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DNA Forensics. Kimi Seifert Joshua Allison. History. Started with DNA fingerprinting, the unique DNA patters of an individual DNA evidence for crime has been used more frequently in the last 15 years. DNA testing established in the 1980s. How to find DNA.

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Kimi seifert joshua allison

DNA Forensics

Kimi Seifert

Joshua Allison


  • Started with DNA fingerprinting, the unique DNA patters of an individual

  • DNA evidence for crime has been used more frequently in the last 15 years

DNA testing established in the 1980s

How to find dna
How to find DNA

  • Scientists take DNA probes that bind to complementary DNA to make a unique pattern; if 4 or more similar patterns are found they can conclude it is the same person

  • There is a slight chance that person could have similar DNA to another (identical twins or family member)

Str analysis
STR Analysis

  • Short Tandem Repeat technology

  • Used to evaluate specific regions within nuclear DNA

  • Distinguish DNA from to one to another

  • FBI uses it as a standard with 13 specific regions for their software programs that keeps the DNA profile of convicted felons

Mitochondrial dna analysis
Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

  • For older samples such as bones, teeth, and hair

  • Doesn’t need nucleus like other tests

  • Used to solve cases from past

  • Mother and children have the same mDNA because embryo comes from mother

Pcr analysis
PCR Analysis

  • Polymerase chain reactions

  • Used to make millions of exact copies of a DNA sample

  • Used to enhance DNA from other tests

Other uses of Forensic DNA

  • Used to ensure these items were authentic

  • Super Bowl XXXIV footballs

  • Summer Olympics 2000 memorabilia

  • Scientist placed synthetic DNA strands that can be identified with a laser in the future


  • DNA Shoah Project

  • Reunites family who was lost or killed during the war

  • Helps to find victim remains

Famous forensic cases
Famous Forensic Cases

  • Snowball the cat case

    • Woman killed

    • Husband suspect

    • Caught by cat hair on his jacket

Oj simpson
OJ Simpson

  • Wife, Nicole Brown and boyfriend murdered

  • OJ prime suspect

  • Bloody footprints at crime

  • Glove with blood

    • Blood matched OJ’s

    • OJ had cuts on fingers

    • No cuts in glove

  • Bloody footprints OJ’s

  • Objects with both OJ and Brown’s Blood

    • Socks

    • Clothing

    • Money

    • Car

  • Found not guilty

    • DNA was “tampered with”