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Mrs. Charleston

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Mrs. Charleston

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  1. Mrs. Charleston 5th Grade Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

  2. All About Me I have been married to SSG David Charleston for 26 years. We have two grown daughters. Catherine, our oldest daughter, is married and lives in Manhattan, Kansas. Our youngest daughter, Maecy, moved back home after 2 years of college and will attend Austin Peay State University and play softball this year. I also have an adorable Chocolate Lab, Izzy, who is a part of our family. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching and my favorite grade level and subject is 5th grade MATH. I have been teaching for 12 years all over the world. I started teaching in Germany and then moved to Killeen, Texas. After Texas, I began teaching in Kansas and then Missouri. We are now stationed at Fort Campbell and I am lucky to be teaching at MLK. With the Army we have traveled to many places and I have been lucky to see parts of the world that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see. My favorite places we have visited include Venice, Italy and Prague. This year will be another venture and I hope to make it an awesome school year for each one of you.

  3. Early Morning Procedures • Zero Voice Level • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself • Follow adult directions • Respect others • Report directly to cafeteria or gym • Breakfast – proceed to cafeteria following hallway procedures • Not eating breakfast – proceed directly to gym for Morning Assembly

  4. Breakfast Rules Consequences for Infractions Non-verbal warning Verbal warning Failure to earn school wide reward Change of seating Time out area Positive Practice Office Referral • Zero voice level • Enter through door #3 (car riders) or door #4 (bus riders) • After getting breakfast, place backpacks on floor directly behind seat • Only eat items on your tray – no sharing or trading • Sit in order you leave the food line • Raise hand for assistance • Throw all uneaten food in trash – no food can leave the cafeteria • As instructed, clean area, stand up behind bench, put backpacks on, and take tray to the garbage area • Exit through door #2 • Join classroom at designated area for morning assembly following hallway procedures

  5. MORNING ASSEMBLY • Enter gym and sit in designated area • Backpacks should sit to the right side of each student • Items should remain in backpacks except for 1 book before assembly begins • When Principal steps on podium place book back into backpack – countdown to zero • 0 level – communications • Listen to News • Follow directions for Salute • Dismiss assembly per adult supervision and follow hallway prodedures • CONSEQUENCES • Non-Verbal warning • Verbal Warning • Failure to Earn Letter • Change of Seating • Office Referral

  6. HALLWAY PROCEDURES Consequences Non-Verbal Warning Verbal Warning Loss of letter Parent Contact Office Referral • O Voice Level • Walk on right side of hallway • Follow designated stop signs • Face forwardin a single line • Hands, feet, pencils, and other objects off walls and others • Go directly to assigned location • If alone – YOU MUST HAVE A PASS • When passing – follow regular rules but pass in the middle of the hallway • Do not cut through an oncoming line

  7. LUNCHROOM PROCEDURES No food or drink taken out of lunch room Keep hands, feet, and other object to self – touch only your own food No sharing or trading food Use utensils when appropriate Use napkin to wipe mouth and hands when needed Remain seated at all times – if assistance is needed, raise your hand Color coded cups will be used as reminders of appropriate voice levels (red=0, yellow=warning) If spill occurs while eating, raise hand for permission to get materials to clean up mess Remain seated and wait for permission for dismissal by monitor Clean area before leaving • Follow hallway procedures • While in line – 0 Voice Level • Enter door#4 – walk around to food line following first set of white blocks • Enter food line door 1 – get drinks, napkins, utensils, and lunch • Enter lunch number at end of line • Pick up tray using both hands • Exit food line door 2 and sit at designated tables (7, 8) • Only 6 students per table side allowed • When seated you may whisper with those in your square

  8. More Lunchroom Procedures • RULES • Use appropriate Voice Level • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self • Walk in a single-file line • Use acceptable table manners • Touch only your own food and drink • Stay seated until dismissed by adult • Follow Guidelines for Success • CONSEQUENCES • Verbal or Non Verbal (cup change) • Positive Practice • Return to back of line • Loss of letter • Isolation at a desk • Contact parents/guardians • Office referral • Lunch Detention

  9. GROSS MOTOR PROCEDURES ENTERING / EXITING Use hallway procedures – exit from our hallway Snacks can be purchased with adult supervision Single file line – wait for permission to proceed Line up in designated area when signal is given Single file line – Voice Level 0 Follow hallway procedures when entering building • Students will try to participate in organized play activities • Play fairly with others • Keep the playground free of trash • Respect the rights and feelings of others • Stay in designated play areas • Get permission before leaving the area • Voice levels should never exceed a 4 voice level Verbal Warning / Failure to earn letter / Time out / Parent Contact / Office Referral

