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What is Manifest Destiny? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Manifest Destiny?

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What is Manifest Destiny? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Manifest Destiny?. idea that God intended for America to extend from coast to coast (OR, TX, CA) Oregon fever: missionaries, farmers, and fur trappers poured into the Willamette River Valley 5,000 Americans by 1846 17 deaths per mile along the trail area claimed by US and Britain.

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What is Manifest Destiny?

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what is manifest destiny
What is Manifest Destiny?
  • idea that God intended for America to extend from coast to coast (OR, TX, CA)
    • Oregon fever: missionaries, farmers, and fur trappers poured into the Willamette River Valley
    • 5,000 Americans by 1846
    • 17 deaths per mile along the trail
    • area claimed by US and Britain
what was the significance of the alamo
What was the significance of the Alamo?
  • Santa Ana took 6,000 men defeated 200 men at the Alamo
  • Col. W.B. Travis
    • “I shall never surrender nor retreat . . . Victory or Death!”
  • 400 Texans killed after surrendering at Goliad

Davy Crockett

Jim Bowie

Remember the Alamo!

Remember Goliad!

what was the outcome of 54 40 or fight
What was the outcome of “54º40' or fight?
  • to avoid war with Mexico and Britain Polk offered border of 49º
  • Britain already furred the area and had few settlers there
    • Northern Democrats angry
how did the mexican american war 1846 develop
How did the Mexican-American War, 1846 develop?
  • Polk funded Santa Ana to return and sell out Mexico
  • Gen. Zachary Taylor (Old Rough and Ready) won at Buena Vista
  • Gen. Winfield Scott (Old Fuss and Feathers) led campaign along Cortes’ 1619 route
    • took Mexico City
what were the effects of the war
What were the effects of the War?
  • America grew again by 1/3
  • training ground for Civil War generals
  • ruined relations w/ other American nations

“Mexico will poison us.”

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Mexico is to us the forbidden fruit . . .

The penalty of eating it would be to

subject our institutions to political death.”

--John C. Calhoun

what does transcendentalism seem to improve on
What does Transcendentalism seem to improve on?
  • truth comes from God (Over Soul)
  • emphasis on individual
    • self-reliance
    • self-culture
    • self-discipline
what was the second great awakening
What was the Second Great Awakening?
  • 1800-1830
    • re-emphasized personal conversion, especially highly visible “signs”
      • camp meetings thousands strong
      • shaking, speaking in tongues, etc.
    • Charles Finney
      • ex-lawyer led revivals in Rochester and NYC
      • anxious bench—sinners sat in front
    • led to moral reforms
      • abolition, temperance, education

Manifest Destiny of the United States

Use textbook pg. #952-953

Label the dates & how did we gain the land (Which treaty?)

Write clearly

Outline with marker

Color in with crayon

Label dark black

Exclude Alaska & Hawaii



Clay lost NY by 5,000 votes

Birney got 16,000 votes there

james k polk 1845 1849
James K. Polk, 1845-1849
  • TN slaveholder endorsed by Jackson
    • Young Hickory
  • died months after leaving office
    • Texas
    • Oregon
    • lower tariff
    • independent treasury

Settlers, Missionaries, Farmers


Empresarios, Settlers

To farm & Convert Native Americans to Christianity

Avoid Persecutions

To collect land grants

Wagons, Horseback & Walking

Wagons, Horseback & Walking

Wagons, Horseback & Walking





U.S. victory over Mexico (Mexican American War

Feared Native American Attacks

U.S. gains California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and purchases Texas.

Created treaties, U.S. violates the treaties, more American settle land

william henry harrison
William Henry Harrison
  • ran w/o platform
  • log cabin/hard cider campaign
  • inauguration speech 45 minutes in rain
  • died 30 days after taking office from pneumonia
cotton gin 1793
Cotton Gin, 1793
  • invented by Eli Whitney
  • picked seeds out of cotton
    • made cotton profitable in South
    • ensured slavery for years to come
  • 1860
    • 400 million+ pounds made annually

did work of 50 people!

women s suffrage
Women’s Suffrage
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were not allowed to attend a abolition meeting in London because they were women
  • Lucretia Mott and others questioned the morality of slavery
  • many of them were still racist
  • movement against heavy drinking and eventually against all alcohol
    • partly fueled by anti-immigrant prejudice
cotton is king
Cotton is King!!
  • 1840 cotton = ½ of American exports
  • 1/5 of British depended on cotton for their living
    • What would happen in the event of Civil War?

$2 billion investment

$1,200-1,800 per slave

one-crop economy

“sold down river”


AL, LA = 50%

black belt

the abolition movement
The Abolition Movement
  • movement at first radical and unpopular
    • more groups in South than North til 1830s

1808 slave trade banned

1834 attacked Tappan house in NY

1835 Garrison dragged through streets

1837 Rev. Lovejoy killed by mob

frederick douglas
Frederick Douglas
  • escaped in 1838
  • wrote an account of his slave experience
  • major figure in making abolition a political issue in the North
  • Autobiography of Frederick Douglas, 1845

U.S. did not want to fight Britain and Mexico at same time.

Polk offered 49 parallel

Dispute over Mexico’s northern border

U.S. gained much of the Southwest

U.S. needs direct route to San Diego for mining purposes

Set current border between Mexico and U.S.