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2013/2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where?. 2013/2014. Request to Bid. Revision: Nov 30 th , 2011 Expression of Interest – 30 th December, 2011 Submission of Bid – 30 th January, 2012 Declaration of Venue, “Lead Chapter(s)”, Exact Dates – 15 th February, 2012 . Outline. Dear Chapter Leader,

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    1. Where? 2013/2014 Request to Bid Revision: Nov 30th, 2011 Expression of Interest – 30th December, 2011 Submission of Bid – 30th January, 2012 Declaration of Venue, “Lead Chapter(s)”, Exact Dates – 15th February, 2012

    2. Outline • Dear Chapter Leader, • Thank you for reading this document. This document has been created as an outline to assist you and your “team” receive a mandate to conduct the next BITS Pilani Alumni Global Meet. The tentative dates for the same are: No earlier than Late-2013 and No later than Early-2014. This is by design since the Golden Jubilee of BITS Pilani will happen in 2014. • Some key learning's from BGM 2011: • BGM is organized by ALL of BITSAA – Chapters, Batches, Governing Organizations together with BITS, Pilani. • The decision before the Next-BGM Committee is – “Who shall be the next Lead Chapter?” • BGM needs a co-located organizing team of about 40-50 people overall. A Core team of 15-20 senior alumni are a MUST over several verticals. This is minimum for efficiency and effectiveness. • BGM needs an extended virtual organizing team of 100+ volunteers. BITSAA Intl will make them available to you but they need to be given directions by this co-located Core-Team. • BGM needs an extended virtual team across geographies, time zones to mobilize alumni. There should be a couple of Co-Chairs representing the US, rest-of-India, other geographies. BITSAA International shall assist with the same. • BGM planning and execution cycle needs a full 18 month cycle. The Team must be committed throughout this period. • BGM needs the “blessings” and “active engagement” of the BITS leadership (getting it will be responsibility of the Next-BGM Selection Committee). Registration/Sponsorship money within India is best if routed to BITS. Registration/sponsorship money outside India can be managed through BITSAA international. For local disbursements, a bank account owned and operated in the name of the Chapter is useful. • Speakers/Dignitaries/Invitees & Logistics should be locked in as soon as possible. • Sponsorship/Marketing/Publicity is an ongoing process. A Team of volunteers will be put in place by BITSAA international once the bid winners are decided. It will be up to the organizing team to drive them. Infrastructure support will be provided by BITSAA International.

    3. Judgment Criteria • Dear Chapter Leader, • The Next-BGM Selection Committee has agreed on the following parameters to make a decision on your bid.

    4. Timelines • Dear Chapter Leader, • The Next-BGM Selection Committee intends to adhere to the following timeline for announcing the host of the next BGM.

    5. Where? 2013/2014 Some Factors to consider

    6. Theme/Number of Attendees • Dear Chapter Leader, • The choice of Theme and Number of attendees you expect/will target will set the stage for the remaining decisions you will need to make in your bid. The following are some recommendations (all are equally valid, you are free to choose your own): • BITS 2020: What’s the future of BITS – Administration’s View and Alumni Recommendations • BITS Golden Jubilee Meet – 2014. Showcase BITS and BITSian Accomplishments in the last 50 years • Deciding the next big alumni project for BITS Pilani (BITSConnect2.0 was an outcome of BGM 2011) • Number of attendees • BGM 2011 achieved 1500 delegates • BGM 2011 received >800 registrations within one month of event-day • BGM 2014 needs a 2-year planning window and our recommendation is to achieve at least 3000 delegates BGM 2011 Delagate Distribution by Batch

    7. Venue, Recommended Dates, Agenda, Cost • Dear Chapter Leader, • There will be multiple venues in your city which may be adequate. Please do indicate the alternate choices in addition to making your recommended bid. In case, you plan to choose a BITS Campus as the venue, please do indicate concurrence of the BITS Director. The Next-BGM Selection Committee will take special mention of the fact that you have received concurrence and support of BITS Directors. • The Next-BGM Committee would like for the date of the next BGM to be in late-2013 or early 2014. Please make your recommendation for the actual dates within this window. Your choice of dates may take holidays, availability of venue, costs of attendance for delegates into consideration. • In your initial bid, please include your tentative plans regarding the Agenda (Sessions, wish-list of invitees). The Content and Agenda Deck for BGM 2011 will be provided to you for reference. • A key factor for the next-BGM Selection committee will the cost of attendance for delegates. While, it shall be the endeavor of your team to bring them down as far as possible through tie-ups with hotels, airlines, transportation providers etc in the course of planning, it will be best for your bid to include a realistic targeted attendance you would like to achieve. Your bid-document/presentation may include the costs for attendance of comparable events being conducted in your area. This will assist you in ensuring maximum participation from BITSians from across all batches.

