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Welcome First Grade Parents. Runnymede Elementary School 2013-2014. Our First Grade Team. Mrs. Dettinger Ms. Struss Ms. Raines Mrs. Chaney Mrs. Reinholt. Our Mission.

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Welcome first grade parents

Welcome First Grade Parents

Runnymede Elementary School


Our first grade team
Our First Grade Team

  • Mrs. Dettinger

  • Ms. Struss

  • Ms. Raines

  • Mrs. Chaney

  • Mrs. Reinholt

Our mission
Our Mission

  • Our mission in first grade is to learn more about reading, writing and math by practicing every day and always trying our best.


  • Each student will have an ELA and Math teacher

  • Math Teachers~ Mrs. Dettinger, Mrs. Chaney and Ms. Raines

  • ELA Teachers~ Ms. Struss, Mrs. Chaney and Mrs. Reinholt

    * These groups are flexible and may change throughout the year!

Daily schedule
Daily Schedule

8:45-9:15 Students Arrive

9:15 Announcements

9:20-11:35 AM Instructional Block

11:35-12:10 PM Instructional Block

12:10-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:00 Recess

1:00-1:30 PM Instructional Block

1:30-2:30 Specials

2:30-3:45 PM Instructional Block

3:45 Dismissal

Units of study
Units of Study

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • ELA

Math core curriculum
Math- Core Curriculum

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten~ Place Value

  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten~ Addition and Subtraction

  • Geometry

  • Measurement and Data

Fact fluency
Fact Fluency

  • We will not be completing timed fact fluency assessments.

  • Students are still responsible for demonstrating their fact fluency to 10 with addition and subtraction.

  • Teachers will use a fact fluency rating scale to determine next steps.(4 = using efficient strategies appropriate and accurately, 1 = using inefficient strategies and solving inaccurately)

  • Fact Fluency will still be an indicator on report cards using O, S, N.

Science and social studies
Science and Social Studies

  • Seeds

  • Tracks & Shadows

  • Best of Bugs

  • Rules and Responsibilities

  • Me and My Neighborhood

  • Past and Present


  • Leveled Trade Books

  • Vocabulary

  • Fundations

  • Writing Workshop

  • Literacy Stations

  • Treasures (online)

  • Reading Assessments in September, January and May

  • Fluency Assessments in September, January and May when needed

Ela goals
ELA Goals

Guided Reading Level

Sight Words

It is imperative that students can recognize sight words in isolation, in text, and spell them correctly in their writing.

Report cards
Report Cards

O = Outstanding (going above and beyond teacher expectations on a consistent basis; scoring above 90% in Math on quizzes, assignments and post tests)

S = Making satisfactory progress ( students completing assignments, trying their best, making progress)

N = Needs Improvement (areas for students to work on – it does not mean they are failing)

Runnymede code of conduct
Runnymede Code of Conduct

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Ready to Learn

Rue hawk heroes soar to success
RUE Hawk HeroesSoar to Success

  • Positive Behaviors are Celebrated with:

    • Tickets

    • Public recognition

      • morning announcements - monthly certificates

      • notification home - assemblies

      • earned rewards


  • 10 Stickers

  • 15 Bring in a stuffed animal

  • 20 Wear a hat

  • 25 Guest Reader

  • 25 Show and Tell

  • 40 Prize box

  • 50 Computer time

  • 100 Lunch with Teacher or other staff member

  • 100 Read to Mrs. Richards

  • 100 Happy phone call home from Mrs. Benner

Classroom management
Classroom Management

If classroom rules are not followed, students have the following consequences:

  • Verbal warning

  • Move to Yellow: Warning Slow Down and think; time out

  • Move to Red: phone call home or note sent home

  • Any more warnings result in Teacher’s Choice which could include a missed activity or being sent to the support room


  • Homework chart is in student’s take home folders. Please keep it in all week. You will use the back of it for the second week. A new homework chart is provided every other Monday for each student.

  • Homework is Monday through Thursday

    • Reading- The students are expected to read at least one book at home each night and record the minutes read on their homework chart.

    • Math- Math homework will come home weekly to reinforce skills that have been taught in class. Students will be bringing Math homework home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If there is a test, students may come home with homework on a different night to give extra time for review packets.

    • Sight Words- Students are expected to practice sight words on a weekly basis. This can be done with flashcards, using words in sentences, spelling the words, or spelling quizzes. Sight word folders will be sent home every Wednesday night. Please do not highlight any words in the folder. Choose about 5 words that are not highlighted to practice with your child.

    • When students have been introduced to fundamental writing skills, writing prompts will be sent home as well.

Student Attendance

  • Carroll County Public Schools recognizes the importance between attendance and academic success.

  • Please contact the school every day your child will not be present for learning.

  • Please make arrangements to obtain missed class work if applicable.

  • Please contact the school nurse or school counselor, if your child’s absence will be more than three days due to illness or emotional concerns. There may be supports available for you and your child.

  • Please provide written documentation (handwritten note sent in with your child, faxed note (fax # 410-751-3537), or email) ([email protected]) as to the reason for the absence upon your child’s return to school.

  • We look forward to seeing your child every school day.

  • For more information regarding attendance and attendance procedures please see the handout, student handbook, or the Student Services Manual located on the CCPS website – www.carrollk12.org

  • **Parents that call in an absence no longer have to follow up in writing.


*Please remember to sign up for a Volunteer Training session. You must take the session 7 school days prior to volunteering on field trips or in the classroom. If you took the volunteer training last year, you need to take it again as of September 30th.

Data binders wednesday purple folders
Data Binders & Wednesday Purple Folders

  • Data Binders Include: (will be sent home at least twice quarterly with interim reports and report cards)

    -Reading Progress

    -Writing Progress/Graded samples

    -Math Progress/Unit assessments & quizzes & basic fact quarterly fluency scale

    -Parent/Teacher Communication

  • Wednesday Purple Folders (ELA & Math)

    • Daily, weekly assignments

    • Graded homework assignments

    • Please empty this folder every Wednesday night and send it back to school the next day


  • Scholastic Book Orders- Scholastic book orders will be sent home on a monthly basis through your child’s homeroom teacher. If you would like to order books for your child you must send in a check or a money order made out to the book club. Some teachers may have online ordering as well. There will be a letter attached telling you how to order online with the book order.

  • Field Trips- You must send in money for field trips in a money order or check made out to Runnymede Elementary. We will try to accommodate as many chaperones as we can for each trip. We will choose chaperones randomly and equitably.

Thank you for coming you are invited to visit your child s classroom
Thank you for coming!! You are invited to visit your child’s classroom.

Any Questions??