one’s plans stick to one’s promise stick to a job/post 坚持做一件事/坚守岗位 He always stick to his country. (忠于)

  25. That is all. Thank you!