    8. Chairman Organizing Committee Co-Chairmen (India, US, OAA) • Dear Chapter Leader, • Attached is the recommended structure for the Organizing Team. While the details could be decided by the “winning bid”, we urge you to keep this structure. Please consider that the Executive Heads and CEO will be appointed by you. BITSAA Intl will appoint the COO, President and Vice Presidents who will drive the Volunteer Team. BITSAA Intl will assist you in identifying the Co-Chairmen after the bid. There should be sufficient willingness/mass in your chapter to be able to absorb these roles. Please see the notes section of this PPT for detailed information CXOs of BITSAA Intl CEO, COO, President, Vice Presidents Chapter Heads Sponsorship Committee

    9. Chapter Meeting • Dear Chapter Leader, • The success of BGM will depend in large part to the willingness of volunteers to assist in the efforts. All of us have full-time professional commitments and therefore we will need to enlist the support of a large cadre of volunteers in the planning and execution of the BITSAA Global Meet. We highly recommend that you convene a meeting of your chapter (or its Executive Committee or both) as you prepare to respond to your bid. • We have seen that these Chapter Meetings will help you identify BITSian’s willing to shoulder the responsibility with you to conduct the next-BGM. This will enhance the bond among BITSian’s in your area. • As indicated elsewhere in this PPT, BGM will be conducted by BITS Pilani, all BITSAA Chapters and BITSAA International. You as the lead chapter will have the over-riding and primary responsibility for success. As we attempt to grow the scope, scale and impact of BGM’s, we will need a strong committed team working under your leadership to put everything in place. As was the case for the inaugural BGM2011, everyone will come together and assist but the core group in your chapter shall be everyone’s focal point. The rest of the volunteers will obey your leadership and will count on this team to provide on-the-ground knowledge and wisdom. • BGM 2011 Organizing Team did employ a small number of support personnel (non-BITSians) to conduct select follow-up operations – in particular Registrations and follow-up with sponsors. This will be possible once you have exhausted volunteer support and have a sufficiently large budget at hand to employ a full-time resource person.

    10. Where? 2013/2014 Why Should you Bid?

    11. Why Bid? • Dear Chapter Leader, • The process of bidding will make BITSAA stronger and enable you to get “more” activity going in your chapter. It has been observed that chapters are in different stages of evolution. Some of them are at their prime – regular meetings, benefit to the BITSian community whereas some others are not. In any case, we have a few contenders and wish to ensure that the best team takes ownership for BGM-2013/2014 • What could you do? • Share this document with some of the key BITSians in your city. Find out what they think? • Convene a Core-Committee/Executive Team Meeting • You may be surprised! There may be a greater amount of support than you had anticipated • This very discussion may breathe new life into your chapter even if you decide not to bid. At least, you and fellow BITSian’s will know what you need to evolve your chapter. • It will be a feather on the cap of your chapter. • It will set the chapter up for more success in the coming decade. • So, what if BITSAA Global Meet does not come to you • Go ahead with your plan. Conduct the largest and most effective Chapter Meeting in your city. • Prove it to the Selection Committee that they were wrong in not awarding BGM 2014 to you. BGM 2017 is always there!

    12. Next-BGM Committee Consultation • Dear Chapter Leader, • The following BITSianswill be available to you during the consultation phase of preparing your bid for Next-BGM. Please leverage the opportunity to take their advice and experience as you plan to host the next-BGM. CS Goel CEO, BGM 2011 Cell - +919717077377 SP Kothari Chairman-Emeritus, BITSAA Intl Sudeep Jain Co-Chair, BGM 2011 SarathKolla COO BGM 2011 Raju Reddy Chairman, BITSAA Intl Kris Ramachandran Advisor to BITS Chancellor VinodPuri Chairman, BGM 2011 Prem Jain Co-Chair BGM 2011 Arya Kumar Co-Chair BGM 2011 PradeepSethi Agenda Chaiir BGM 2011 HareishGur MktgChaiir BGM 2011 ManojVasudevan Sponsorship Chaiir BGM 2011 Aalap Tripathy CEO, BITSAA Intl Cell – 408-338-9701 AbhisheakIyer President, BGM 2011 Cell - (678) 640-5186

    13. Thank You