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AID College Park CSH, Nov 20, 2004 - Kirankumar Vissa. Initiative Project. Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre Joe Athialy, Maju Verghese, Mukta Srivastava. Building Support for People’s Movements Among Youth, Media and Civil Society. The Setting

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Initiative project

AID College Park CSH, Nov 20, 2004

- Kirankumar Vissa

Initiative Project

Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre

Joe Athialy, Maju Verghese, Mukta Srivastava

Building support for people s movements among youth media and civil society
Building Support for People’s MovementsAmong Youth, Media and Civil Society

The Setting

  • Several years of major changes, globalization

  • Question: Who is benefiting at whose cost?

  • Islands of prosperity and widespread poverty

  • Political scenario sidelining the poor

  • Alienation from natural resources

  • Dispossessed communities: adivasis, Dalits, unorganized workers, urban poor, women

  • Increasing urban-rural divide

Critical areas of intervention to strengthen people s movements
Critical Areas of Intervention to Strengthen People’s Movements

  • Media

    • Major force in shaping politics

    • Need to grab space for social issues

  • Youth

    • Indifferent or vulnerable?

    • Need exposure to reality of rural India

  • Research and Documentation

    • Developing information

    • Sharing experiences, strategies

Taking initiative
Taking Initiative Movements

  • “Reaching the Real India” program

    • Sponsored field exposure program to movements, for college students

    • Consolidating progressive support group

    • Networking with various youth organizations

  • Publication and Research

    • Bi-monthly “People’s Movement” magazine

    • Resource book highlighting 50 movements

Taking initiative further
Taking Initiative (further…) Movements

  • Media Support Program

    • Press notes, releases, conferences

    • Build support groups within media

    • Media workshops for sensitization

    • Exposure Trips for media

  • Supporting Direct Action

    • Organizing civil society support, managing logistics of campaign

    • Support for fundraising, medical aid

Budget (1 Movementsst year out of 3 years)

The year that was
The Year That Was Movements

  • 3 Student Exposure Programs

  • Involvement in World Social Forum

  • Resurgence of “The People’s Movement”

  • Publication of book on Interlinking Rivers

  • Participation in various agitations, campaigns

  • Study and report on development work of NBA

  • Report on Anti-Cola agitation in Kerala

Clarifications Movements

  • Initiative a project of BSFC – not separate orgn.

  • Exposure camps by many resource people – Sanjay MG, Brian Lobo, Michael, Lata PM, Sanjay Sangvai

  • Movements they work with are part of NAPM. They choose based on location, sector and prominence.

  • Active attempt to highlight lesser-known movements

  • Exposure program currently limited to college students of Mumbai. Very good response. Demands from other cities like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, etc.

  • Collaborating with CED, Schools without Borders

  • Already encouraging students to write about their experiences. One article in Statesman, two in Marathi.

Clarifications contd
Clarifications (contd) Movements

  • Most participants continue to maintain good relation, some participate in actions, one helped edit ILR book

  • Full-time campus organizers needed to take to next level

  • People’s Movement magazine currently being used by academicians, NGOs, movements, common people. Distributed in Mumbai bookstalls thru newspaper agent

  • Aiming at broad readership. Need to improve presentation, appeal, contents as well as marketing.

  • Ideally 2-3 full-timers need to work with senior NAPMers

  • Research fellow and Research coord are similar positions

  • Visit expenses include other volunteers going with them