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Industrial Man Coolers PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Man Coolers

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Industrial Man Coolers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrial Man Coolers

Industrial Man Coolers are designed to impart direct drafts of air on men, materials and machines. Man coolers are especially advantageous in hot locations and ventilation of hot and confined spaces, such as foundries, steel mills, work-shop or similar places.

Types of Industrial Man Coolers

Pedestal Man Coolers

Tubular Man Coolers

Pedestal Man Coolers

The impeller is made of cast aluminum alloy. Coupled directly to the motor on a iron base. The impeller is mounted on steel columns and fitted to cast iron base


2. Tubular Man Coolers

  • It consists of impeller made of cast aluminum alloy coupled on motor shaft. The motor with Impeller assembly is mounted in a Tubular cradle Provision is also made of adjusting the angle of Air.
  • All these man coolers are fitted with a totally enclosed fan cooled motor, cast alloy aluminum Impeller, strong wire guard and are complete with its required mountings/fittings.
  • Features of Industrial Man coolers:-
  • Durable
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Excellent performance

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