Effectively using internet technology
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Effectively Using Internet Technology. Brian Cordeau University of Texas – San Antonio. Overview. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) What is it? Analyst Chat How can we use it? Data Request Help Page Bringing it together. RSS. What is it? Something new How can we use it for our office?

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Effectively using internet technology

Effectively Using Internet Technology

Brian Cordeau

University of Texas – San Antonio


  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

    • What is it?

  • Analyst Chat

    • How can we use it?

  • Data Request Help Page

    • Bringing it together


  • What is it?

    • Something new

  • How can we use it for our office?

    • There are many different ways

  • Can it be easily implemented?

    • Yes, through existing mediums

  • Examples we have used

Rss news feeds orange button
RSS, News Feeds, Orange Button

  • What is an RSS Feed?

    • It is a useful way to keep visitors informed about what is going on in the office

    • Visitors can subscribe to the feed and get updates as they become available

    • It allows them to stay up to date with the office without having to check the website for updates

Some possible uses
Some Possible Uses

  • Website Updates

    • New pages, new reports, generally useful information about what is changing on the site

  • Ideas for Quick Statements

    • Using Google Alerts

    • Example


  • Blogger

    • The most efficient way I have found

    • Allows your office to create a Blog and the RSS feed is generated automatically

    • It is easier to use than other RSS generators


  • Not all Internet users know how to use them

  • This is public information

    • Be careful what you post

  • Keeping the Blog up to date takes some time management

Useful links
Useful Links

  • www.blogger.com

  • http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/12/18/dive-into-xml.html

  • Google: RSS, News Feeds, News Readers

Chat with an analyst
Chat with an Analyst

  • Why would we want to do this?

    • To provide quick information (in writing)

  • What can we use to implement this?

    • AOL

    • Yahoo

    • Any Other IM service (Google Talk, ICQ, MSN..)

  • What it is not used for?

    • Questions requiring in depth conversation

    • Sensitive Information


  • Clients need

    • Quick status updates

    • Possible time frame

    • Answers to any questions about the process

  • Future Clients

    • What do I use this Data Request form for?

    • What information goes in field X?

    • Do you have information on…?

Chat services
Chat Services

  • The Two that we use

    • AOL Instant Messenger

    • Yahoo Instant Messenger

  • Each have a simple set up

  • Chat Programs such as GAIM or Trillian combine these two formats

Some points
Some Points

  • It is not used for in depth analysis

    • This would be tedious

  • Not used to submit new requests

    • Direct users to Data Request form

  • Currently we are in the testing phase


  • Simple to implement

    • Simply paste the screen name(s) into the web page

    • This allows users to cut and paste our screen name into their Contacts list

    • There are other ways using proprietary methods

Useful links1
Useful Links

  • http://www.aim.com/

  • http://www.yahoo.com/

  • http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/

    • Trillian allows multiple connections

  • http://gaim.sourceforge.net/

    • Gaim also allows multiple connections

Our data request help page
Our Data Request Help Page

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Allows clients to get a feel for the Data Request Process

  • Analyst Chat

    • Short Explanation about using Instant Messaging

  • Positive Feedback

    • Allows future clients to see that we are doing a good job

Data request faq
Data Request FAQ

  • General Questions

    • Time Frame

    • Types of Requests Filled

    • How does this work?

  • Step-by-step

    • What information goes into each field on the Data Request form?

    • Each field is described here

The finished product
The Finished Product

  • The UTSA IR Website (http://www.utsa.edu/ir)

    • RSS Feed and Blog

    • The Data Request Help Page

      • FAQs

      • Chat with an Analyst

      • Positive Comments

Questions and comments
Questions and comments?

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