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Al Watany Bank of Egypt (AWB)

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Al Watany Bank of Egypt (AWB) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Al Watany Bank of Egypt (AWB). News & PR Media Monitoring Report. Analysis of Month. Agenda. Executive Summary.

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al watany bank of egypt awb

Al Watany Bank of Egypt (AWB)

News & PR Media Monitoring Report

Analysis of Month

executive summary
Executive Summary

This report provides some analysis to the articles and advertisements that were released through print media in Egypt from 01/11/2012 till 30/11/2012 for AWB, Citibank, Barclays’s Bank and BNP Paribas.

While Al Watany Bank of Egypt has total of 48 clippings and 6 advertisements, 81 clippings and 14 advertisements were released for the selected competitor banks.

Newspapers dominated the majority of print media coverage for the selected banks with an overall 91.9% while magazines published 8.1% in the Egyptian market.

According to PARC’s National Print Media Readership Survey (2011), Al Masry Al Youm reached to 9.57% and Al Ahramnewspaper reached to 9.42% form the total adult population in Egypt.

While according to the same study, Al Alam Al Youmand Al Borsa daily, that published 26% of AWB articles, reached to only 0.04% from the total population in Egypt.

executive summary cont d
Executive Summary (Cont’d)

The advertising value is calculated by measuring the article size and comparing it to the equivalent size if an adv. was purchased in the publication.

While the total advertising value for Al Watany Bank of Egypt & the selected brands is US$ 378,126, the actual advertisements spend is 181.16 thousand USD.

Although AWB has the highest frequency of articles with the largest photo size compared to its competitors, the adv. value of AWB articles comes in the 2nd place after BNP Paribas with 30% and 33% respectively.

While Barclay’s bank has the highest actual advertising spend with total of 140.22 thousand USD, AWB released 6 advertisements only with total of 12.66 thousand USD.

News in Arabic language dominated the majority of articles with 98% while English was only 2%.

frequency of articles
Frequency of Articles

Total: 48 Articles

  • Out of the total 48 articles mentioning AWB in Nov. 202:-
    • 98% of AWB articles were in Arabic, while only 1 article was published in English during Nov.2012.
    • 96% of AWB articles were published in Newspapers
  • As an overview on the AWB articles, almost 50% of its articles were released in the second week of Nov. with 23 articles in Newspapers and just 1 in magazine.
  • The first and third weeks have the same number of articles (8 articles each).
media coverage in the egyptian market
Media Coverage in the Egyptian Market

Total: 48 Articles

  • Several vehicles mentioned AWB in Nov. 2012, but Al Alam Al Youm and Al Borsa Daily published 26% of AWB articles, they are considered the main daily newspapers that wrote about the AWB.
media type coverage by language
Media Type Coverage by Language

Total: 129 Article(s)

  • Out of 129 articles published in Nov. 2012 that are related to AWB and its 3 main competitors, 123 were in Arabic language and 6 were in English.
  • Newspapers published 120 articles while magazines published the remaining 9 articles.
brands coverage by frequency
Brands Coverage by Frequency
  • As an overview on the frequency of AWB vs. its competitors:
    • AWB’s share was 37% of the total 129 articles.
    • Barclays Bank shared with 30% published articles in Nov.2012, followed by BNP Paribas (25%).
    • Citibank had the least number of articles (10) within the same month.
brands coverage by photo attachment
Brands Coverage by Photo Attachment
  • During Nov., the articles related to the four analyzed banks that had photos attached to them were more than the articles without photos (59% to 41% respectively).
  • 67% of the articles mentioning AWB included photos while for BNP Paribas, the percentage was 56%.
brands coverage by photo size
Brands Coverage by Photo Size
  • The total size of AWB articles’ photos was 374 cm*column & this was the largest total photo size compared to others.
  • Citibank photo size was less than half that of AWB photo size.
brands coverage by week
Brands Coverage by Week
  • As shown in the above graph:
    • The 2nd week had the highest number of articles followed by the 4th week, 47 & 35 respectively.
    • AWB’s peak publishing period was in the second week of Nov. (24 articles) while Barclays’s peak period was in the fourth week (16 articles).
frequency space unit of awb articles
Frequency & Space Unit of AWB Articles
  • The Space Unit is a standard unit that measures the adv. value of the articles compared to all advertisements’ space released through print media within a certain period.

N.B.:- Newspaper adv. Space unit is (half page) while magazines (one page).

  • AWB 48 articles contribute with a space of 22.85 space unit.
brand coverage in egyptian market
Brand Coverage in Egyptian Market

Total: 129 Article(s)

  • Although BNP Paribas has 7 articles less than Barclays, BNP Paribas covered 18.65 space units compared to 17.21 for Barclays Bank out of the total space of AWB the selected 3 main competitors.
  • Citibank’s articles had the least number of articles (10 articles) with 6.12 space units.
advertising value in egyptian market
Advertising Value in Egyptian Market

Total: 129 Article(s)

Total: 129 Article(s)

  • While AWB has the highest frequency of articles and the largest photo size compared to its competitors, the adv. value of AWB comes in the 2nd place after BNP Paribas with 30% and 33% respectively.
  • This could be referred to the publishing of BNP Paribas articles publications with higher rate cards than those of AWB
awb actual adv vs competitors
AWB Actual Adv. VS. Competitors
  • While Barclay’s Bank has the most advertising spend with total of 140.22 thousand USD for 12 adv., they split their advertisements campaign across 9 different media types.
  • AWB released 6 adv. only through 3 daily newspapers in Nov.2012 with the rate card value of 28.27 thousand USD.
awb articles
AWB Articles

As we previously mentioned, there were 24 articles mentioning AWB in the second week of Nov., 14 articles were about the trial of Mubarak’s sons and the stock market manipulations plus other 10 financial and economic articles in different media types.

The following articles’ evaluation is based on PARC Analysis Team’s point of view. However, AWB can change the evaluation of each article using our Newslog software to match its own point of view.

N.B.: The coming slides will preset all articles that mentioned AWB articles from 8th-15th of Nov. as 50% of the articles were released at that time.

The colored titles represent the following:

Red= Negative article

Green= Positive

Blue= Neutral

awb s articles of 2 nd week
AWB’s Articles of 2nd Week
  • In the 2nd week of Nov. 2012 (8th-15th) there were 18 neutral articles, 4 positive and 2 negative articles.
  • Regarding the neutral articles some of them were published through newspapers like; Al Ahram, Al Masry Al Youm whose readership rates are above 9% of the adult total population in Egypt.
  • Both the 4 positive articles and the 2 negative articles were published through different publications with readership rates less than 1% of the adult total population in Egypt.