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Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps To Increasing Sales. PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps To Increasing Sales.

Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps To Increasing Sales.

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Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps To Increasing Sales.

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  1. Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps To Increasing Sales. Spring 2012

  2. SOCIAL MEDIA= Traffic, Leads, Sales, Revenues. Spring 2012

  3. Background.

  4. Background. *Arizona State B.S. Marketing ’95. *Columbia University M.B.A. ’03. *10+ Years Online Marketing Experience. * Social Media, Certified Google Adwords Professional (>1000), SEO, 2000+ sites. Top 1% Power Affiliate 5.5 Hour Course on Traffic & Driving Sales Online. * President.

  5. “Research.” *One Of The Most Important Elements Of Driving Sales With Social Media Is Research. What: 1)People Searching For. 2)People Interested In Or “Liking”. 3)Relevant To Your Business’ Goods Or Services. (Most Critical!) 4)Demographics. Google+ 80% Male Currently.

  6. Research… *3 Levels:

  7. Strategy #1: Listening Posts.

  8. Strategy #1: Listening Posts. *Information That You Need For Your Market Can Be Found By “Listening” (A.K.A. READING) *Extremely Valuable Information In Discovering: 1)New Trends 2)New Products To Offer 3)Competitor Information 4)New Sales Techniques (Copy Especially). 4)Customer Demographics 5)Keywords 6)INFLUENCERS.

  9. Strategy #1: Listening Posts. Get This Valuable Information: • Market Specific Social Networks - THOUSANDS OF Niche Social Networks Online Now. Search Google & & (Marc Andreesen). • Forums: Search Google For “Your Market + Forum” or “Your Market + Discussion.” Dig up The High Traffic Forums In Your Market & Sort By “Views”: This Generally Will Give You The Hot Topics & Often The Offers TOO! • Use Twitter For “Retweet Recon:” Search For Your Topic, Find People Who Are Tweeting About It & Take Notes On What’s Constantly Being Retweeted. • Google Blog Search (My Favorite): Look For SPECIFIC WORDS IN HEADLINES. You WILL Find Patterns: E.G. “Heading Towards” “Finding That”. And Look For The Blog Posts That Are Generating The Most Comments- These Are PROFITABLE Areas.

  10. Strategy #2: Mass Video Traffic. *Video Is HERE…

  11. Strategy #2: Mass Video Traffic. • Getting A Video To “Go Viral” Maybe A 1 In A Million: But It’s Almost Free To Try, So TRY! • Getting One To Go Viral May Be A Matter Of Creativity & Timing. Hit The Market With A: 1) Creative 2) Emotional Message 3) At The Right Time. • At The Very Minimum You’ll Get Links. Nice “Option”.

  12. Strategy #2: Mass Video Traffic. *Tips On Submitting Videos: • Youtube Is The Major Video Distribution Hub. Smaller Niche Video Sites Exist But Youtube Gets The Most Traffic: 100MM.

  13. Strategy #2: Mass Video Traffic. *Video Submission Software On The Market: 1. • • -Depends On The Level Of Features You Want. You Can Also Just Upload Videos To W/Tagging Feature.

  14. Strategy #3: Blogging. *Blogging Is Now A Dominant CommunicationMedium: Very Well Accepted.

  15. Strategy #3: Blogging. *Use Youtube Videos To Drive Traffic Through Bloggers (Embedded Code): *Once A Hot Video Hits The Blogosphere, It Can RapidlySpread Because Of “Community Effects.” Bloggers Monitor each Other, Hunting For The Latest Content...Smart Marketers Use This To Their Advantage!

  16. Strategy #3: Blogging.

  17. Strategy #3: Blogging. *Use Blogs To Drive Traffic By Spreading A Message(And LINKS!) Quickly Through PRs: Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog

  18. Strategy #3: Blogging. *Marketers Blog For Many Reasons- Traffic Being A Big One: 1)Content For SEO. 2)Monitor What Is Being: A)Linked To. B)Commented On. C)Trackbacked To. 3)Guest Post Swapping. *Social Media Plugins. 2 Way Traffic. VIRAL.

  19. Strategy #3: (Micro)Blogging. *Use Twitter To: 1)Learn About Your Market & Competition, Build A Brand & Gain Trust. 2)”Sneaky” SEO. Google KWR>Twitter, Youtube.  3)**Distribute Content Or Influence Thought Leaders...($ Or Other Incentives Maybe Needed). FORD Example. 4,000 bloggers: 100 Chosen To Drive Festiva Through Germany. *Advertising. Sponsored Tweets.

  20. Strategy #4: Communities. *Use The Power Of The Latest Technologies To Drive Traffic To Your Site: The Web HAS Changed! 1994 vs. 2012

  21. Strategy #4: Communities. -Community Building Has Become A Powerful Method Of Relating To & Learning About Your Market… • Facebook • Twitter • Youtube Integration Of All Marketing Efforts Around Building A Reputation & Building Content For Traffic.

  22. Strategy #5: Social Networking. Facebook Marketing: *800MM+ Users. *FB Advertising Much Like Google Content Network. Specific Sites (Pages) Relevant To Specific People. Hone in on an ExactDemographic. Combine 27 Different Demographics. Scalable. *”Like” Button: Powerful. 1)Constant Updates: Stay In Front Of Your Leads. 7X Contact Before 1st Sale. 2)People Always Snooping. “What Does He Like & Why?”

