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First and improved questionnaire’s print screens. PowerPoint Presentation
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First and improved questionnaire’s print screens.

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First and improved questionnaire’s print screens. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First and improved questionnaire’s print screens. By Ava Mason. First Questionnaire to be improved. First Question.

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first question
First Question

The first question, do you eat healthily has the options yes and always. Yes and always are the same so, to improve I will use a small amount of options that are varied, instead of lots that mean the same. This means I will just say yes or no or, say yes always, yes sometimes and other options. I will make sure that none of my options are the same.

second question
Second Question

The second question I have written is very biased. By asking if the candidate agrees with my fact, I am making it hard for them to answer honestly. They have no choice but to agree with me because if they do not, it makes it seem like they are doing something wrong. Therefore, I will improve by making sure I do not ask any biased questions so the person can answer truthfully making my questionnaire more reliable and truthful.

third question
Third Question

The third question I have different options for my question. In my question, I have asked the candidate to rate the options from 1 to 7 but, there are not seven options. To improve I will make sure I have the right amount of options to rate in my question. Also, I will make sure I have put down as many food options as possible.

fourth question
Fourth Question

To improve this question, I will make more options for the candidate to choose. Some of these options could be Yes once a week or Yes sometimes. This way if the candidate sometimes has there five a day, they will have a option to take. If they only had the options yes or no, they would not understand what option to take. Also, I will make the question more detailed such as saying Do you eat five fruit and vegetables a day?

fifth question
Fifth Question

This question is not very good because there are no options which are not sporty. To improve I will make sure I have more options such as walking or walking a dog and even arts and crafts. Also, I must rephrase the question because there is a possibility of the candidate not doing any of the options. Therefore, they will not be able to tick any of the options.

sixth question
Sixth Question

This question is not good because the options are vague. A lot could mean three times a week or every day therefore, the options need to be more specific. Therefore, if I do ask this question in my actual questionnaire, I will make sure I use actual time phrases such as once a week, twice a week etc.

seventh question
Seventh Question

This is also not a good question due to the vagueness of the answers. Using the options “long” is very vague also the terms “very, not very, quite and a bit” are vague terms. Also, “quite” and “a bit” mean the same thing so I have to make sure my options are varied. The question is not good because if a candidate does not take part in any activities, they cannot answer this question. So, If I do ask this question in my real questionnaire I will say “If you take part in a activity or more then one, how long do you take part in both the activities together?”

eighth question
Eighth Question

The options of this question are not good because of the vagueness of the term frequently used “things”. Also, I will make sure that I actually give options on activities that can improve your wellbeing, instead of just saying “things”. Some activities I will include are sleeping early and spending time to get organised.

ninth question
Ninth Question

This question is not very professionals because of the words used. If I were to include it in my final questionnaire, I would rephrase the question to “How often do you do your activities to improve your wellbeing?” I will then change the options to actual times such as once a week or every day.

tenth question
Tenth Question

This question is acceptable because it is the compulsory question that is needed to be put on the questionnaire. Although, to improve I will try to rephrase the question instead of just copying it.

last question
Last Question

This question is also acceptable because it is a compulsory question that needs to be added in my questionnaire. To improve I would also rephrase the question so I am not copying the question. This means I am not personalizing my question so it is not unique to the other students writing a questionnaire.

overall view on first questionnaire
Overall view on first Questionnaire.

Overall, I have found many ways to improve my questionnaire. Most of my questions have very vague options and some of the questions are biased which does not make the questionnaire very good quality. I will also include a lot more questions and make sure they are detailed and can be understood with varied options.

first question and introduction
First Question and Introduction

My introduction is talking about why I have made the questionnaire and what it will help me understand about usual students. My first question is good because it helps me recognise exactly what that person thinks. Instead of just having Person 1 and Person 2 on my database, I am making my questionnaire look more realistic and professional showing what real people think instead of just test subjects for my research.

second question1
Second Question

This question is a good follow up to asking what there name is because it develops a profile of the user who will answer the questions. It helps understand if more students are male or female and how that might effect there food preferences, physical activities and emotional activities to help there overall wellbeing.

third question1
Third Question

This is a good question because it helps us understand exactly what food groups the student prefers. Instead of asking for there favourite food group or last favourite, I ask them to rate all food groups. This helps me understand there overall opinion on all food groups, in a way easy to insert onto a database. I was also very detailed when I wrote the question saying exactly what the rating means and how to show your answer (by circling). Circling is another interesting way of getting the student to show there answers instead of them handwriting there answers or regularly ticking boxes. Therefore, I have improved a lot since my first questionnaire.