  10. BATHROOM PROCEDURES SCOUT RESPONSIBILITIES Scout should check the area and use the restroom first Scout should report back to teacher Scout should monitor to ensure that the students follow general guidelines Only 4 students allowed at a time – Scout should nod to allow student entry as space becomes available Scout should report any problems to the teacher immediately Scout should make sure the area is clean when class has finished • Follow adult instructions at all times • Use restroom time wisely • During class visits – all students must attempt to use the restroom • Only necessary items allowed in restrooms • Respect personal space of others • Respect school property • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self • Use only one squirt of soap • Use only 1-2 paper towels • Use bathroom tissue properly • Dispose used paper towels in garbage can • Use soap and water to wash hands • Flush toilet after each use • Follow line up procedures

  11. Additional Restroom Guidelines CONSEQUENCES Verbal Warning Positive Practice Loss of Letter Individual Restroom privileges revoked Office Referral Individual Restroom Procedures • MUST have restroom PASS • Only necessary items are taken into restroom (no books, book bags, pencils, etc.) • If whole class is waiting the individual must get teacher permission before entering the restroom • After using the restroom, student must wash hands with soap and water • Student should return to class following hallway procedures

  12. DISMISSAL PROCEDURES Consequences Non-Verbal Warning Verbal Warning Loss of Letter Change of Seats Parent Contact Office Referral • Enter classroom from specials • 0 Voice Level • Gather book bags, line up by bus number – car riders at front of line • Bell rings – car riders should follow hallway procedures and go to monitor at end of hallway to the car rider area • Remaining students will proceed to double doors following teacher instruction using hallway procedures • Bus Order – Load bus after teacher has checked off your name (702, 705, 208, 206, 458 • Cross over to first bus row (teacher supervised) Load bus order 816, 554, 712, 304, 203 • Students who are in after school care will proceed to cafeteria with teacher supervision

  13. GUIDELINES for SUCCESS • Project a positive attitude • Respect everyone • Imagine your success • Demonstrate responsibility • Encourage cooperation

  14. Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Learner • We will follow CHAMP directions • We will be respectful to others and their property • We will be actively engages in the lesson • We will keep our hands, feet and unacceptable comments to self

  15. SCHEDULE • 7:20-7:30: Morning Assembly • 7:30-8:00: Homeroom • 8:00-9:15: Rotation 1 (Writing – Ms. Hale) • 9:15-10:30: Rotation 2 (Social Studies – Mrs. Hurt) • 10:30-11:45: Rotation 3 (Reading – Mrs. Merrick) • 11:45-12:10: Lunch • 12:10-12:15: Take 10 • 12:15-12:30: Gross Motor • 12:30-1:40: Rotation 4 (Math – HOMEROOM) • 1:40-2:20 – Specials

  16. ENTERING CLASSROOM CHAMP Conversation - 0 Help – Come to me Activity – Independent or Buddy Work Movement – Go directly to areas and return to desk Participation – Completing task Come into room silently. Place needed items in desk. Place coat and book packs in lockers. Turn in any assignments. Be sure to have 3 sharpened pencils at beginning of day. Immediately begin assignment that is posted on white board.


  18. CONVERATION 0 level – Silent 1 level – Whisper 2 level – Low Talk 3 level – Group Volume 4 level – Presentation

  19. HELP Raise your hand Ask learning partner Come to me

  20. ACTIVITY Independent Work Buddy Work Group Work Direct Instruction

  21. MOVEMENT None Trash Can Sharpen Pencil Kleenex Move Freely Lockers Teacher Baskets Workstations

  22. PARTICIPATION Eyes on Speaker Focused Completing Task

  23. MLK PRIDE M= Morning Assembly L= Classroom K= Classroom P = Hallways R= Lunch I= Specials D= Playground E= Dismissal When you arrive to each area your card will be on WHITE. If your behavior is in need of redirecting you will be given a warning and your card will be changed to YELLOW. If you have to be redirected again, your card will be changed to RED. You will earn points for each area you remained on WHITE or YELLOW. Rewards will be given every other week.


  25. MATH UNITS • Number and Operations • Algebraic Thinking • Fractions • Measurement and Data • Geometry

  26. MATH MATERIALS • Liquid Glue • Composition Notebook • Scissors • Pencil (no mechanical) • Paper • ****The following items will not be allowed in Mr. Charleston’s classroom – personal pencil sharpeners, mechanical pencils, pens (unless provided by the teacher for an activity), fake fingernails (no exceptions), white out, or games or toys of any kind. Items will be taken by the teacher and parents will be called to collect items. Cell phones will need to be turned off during the school day.

  27. NOTEBOOK FOLDABLES • Students will be required to maintain a composition notebook designated to Math. These notebooks will be used as a reference tool throughout the year.

  28. MISSING ASSIGNMENTS • All students are required to redo any assignment with a grade under 70%. They will receive partial credit for the redo work. • Mrs. Charleston will follow district guidelines for accepting missing/late assignments.

  29. ASSESSMENTS • Envision Online Assignments • Chapter/ Unit Assessments and Quizzes • Study Island • Additional assessments will be used as needed. • All other performance tasks (RUBICS). .