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Total smiles Dental group was formed over twelve years ago. Total Smiles Dental Group has an office located in Chelse PowerPoint Presentation
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Total smiles Dental group was formed over twelve years ago. Total Smiles Dental Group has an office located in Chelse

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Total smiles Dental group was formed over twelve years ago. Total Smiles Dental Group has an office located in Chelse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team 2: Healthcare Total Smiles Dental Group Catrina Cook, Christine Fricke, Rosetta Jones, Jesse Montie , Karen Nostrant , and William Tiemann LDR636-OA , Summer 2013 SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY AUGUST 2013. Total Smiles Dental Group.

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Team 2: HealthcareTotal Smiles Dental GroupCatrina Cook, Christine Fricke, Rosetta Jones, Jesse Montie, Karen Nostrant, and William TiemannLDR636-OA, Summer 2013SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITYAUGUST 2013


Total Smiles Dental Group

  • Total smiles Dental group was formed over twelve years ago.
  • Total Smiles Dental Group has an office located in Chelsea and another in Dexter.
  • The office’s are broken down into four different teams:
    • Dr. Team
    • Hygiene Team
    • Business Team
    • Assistant Team.

(Dehart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)(total smiles dental group)

Karen nostrant


Dr. Team

Kelly Ann Scherr, DDS

Kok-heng Chong, DDS, MS

Dr. Mark Stanford, DDS

(total smiles dental group)

Karen nostrant


Dental Assistant Team

Andrea Piros, Dental Assistant

Jessica Reno, Dental Assistant


Janet Kuras, RDH

Ann Foglesong, RDH

(total smiles dental group)

Karen nostrant


Business Team

Lisa Schroeder, Office Manager

Denise DeHart, Insurance and Billing Coordinator

Morgan Leighton, Patient Coordinator/Dental Assistant

Anne Miller, Controller

(total smiles dental group)

Karen nostrant


Each team have different functions that pertain to their job classifications. Each team must be able to work together.

When forming self managed teams these teams must be able to communicate

with each other and work together in order to maintain a smooth running dental office.

There are eight steps to follow in order for a team to have the proper foundation

along with the culture in order for teams can be successful.

The eight steps are: Identifying the work unit, Forming the team, Identifying work group

Activities, Identifying activities and relationships, Setting priorities, Restructuring activities,

Determining implementation and implementing changes.

(Lacy, L., 1992)

Karen Nostrant


Effective Teamwork

Effective teamwork is essential for this dentist office in order for the

patients to have a pleasant experience. There are steps that can be

taken in order to ensure that the patient has the best possible experience.

In order to have an effective team we need to have

good leadership, effective communication, defining expectations, defining clear cut roles

plan for conflict resolution and setting a good example for employees.

(Putatunda, R. n.d.)

Karen Nostrant


This dentist office has no stakeholders

  • or teams from outside sources.

(Dehart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Karen nostrant


This dentist office uses written and verbal

  • communication to get the job done.

(Dehart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Karen nostrant


This dentist office uses continuous improvement through teaming.

  • By providing inter-office training, and dental seminars.

(Dehart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Karen nostrant


The Organization

  • Total Smiles Dental Group
  • “Our offices, located in Chelsea and Dexter, MI, both provide general and cosmetic dentistry in a unique, caring environment. Our new operatories feature calming waterfalls and relaxing spa music, aromatherapy pillows, and state of the art equipment and digital technology.”

(total smiles dental group)

Rosetta jones



  • To provide excellent customer service to all patients.
  • Remember that no one enjoys going to the dentist.
  • Make sure everyone that walks thru the doors wants to return.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Rosetta jones


Employee Achievements

  • It is vital to reward outstanding customer service.
  • Employee of the month.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Roestta jones


Dental Specialists

  • Dr. Scherr practices endodontics, minor oral surgery, crown and bridge work, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers.
  • Dr. Chong specializes in treating complex dental conditions by replacing missing teeth with partial dentures, fixed bridges and/or dental implants.
  • Dr. Stanford provides prompt, personal and painless dentistry. He handles emergencies and loves to care for the nervous patient.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Rosetta jones


View of Success

  • “Making the patients happy and great dentistry.”
  • This view of success is shared among all staff within the organization.

(Dehart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Jesse Montie


A Well-Oiled Machine…

  • All team members work toward a common goal, like the gears of a well-oiled machine.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Jesse Montie


Relation between personal views and work ethic

  • “Researchers acknowledge the importance of investigating the relationships among a combination of work commitment constructs and work outcomes.”
  • “Empirical research reveals an often disappointing correlation between work commitment constructs and dependent variables, such as performance, absenteeism, and tardiness ... (and therefore) ... a multivariate approach to work commitment research will advance understanding of how various pieces of the commitment puzzle fit together and how constellations of work commitment constructs influence outcome variables.”