fourth question1
Fourth Question

This question is also good because it shows how regularly the student eats different types of food. This is different from asking what the student prefers eating because they may be forced or force themselves to eat specific food, to improve there health. This shows a different type of way of finding out information about students food preferences. It also helps to determine how healthy the student is through what they usually eat most of. I think this is a good question because it is detailed and explains exactly how to answer the question, and what the rating actually means.

fifth question1
Fifth Question

This question is good, because it determines whether or not the student thinks they are healthy. From the other question, I can already tell whether they eat healthily or not. But, by asking them whether they think they are healthy, I am finding out exactly what they think healthy really means. They may eat lots of fatty foods and think they are healthy, this could show how the meaning of health can vary from students. Or, it can show exactly how intelligent students are when it comes to staying healthy.

sixth question1
Sixth Question

This is a good question, because it shows exactly how much fatty and sugary foods the average student eats every day. This is a detailed question because I have used a time reference which is every day, instead of just saying in general, which would confuse the student answering the question. I think my options are good because they vary, and a other option is not needed, which makes it easy to insert the information into a database. My options do not overlap each other, therefore, it is easy for the student to tick there answer.

seventh question1
Seventh Question

This is good because it goes well with the last question. It helps us understand if the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat every day is more then the amount of sugary foods they eat. This is another way to determine how healthy the average student is. The options I give are good because they do not overlap, and a “other” option is not needed. This makes it easy to insert the information into a spreadsheet.

eight question
Eight Question

Now, I have gone onto asking questions about the students physical wellbeing through getting active. I give a lot of options making it easier for the students to choose one. Many time references are used which helps the student, instead of only using the word “week” because students may not exercise every week. A “other” option is given in case none of the options are exactly the right answer for them. This helps because it shows that they have a chance to give a honest answer, instead of being forced to pick a option that exists, which is not true.

ninth question1
Ninth Question

This is a good question because it helps understand the exact amount of time the student exercises. If this question was not created, I would not exactly know how much a student exercises. If a student said they exercised once a week and the other said they exercised once a month, I would think the first student is fitter. But, the first student might exercise for five minutes and the second might exercise three hours. So, the second student would be fitter. This shows that this is a good question that shows a thorough understanding of how much exercise a student does. The options available are good because there are lots to choose from that include all answers available so a “other” option is not needed.

tenth question1
Tenth Question

This is one of my favourite questions due to the amount of detailed options available. The activities listed are not just sporty, which helps students list activities they do that improve there emotional well being as well as physical. Different sports are also shown such as winter sports and water sports, this will help me understand what sports are most popular with students. Showing different options for sports is also good, because it shows whether or not students choose sports that are more physically challenging, tiring and better for your wellbeing. The one problem with this database is the fact the students can choose more then once option. Therefore to improve, I will rephrase my question when doing the database without deleting any of the good options.

eleventh question
Eleventh Question

This is a good question because it helps me understand exactly how long the student does there activity. This shows persistent thoroughness because of how I am carrying on finding out exactly how long the students do there activity. I did this in my last questions which were how often do you do exercise and how long do you do the exercise for. The options I have given are good because a “other” option is not needed due to the varied options you can easily pick. There is one problem which is the student may have picked more then once activity that they do. So, they will not know whether I mean how long they do one activity or both. They will also not know which activity I would want to know how long for. So, I need to have I rephrased the question so it is easier to understand.

twelfth question
Twelfth Question

This shows I have thought about the fact the student may be involved in more then once activity. This means I will not have to change this question to be understood better to the students answering the questions or, for my spread sheet. The question is detailed so it is easy to understand what it means and the options given are so good, a “other” option is not needed.

thirteenth question
Thirteenth Question

This is a question which helps lead into the section of emotional wellbeing instead of physical. It is very good because it shows the type of person the student is and whether or not the average student is energetic, or needs to improve there emotional well being. The options are simple which is good because it shows that I can use a variety of simple and detailed questions in my questionnaire.

fourteenth question
Fourteenth Question

This is a good question because it looks at a specific way of helping to improve your well being instead of asking whether or not they do things. It shows that I understand different ways to improve your well being, instead of just asking students if they do anything. This question is also simple which is good because it carries on the persistent sense of variety in my questionnaire.

fifteenth question
Fifteenth Question

This is very good because it shows that I understand different ways of improving your well being. I could not print screen the other option but I did put one which was “keep organised”. To improve when typing my question into the database, I will include a “other” option. They may not use any of these options so they will not know what to do.

sixteenth question
Sixteenth Question

This is a good question because it shows how long the student helps to improve there well being. This is a thorough indication of exactly