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Status of Projects. John Pollak Cornell University. DNA Discovery Projects. Animal Health Healthfulness of Beef Products Reproduction Cow Stayability and Productivity. Animal Health. Project: Study of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) Project Director: Mark Enns, CSU. Animal Health.

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Status of projects
Status of Projects

John Pollak

Cornell University

Dna discovery projects
DNA Discovery Projects

Animal Health

Healthfulness of Beef Products


Cow Stayability and Productivity

Animal health
Animal Health

Project: Study of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)

Project Director: Mark Enns, CSU

Animal health1
Animal Health

Status: “Data collection complete”. Two years of calves fed at Lamar, Colorado have been harvested (3000 calves). All calves have been genotyped with the 50K chip. Began analysis on performance, health and treatment data.

Healthfulness of beef products
Healthfulness of Beef Products

Project: Characterization of Fatty Acid distribution in beef (and mineral content).

Project Director: Jim Reecy, CSU

Healthfulness of beef products1
Healthfulness of Beef Products

Status: All Data for the entire first year has been collected. Preliminary analysis on some of these traits indicate between 30 and 95% of the genetic variance can be accounted for with the 54K SNPchip in the discovery population.

All samples for the second year (1300) have been collected. We have carcass, meat tenderness, taste test panel and mineral data collected. All other nutrients are currently underway.


Project: Heifer pregnancy

Project Director: Milt Thomas, NMSU



Status: Genotyped Brangus heifers from Camp Cooley with the 50K panel.

For growth traits, we detected 30 QTL on 12 chromosomes.

Identified 3 chromosome regions involved in female fertility traits. Two specifically for the binary trait of yearling heifer pregnancy.

Cow stayability and productivity
Cow Stayability and Productivity

Project: Heifer pregnancy

Project Directors: John Pollak and Matt Spangler, UNL

Description: Study of heifer stayability and maternal performance through three pregnancies. Collected 6000 DNA samples (two calf crops) at pregnancy check on heifers at the Rex Ranch, Nebraska.

Cow stayability and productivity1
Cow Stayability and Productivity

Description: The females collected to date were born in 2007 and 2008 and are the sisters to the 3000 steer calves in the health project at Lamar.

In this project we have DNA on all the sires of these females and steers and will run the 50K panel (or a larger one) on the sires.

Dna technology transfer projects
DNA Technology Transfer Projects

USDA Integrated Grant (Alison Van Eenennaam)

Whole Genome Enabled Animal Selection (Van Tassell, Taylor and Pollak)

Weight Trait Project

Integrated grant
Integrated Grant

Project: Economic application of DNA technology to commercial ranches.

Project Director: Alison Van Eenennaam

Description: Economic assessment of the use of DNA for parentage to achieve within herd EPDs and DNA diagnostic test for selection.

Integrated grant1
Integrated Grant


Commercial ranches in California that supply cattle to the Harris Ranch program.

50K panel has been run on herd bulls in these herds and the first calves will be followed from birth through feedlot performance.

Whole genome enabled animal selection
Whole Genome Enabled Animal Selection

Project: Study Applications of WGS in Dairy and Beef.

Project Director: Curt Van Tassell

Description: BEEF – Examining selection based on WG scans in conjunction with reduced panels. Using the Harris Ranch herds collecting carcass data to complete the life cycle of steer in Alison’s project.

Weight trait project
Weight Trait Project

Project: Study of DNA technology Transfer from discovery to integration into EPDs.

Status of projects

North Dakota

2 Collaborators



South Dakota

4 Collaborators

1 Collaborator


6 Collaborators


1 Collaborator


7 Collaborators


Collecting ~ 18,000 DNA samples

Weight trait project1
Weight Trait Project


Collaborators are sending in samples now as they wean calves.

The 384 panel is being Beta tested at GeneSeek. (192 SNP from US MARC, 96 SNP from Igenity for weight and 96 SNP for parentage)

Weight trait project2
Weight Trait Project

Steve Kachman is working on integration of MBVs into genetic evaluations for the WGEAS grant and is using these data to fit 50K MBVs from Missouri (weaning; direct and maternal) and Igenity (yearling weight).

Will add the 384 MBVs when scored.


Use of genomic relationships in genetic evaluation. (USDA Grant, Ignacy Misztal)

Web based computations of MBVs (USDA Grant, Dorian Garrick)

Nbcec status
NBCEC Status

Received word that the NBCEC funding has come through the appropriation process at $665,000.

These funds will be available from July 2010 through June 2011.

I will be leaving Cornell in January or February to become the Director of US MARC.

Dave Nichols and Darrh Bullock have been charged with planning for my successor as the Director of NBCEC.