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Computer Forensics Curriculum Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Forensics Curriculum Ideas

Computer Forensics Curriculum Ideas

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Computer Forensics Curriculum Ideas

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  1. Computer Forensics Curriculum Ideas Peter Bunyan

  2. Student at the University of Sunderland. • Second Year studying Computer Forensics. Some people ask why computer forensics? My reason for studying computer forensics is due to having: • Passion for I.T from a very young age. • A strong background knowledge as well as skills based surrounding computing. This comes from a part time job at a local computer shop during my A-Levels. I have tailored these skills throughout first year, the new skills and talents that have been learnt i have adapted these into a way of applying them in an a ethical manner when looking at forensic issues which resolves around my course syllabus . Bio.

  3. Our work so far within Second Year • We’re getting more computer forensics, theory and practice and visiting speakers • - At the moment we are working on a research article on a topic that each student has chosen individually. - My topic is security relating to a range of aspects within forensics curriculum including cyber crime, psychological factors as well as social engineering effecting security My presentation on what students want to study is what has led me to giving this presentation to you as Alastair asked my to share my views Current Project

  4. A key idea that I would like to see being implemented, is to have a mix of taught sessions and practical's • Other areas/Ideas that could improve the course at the University of Sunderland are a follows; - The possibilities of going into great depth analysing the physical properties of hard disk drives. -Debates on forensic topics and theories that are covered on presentation slides. -Further understanding of police activities within a forensic based profession. -Be given a certain situation whereby students are put on the spot and have to analyse the situation at hand incorporating all the ideas and knowledge they have learnt. Understanding the ethical complications within different circumstances knowing when to act and carry out solutions without destroying or harming any of the evidential integrity in a forensically sound manner. What we want in class

  5. Currently computer forensics at the University of Sunderland has a range of facilities on offer, this provides students with the best resources and materials for carrying out studies relating to our chosen course. • Below is a students perspective from my class and there thoughts of the course structure. • "As a student studying Computer Forensics at the University of Sunderland, I believe that not only are we privileged to be studying such a subject but also to be given the chance to make a difference in the world we live in today . Learning new skills each day is helping us to prepare ourselves for what is to come when we graduate and prospective employers will be looking for someone who knows the subject area well and can help cut down the crime that is ever increasing and affecting peoples lives" Second Year, Computer Forensics Student 2010. A students perspective.

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