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R e s p o n s i b i l i t y. Our questions : How different people show responsibility by being involved in a gossip ? Daniela Mejia 6/05/2012 Previus knowledge :

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R e s p o n s i b i l i t y


  • Ourquestions:

  • Howdifferentpeople show responsibility by beinginvolved in a gossip?

  • Daniela Mejia 6/05/2012

  • Previusknowledge:

  • This issort of a trickyquestion, becausesomepeopledon’tevenrealizethey are involved in a gossip. Most of the gossipsstartwith a sillylittlecommentwhichis spread and changedalongit’sway to becomig a problem. Many peoplethinkthat by saying “Blablabla… butyoucan’ttellanybody.. Promise?” thenthey are safe and NOT a part of the gossip. The thingis, thatthenpeopletellothers and askthem to keeptheirlipssealed. Well this almostneverhappens, and the rumor is spread. The biggetsresponsibilityisnoton the onewhostartedwith the comment, buton the onewhodecided to spread it, becausethatperson has manychoises:

  • Spread the rumor (mostcommon)

  • Keepquiet

  • The leastcommon: Ask beforelistening : Iswhatyou’rabout to tell me true?

  • Tell the victimwhatisgoingon, to solve the problem or prepare forwhat’sforwarding

  • SO I can’tsay the onewhostartedissafe, of coursethatpersonis “guilty”, but the oneswho pread it are ussually the oneswhohurt the victim the most, becausethey are the biggestgroup. There’saslo the

  • In whichwayisevery individual involved in gossip?