(Carmeli & Gefen, 2005)

Jesse Montie


Happy Workers=Hard Workers

  • “Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life”
  • If you like what you do, you will do everything in your power to be the best at your job!


Jesse Montie



  • Each employee has a specific job duty
  • Each employee understands what their role is within the company
  • Each employee must follow their job responsibility
  • Each employee’s job contributes to the overall goal of the company

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Catrina Cook


Strategic Planning

  • Local advertising.
  • Financial goals
  • New Patient Goals.
  • New team members go through a working interview where they are allowed to show their skills and knowledge.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Catrina Cook


Educational & Cross-Training Opportunities

  • Some staff members work at both dental office locations.
  • To enhance educational training, staff can go to various seminars.
  • Cross-training is available for staff to learn additional duties.
  • Cross-training helps to sustain the team’s production levels even when an employee is out due to illness, vacation or for educational purposes. It is also great that some of the staff rotate between the two offices.
  • Instead of doing a task for someone or answering a question, first stop and ask a question. This will help the staff learn how to problem solve for the future. They also feel empowered.

(Levin, R, 2013)(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Christine Fricke


Use of Staff Meetings

  • Staff meeting are held at the individual offices to cover things pertinent to that location.
  • Give positive feedback to team members when they perform excellent work or have completed some cross-training.
  • When staff members return from a seminar, have them do a short presentation about what they learned and how they might be able to apply it at their office(s).
  • Ask for feedback or updates on how things are going with the office, patients and personal.
  • When the staff feel that their voice is heard and the company is investing time and money into cross-training or education they have an increased level of job satisfaction and perform better as a team player.
  • Have an agenda and ask for items of discussion from the staff.

(Mayhew,R, 2013)(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

Christine Fricke


Team Conflict

  • How to handle conflict within your team as the Team Leader
    • Talk to each of those involved on an individual basis.
    • Conduct a meeting with both individuals involved with being the mediator.
    • Ask for their opinion on how to resolve the problem.
    • Research for different solutions.
    • Ask the two individuals to work together on an assignment with direct supervision to prevent arguments.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

William Tiemann


Working with Clients

  • How does the team interact with clients
    • Many patients dislike the dentist so the team ensures they are comfortable during their visit.
    • Hygienist go through different treatment plans with patients during each visit.
    • Front desk goes over payment plans.
      • Patients over their insurance limits.
      • Patients that do not have dental insurance.
      • Treatments that are not covered by insurance.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

William Tiemann



  • Strengths
    • Experience.
    • Passion for their job.
  • Weakness
    • Keeping patient schedule filled.
    • Computer issues.
  • Opportunities
    • Always accepting new patients.
    • Part of the medical field so always a need for dentistry work.
  • Threats
    • Slow economy.
    • Lack of insurance being provided by employers.
    • Insurance coverage is low compared to expense of dental work.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

William Tiemann


Team Building Exercise

  • What type of exercises can a leader implement for team building success?
    • Monthly staff meetings to discuss problems and new ideas.
    • Blindfolded Triangle
      • Team forms an equilateral triangle with a piece of rope in their hands while blindfolded.
    • Paper & tape building
      • Team builds a structure with tape and 50 sheets of paper.
    • Building toy sailboats
      • Race them down the river.

(Kirtley Johnston, M. , 2007)(Kinsman, M., 2002)

William Tiemann


Team Building Purpose

  • What purpose does team building exercises serve for the organization?
    • Builds motivation.
    • Increases moral.
    • Builds trust between co-workers.
    • Increases production.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

William Tiemann


Ineffective Team Member

  • What steps do you take in dealing with a team member who is ineffective or “not pulling their own weight?”
    • Recognize the problem.
    • Have a one-on-one discussion with the individual.
    • Compliment the individual on the things they are doing well at and than address the problem.
    • Discuss possible solutions with the individual.
    • Assign task to the individual that they will be held accountable for, both success and/or failure.
    • Give the individual time frames to accomplish task.

(DeHart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

William Tiemann


Team Success

  • What actions or support help make the team function successfully?
    • Give expectations of time and quality of task to be completed.
    • Lead by example.
    • Keep all team members informed on status of organization.
    • Address problems as soon as they arise.
    • Be open to any and all suggestions on possible solutions to any problem.

(Dehart, D. & Schroeder, L., 2013)

William Tiemann



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