  23. Strategy #5: Social Networking. Facebook Marketing (Cont.) *Facebook Users Want Exclusive Discounts, Deals, Promotions...VIRAL! Word WILL Get Out! *3 Way Win: Combine Facebook With Email Marketing. Offer Something of Real Value If They “Like”: 1)Market on FB To Them Through Updates 2)Their Friends See Them Liking You. 3)Direct Response With Email Capture Follow Up. *Split Testing Critical For Maximum ROI.

  24. Strategy #5: Social Networking. Facebook Marketing: (Cont.) *Facebook For Partners Recruiting. 1)Friend Potential Partners: Start A Dialogue.2)2nd Tier. Both Are Huge Potential Revenue Sources! *Video Huge-Most Clicks. Try Integrating. *Examine Competitors’ Strategies. Especially Big Competitors. Though, Big Brands Have An Easier Time on FB B/c Of ExistingBrandEquity! *Important: Facebook Is A Long Term Strategy. Invest Time In Making It Pay Off.

  25. Strategy #5: Social Networking. *Web Is Now MUCH More Collaborative & Integrated. *Content Appearing On Other ’ Sites: New Ways Of Exhanging Content & Traffic. WSJ & FB:

  26. Strategy #5: Social Networking. *Foresquare, Local BASED! *Free Bud Light If You Check In…. *Good For 2 Reasons: 1)Exploit the Viral Power Of The Social Web…Shows Up in Peoples’ Timelines. 2)Influence The Influencers. Someone w/A Large Facebook Following Checks In. Similar To ProductPlacement In The Movies. Mini-Celebs.

  27. Strategy #5: Social Networking. * Mobile Revolution. Clearly HUGE. People LOVE THEM! Addicted. *Much Of Marketing HyperLocal For Now. EG “B.B.Q. Near Me,” Mapping. *Apps Massive Market. 99cents. *Google’s Android For Controlling THE PLATFORM. Wanted To Control Content & Devices Where Ads Can Be Run. *Mobile Communities & Games. *Can Advertise On Mobile Through Google Adwords. Though Small Screen? Conversions? *Networking. LI, FB.

  28. Strategy #5: Social Networking. *Business Oriented Networking. Effective Strategies: 1)Add EVERYONE, See Who Replies. Some Have 11,000+ Contacts. Grenade Fishing. 2)Positioning As An Expert In Linked Answers. 3)Starting Groups As A Moderator. Popular Ones Exist. 4)Local Business Networking.

  29. Strategy #6: Social SEO. Directory .EDU Comment Blog Comment .EDU The GOAL: DMOZ Blog Roll Article

  30. Strategy #6: Social SEO. *FACT: Links Are One Of The Biggest Traffic Sources Online - (Even Without The SEO Benefit!). Maybe More Valuable Themselves vs. SEO? *More Links = More Traffic. (Controversy Over The Power Of Certain Links & Not Others)…Mass Links From Relevant Sites=VERY VALUABLE TRAFFIC. *A Single Link Can Send 7-10 HIGHLY TARGETED VISITORS to Your site EVERY DAY for ETERNITY. Use With Social Media.

  31. Strategy #6: Social SEO. 3 Social Media Strategies: 1.High Traffic Social: Tumblr, Wikipedia, etc. (Search Engines Seem To Trust These Sites) 2.Videos (Youtube owned By Google). 3.Images: Flickr (Yahoo!)

  32. Strategy #6: Social SEO. Powerful Ways To Get Inbound Links: *.EDU Links (University Links-Maybe More Trust b/c Of Age Of Sites) *Directory Links: Directory Submission ($29+). * Extreme VIRAL link power! *Paid Directories- Yahoo! & Other Smaller Ones. Some People Reporting Great Results Here…Some Highly Targeted=$$!

  33. Strategy #6: Social SEO. *Top 10 Lists. Mention High Traffic Sites In Your List…(Webmasters Check Their Referer Logs!). Reciprocity! Get Your Site “Associated” With Their *Pick A Hot Subtopic In Your Market, Develop A GIANT List Of Links With The Best Posts About It…POWERFUL. Sneak In Affiliate Links Once It’s Drawing Mass Traffic ($$$). *Mobile SEO. Definitely Coming.

  34. Strategy #6: Social SEO. Social Media Tips: *Add Social Media Info To Your Business Cards (LinkedIn, Facebook). *Distribute Content Widely:,, Slideshare, Videos. *Forums: For Traffic & Inbound Links! Highly Targeted. Copy Or Start Popular Threads. Q&A: Yahoo! Answers. LinkedIn Answers. *Focus On BIG Social Media Outlets: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. Smaller Ones= Less Traffic, Can Disappear. 80/20. *TESTING & TRACKING!

  35. Strategy #7: Social Integration. *Use Strategies In COMBINATION. Let Them Feed Each Other & Evolve. Target The Combination That Makes The Most Money. TV>FB. 20,000 Fans 1 Commercial. People Watch & Surf At The Same Time! Click On The Shirt On Sitcom & Amazon Delivers in 48 Hrs. Interactive TV. *Integrate All Marketing Efforts (Social Media, SEO, PPC, Offline) & Create A TON of Ways For People To BUY, Interact With Your BRAND, and Spread Your Message.

  36. Strategy #7: Social Integration.

  37. #5 Mass Integration